Suzuki Burgman 400 – MotoGP Argentina – 3.000KM/1,864miles

We are putting some cloth on, before entering the Chacabuco tunnel, how cold is it? we’ve ridden with 42F and now its 46F we’re just starting, we’ve ridden only 35 miles. I’m gonna search on the GPS for gas stations Wind storm, i think we got winds of 37-45 mph, probably more We are facing the quality of argentinians highways In route to “La Rioja”, we’re riding through a wind storm we can’t drive faster than 40 mph its very hard to drive under these conditions and we’re now approaching a spot where we can’t see anything, oh, welcome to argentina this is a darn sand storm look where the hell we’re ridding 37 miles left to Termas de Rio Hondo, and this is road condition. uh, after a long ride and a harsh road, the final piece was the most spectacular it looked like a mine field this is the fist and the last time! Leaving the hotel at Termas de Rio Hondo Leaving Termas de Rio Hondo, on our way to Rio Hondo Village, I hope we have a good day Riding through the super argentinians highways whats up? Look! this guy is hiding his hand to avoid the cold! Road repair by hand! we’re ridding on the wrong side! Leaving Difunta correa on our way to Mendoza through San Juan which is 39 miles South West.

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