Bro Dem boys here yet? ye HEY Bring the penny? fo’sho Waddup, boys? Where are we actually going? eeh Lillesand SUP OG STUP 2018 The comeback is a fact fo real Get some… BOOTY Who´s ridin midst to Lillesand? fuck Good to see you hey ya EY (baller alert) We´re taking a short stop in Larvik, to meet a guy named Jonas wow never been here before Hella dope car dude! Thanks, man How fast can those bad boys run? The more away you get from the city the more power in the bikes OK, fine Let´s do it (HORSEPOWAAAAH) ´´The further to the countryside you get… hahaha… the cooler the bike´´ (countryside norwegian) Truls It was priced per pound, Tub 8 dollars…… Vetle 2 min earlier: ´´It only costs 2 dollars!´´ Great meet up guys! You´re the local how high is that jump? It is 25m At least (Fan in the background): ´´Death diving from 25 meters. That boy Truls Torp: BAD BUSINESS WTF MAN Dope of you to bring us out here The pleasure´s mine Can we take som pictures for that instagame?? Dem sausage eating boys You should be thirsty after watching this Look at that egg dude It must be someone in there What have you been smokin dude? Why are we doing this? Someone´s in there TBBBB Do you have the address to that boyscout cottage? Yoooo You idiot All good? Of course Where´s my fist bro? Test jump take a look? Let us ouuf how in gods name does he get that far out!? Dad knows. . For real, let us try Ok, it must be done Oh no… For sure don´t need to pee anymore I need to take a shit after that water cannon in my ass earlier Truls! Tub! FAN LUV You´re coming to see us death dive tomorrow? I must go to this wedding You´re going to a wedding Unfortunate Nice, machine you got there tho Thanks! Just get some skills in We´re off to check out the diving board for tomorrow SO HYYYPED 39 contendors Marital status? ´´Dødser´´ I am a ´´dødser´´ was you´re status last year Nothing´s changed Always before death diving competitions: A little flour Just as I had jumped, I see this idiot, swimming exactly where I am going to hit the water Flat out, from 10 meters That guy, idiot for real No chance to anything else Or else I would break the neck of that poor guy The fans here: How old are you? 10 and 12 It fucked my brain up Did you fall for my answering machine? I called you about seven times It seemed so real I always fall for it myself Got 35 bucks to take a tattoo ´´BULA´´ on my chest It will be a salmon Another bad 360 I don´t feel ready Freestyle Ait, chiill wtf Bror what Bror! Since it´s two of you named Tobias, you have to choose one Ey, for real Your name is ´´Bro´´? Yeah Shit, his name is for real ´´Bro´´ Ig: xXSwaggerboy_999Xx Three 9s That´s a lot of 9s kid Let me see I´m gonna pop mine also Soft thumb. Light push. POP Why did you buy that beer man? Doesn’t that taste like shit? I´m cheap. OK? How is that even possible? 3 rotations One jump Crazy crazy brazy We´re talking about how great the taste of Polar bread is It tastes like heaven (and baconcheese!) We´re gathered here after SUP&STUP 2018 And we have the world champion of ´´dødsing´´ Truls right here What do you eat after a competition? That´s not why I was asking about The thing is, this guy is a cross country athlete He loves ……. He loves bacon cheese He has chatted with ´´Petter Northug´´! Baconcheese: Guaranteed winner for results in cross country competitions 20 dollars Can I get your skateboard for that? EY For real Let us have the skateboard The guard asked me: ID? I´m 16, I´m 16 I´m a ´´dødser´´ That´s my ID let go Awardshow Awardshow´s happening Yes, that is happening now (??) Yeah Suddenly Spontaneously Yeye, some minutes A waiting pint? I have gotten enough, thanks Lillesands long lost son KABELO He is probably the contender with the most views on his YouTube videos..: And it is: TRULS TORP This dude is completely nuts Emil Lybekk And so he comes and takes the first place here as well Yeah, that is my fault Yes it is No more of that Ait Fine by me We took the wrong guy Is it Tord who´s snoring that loud? Yeah Hellooo Pitbull Goodbye Lillesand See you next year Check this out Fron page Check this out Went to the wrong cliff We had seen a clip of a guy named Truls Torp Who jumps from ´´Dragonfjellet´´ in Torsnes That isn´t even where you jumped from Ok We´ll show you the video We had come unscathed from that jump That´s the most idiotic I´ve seen I don´t know You must be able to see the difference between 34 and 21 meters Skippergaten 1 Feel it in my legs A long drive Is it easy to sneak around it? For real I´m broke ($$$) 42 L gasoline please Until next time, Nitz Receipt? Yes, please You know, Dødseforbundet pays for my gas Have a good shift Skateboard is not my type of sport SUP&STUP 2018 Until next time

100 thoughts on “SUP&STUP 2018 OG NY DØDS PERS (25 METER) I VLOG 16

  1. Ahh synd du ikke vant i går fulgte med helene sendinga
    Heide på deg. Grattis med 2 plass

  2. å pass på baconosten, sist gang jeg sluka pils fra en beerbong tømte jeg en hel baconost i søvne

  3. Tøffe hopp og film fra Holtetjønn. Vi målte den til 23 meter når vi hoppa for 18 år siden, men mulig det er lavere vann denne tørre sommeren.

  4. Jeg tror du vet jeg skrive mye i kommentarene dine men seriøst, jeg pleier ikke å kommentere i videoer men når jeg så din kanal, følte jeg Jesus dette kan være den eneste kanalen jeg kommenterer på, pluss jeg skjenner en gutt sin far som kjører båt med faren din noen ganger. ELSKER VIDEOENE DINE!

  5. Bro your vlogs are so fking dope!! You inspired me to jump of 10m! You are an awesome guy with awesome friends. Would be sick to jump with u one day 😀

  6. Halla, alle sammen. Kan noen please abonnere på yt kanalen min skal legge ut flere videoer i dag. Jeg legger for det meste ut fortnite, memes, montages, streams og videoer så vær kul.

  7. Jeg og familien min leide det huset der i Lillesand det er speiderhytta og ligger ikke så langt unna sentrum og vannet

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