100 thoughts on “Superman vs Justice League | Behind The Scenes

  1. Who does not understand why he is without a mustache. With a mustache, he was in reshoots of Joss Whedon. With Zack Snyder, he was alright.

  2. Se o filme fosse brasileiro as feministas estavam fazendo protesto por uma mulher está apanhando , mas relaxa , aqui só fazem filmes de bandidos se dando bem , fazem filmes do Lula, glorificando traficantes , políticos corruptos , novela da bibi perigosa e tem o programa da Fátima Bernardes também.

  3. Hold it where is it the infamous mustache that was the cause of horrible CGI if this truly behind the scenes and he had to have the mustache for another movie where is it

  4. It used to be that when Hollywood wanted to make a shitty movie they would simply put Charlton Heston in it. Now, they just use non-stop CGI.

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  8. LOL pure posing.Amost all the movie is about cgi.Honestly nowadays being an actor in that kind of roles looks like one of the easiest jobs.The challenge is not to get crazy in an empty room xD

  9. если бы я знал что это было бы все продумоно так я не фига не смотрельбы это фильм

  10. What a bad movie… I feel sad about it, cuz I wanted to have a great story and action but…. pzzz… I Will keep wainting…. 😣😞

  11. It's really a bummer when so many talented people pour their hearts and souls into the production of a movie that ultimately is disappointing.

  12. Это ппц какой трудоёмкий процесс, как же актёрам и всем кто причастен с съёмке фильма, когда он проваливается в прокате, ведь столько сил и нервов было вложено в создание фильма

  13. Por esa razón nunca he visto una película de super héroe es como que te están diciendo idiota todo el tiempo

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