Surf N Turf Challenge w/ Steak, Fried Oysters, and Low Country Boil!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel,
Atlas, and I am very very excited today! I’m going for overall win number 782. i
am back in the state of South Carolina, had a great night in Georgia yesterday,
but this time I am in Barnwell, South Carolina. I am at Delia’s Restaurant and
Catering. I’m taking on their brand new Surf N Turf Challenge. Now you’re going
to love the name, hopefully as much as I do. It’s actually called, since I’m
helping to kick it off, Santel’s Surf N Turf Challenge. There is so much food
here! We’ve got a 32-ounce Certified Angus beef ribeye steak, we’ve
got a loaded baked potato. It’s got some cheese, there’s bacon, some other stuff.
We’ve got two hush puppies. We’ve got some butter if I need it, along with some
hot sauce. Then right here we’ve got two dozen fried oysters which they say are
“to die for,” so I’m excited to try those, and then
we’ve got a Low Country Boil, so we’ve got two pounds of shrimp. We’ve got some healthy corn on the cob. We’ve got some sausage. Then we got about one
pound of snow crab legs. We’ve got one hour to finish everything here. If I win
I’ll be the first person up on the wall of fame for defeating this challenge. If
I do lose it’s going to be 125 dollars, so we do not want to do that, but if I do
win, best of all, I get a sweet t-shirt to add to my collection, so let’s get this
challenge started! Alright big thank you to the owner,
Delia, and everybody for having me here to take this challenge and kick it off,
but let’s shut up and eat. We’ve only got one hour to finish all this food, let’s get it started. 1, 2, 3, Boom!! Alright, yes!! I watched them cook all this and I am hungry because this all looks amazing. Let’s try this one while I’m still hungry.
They are massive oysters too! They are 30 to a pound shrimp and I watched them count out 60 to keep them in line. (laughing) I still have PTSD from all those crab legs by The Crab Pot in Seattle, so we’ll get to those in a little bit. Still have some of the shrimp left, all the
crab legs, gonna work on the potato soon. Finishing up this steak now but it is so good, they cooked it perfect! I’ve got a whole selection of sauces but
I don’t need them because all this food is so flavorful already, but gonna finish
the last healthy part of the corn on the cob, and then we’ll do all this seafood and sausage. (Delia) So yeah I shouldn’t show you this, but you take them all off, and then… yeah. (Randy) Well look at you! Learn something new everyday! I’d rather do a lot of shrimp than a lot of excess bun, or like 3lbs of fries. My cracking experience is showing now! Oh yeah, I’ve got this one! (laughing) I’m on my last set of legs. Almost there! No meat left on these things! Alright, we’re going to beat 40 minutes! Then I’ve just got to finish that. (Crowd) Randy! Randy! Randy! That entire meal was absolutely amazing. I’m really happy with my strategy. I don’t really think even if I had done it earlier
on, I wouldn’t have finished the crab any faster, but that steak was like I said
earlier, cooked perfect, delicious, really loved everything all the toppings on that
loaded baked potato, the fried oysters, amazing! All those hush puppies, so many
shrimp! I could have done for maybe just a pound of those, but yeah, either
way that was still good in that seasoning or whatever they do for the boil
the corn on the cob, everything was just amazing! So the record, I finished in 39
minutes and 32 seconds!! (clapping) I’m going to have the first spot on Delia’s Wall of Fame, which will hang up here in the restaurant. Big thank you to all of you guys here! (clapping) We had a couple different groups of people drive a few hours is to come here and watch,
and we’ll meet and greet after, but yeah delicious food, so thank you everybody
here at Delia’s Restaurant and Catering in Barnwell, South Carolina, my first time
here. It was overall win number 782, got
the new record for the Santel’s Surf N Turf Challenge. So be sure if you’re
ever driving through the area, be sure to try it as well, so thank you guys for

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! We surpassed 900,000 subscribers yesterday which was absolutely amazing!! We are hoping to hit the 1 million subscriber milestone by March 19, 2020 which will be my 10-year Anniversary!! Thank you all so much for your support over the years, and thanks especially to all those people who share our videos and channel with friends and family. Much more upcoming and happy holidays to you all and your families this December 2019 holiday season!!

  2. I think your time would of been under 15 minutes if you didn't have to crack the crab legs and get all the meat out!! Great job anyways on setting the record, another one under your belt!! Have a great day Randy!!!??

  3. Randy slow down your boobs are might end up being the guy they have to break down a wall to get you out of your

  4. A tip for cracking crabs, start at the tip. When you remove it from the top to the base you remove the tendons holding the meat in the shell, then crack the next segment in half and it will come out whole.

  5. Randy Im proud of you that you been smashing challenges and scoring high on your food challenges stats! AMAZING!!!

    Please keep score on your weight too since it is getting bigger, this could be an addition to your personal records. By now you must be at around 670ish lbs! Please go for 1000lbs and make USA proud! #RandySantel

  6. You should start challenging people such as: celebrities, fellow competitive eaters, NFL players or other athletes. That would be interesting to see.

  7. Hey Randy! I hope you’re enjoying the holidays so far! This challenge looks sooo good! Steak, baked potato, and fried clams in itself looks tasty, but the boil looks so good that I made plans with a friend to get something like that soon!!

  8. Ooh, buddy! That steak looked killer! Ironed it out right. Tackling the corn now. Man, this challenge looks so delicious!!

  9. Unlike most challenges you look like you enjoyed that food although I think a surf and turf dish would’ve been waaaaaaay better in New Orleans ijs I know you just left

  10. Unsubscribed and won't be watching any more, unfortunately you are clearly becoming more unhealthy by the day, I won't support that

  11. All of these challenges seem sacrilegious.

    I personally like to enjoy the food. It would seem hard to enjoy when you’re inhaling it.

  12. Are randy santels eating wins in question by competitive eaters around the world? Are the rumors of cheating true? Find out on the next podcast episode of @therealeatingchamps

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