Suzuki Swift Sport – scheurijzer van 970 kg!

The new Suzuki Swift Sport is very yellow. This will probably be
the most powerful version of the Swift. They show this on the outside. For example, the license plate
is mounted on a carbon-look plate. It has a carbon splitter, 17 inch wheels,
and side skirts with the same carbon look. At the rear there’s a diffuser-like carbon-look thing
with two exhaust tips and a spoiler on top. That’s it. These are the differences
with the normal Swift. Irrespective of the color, that’s not much. This is the 1.4 Boosterjet, which is different
from the engine in the previous Swift Sport. That one was naturally aspirated.
This one has a turbo. That means not that much extra horsepower; only 4. This car has 138 hp. The previous one had 134 hp.
However, it does have 70 Nm (52 lb ft) extra. That should make it more fun to drive. The engine is connected to
a manual 6-speed transmission. We’ll test it on a different road later. In theory it does 0-100 kph (62 mph) in
8.1 seconds. The top speed is 210 kph (130 mph). That’s not what this car is about.
These aren’t astronomical numbers. It’s not incredibly fast, or… This car is lightweight and playful. I hope we get to test this on the Spanish roads. For now I can tell you where we’re sitting.
It’s a cool place to be. It has many red accents, a red trim in the dashboard,
a sports steering wheel with red stitching… The steering wheel is nice to hold. It has many control buttons,
including for adaptive cruise control. The car has all sorts of technologies that help
to keep it safe, such as forward collision assist. I have active lane keep assist that steers
away from the median strip when I get too close. It also has traction control, which can be
switched off. We’ll test that when hooning later. Another fun interior thing is that the tachometer
and speedometer are completely different. The tachometer is red and attracts most attention. The the right is the silver-gray speedometer.
It looks sporty, but stands out less. That’s fine. You want to see the tachometer
the most to know when to shift gears. Between the gauges sits a display
with a number of views. Now it’s on power mode, showing me
how much torque and horsepower I’m using. The two needles swing back and forth
with the movement of my right foot. There are a number of other views too. There we go, shifting down a gear.
I’m testing the torque. It’s fine. There we go, overtaking Polos. Always fun. It feels like it has much grip. Fun fun. The first acquaintance is fine. Back to the interior,
because we’re stuck behind a van. Cameraman Jesse and I sit in sport seats.
These are nice seats. They’re a bit narrow if you’re bigger,
but I think they’re comfortable. They hug you well and support you from the sides. The interior is okay. It suits the car’s sporty looks. Now it’s time to test if the car can move. The Swift Sport is no rival
to the Clio R.S. or Fiësta ST. Those cars are faster and beat the Swift Sport. This car isn’t about power. It’s about the weight,
the engine, and the driving pleasure it gives you. This is a wonderful car to play with.
It weighs less than 1,000 kg (2,200 lb). It’s fun. This car asks to play at every corner,
making you smile. Sometimes it reminds me of the 205 GTI. I can’t give the Swift Sport a bigger compliment. About the handling. The brakes are good
and turning into a corner is nice. It’s as sharp as a ninja; it’s crazy. Because of the low weight…
It’s only 970 kg (2,138 lb). You feel what happens
underneath the 17 inch wheels. When you turn in late and lift,
you feel the rear slide a bit. You do feel the safety systems take over,
even with ESP switched off. Unfortunately, pushing the button
doesn’t switch off ESP completely. Of course you want to know
what the Swift Sport will cost. About 25,000 euros. A lot of goodies are standard. If that’s too much for you, you can also choose
a less powerful engine with a Sport Line package. Such a cool-looking Swift starts at 18,999 euros,
but it won’t be very fast. Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

45 thoughts on “Suzuki Swift Sport – scheurijzer van 970 kg!

  1. Staat op no. 1 voor mij! 26 mei ga ik 'm proefrijden kijk er al lang naar uit! Enkel die kleur… ik zou toch wat anders kiezen. Blauw en Donkergrijs vind ik 'm erg goed staan!

  2. wat een traag lomp ding…… heb een yaris trd sport 1.5 7,8 seconden naar de 100… zelf geklokt. maar met 106 pk…..

  3. Casper kan je voortaan alsjeblieft snelheidsmeter zeggen, want volgens mij is een kilometer teller het ding dat bijhoudt hoeveel km je rijdt

  4. Geweldige auto. Zo een laag gewicht kennen we al heel lang niet meer. Dan moet je terug naar de jaren 80 en 90.

    Daarnaast is een turbomotor heel makkelijk te tunen.

    Speelsheid in plaats van gevoelloos stuurgedrag.

    Een echte racer. Heerlijk

  5. Casper, meer dan 2 kg sushi eten is niet gezond, straks pas je niet meer in de sportzetels 🙂 toffe grap trouwens verwerkt in deze mooie review van een onderschat en ondergewaardeerd autootje

  6. Super gaaf ding natuurlijk! Lijkt zijn prestaties ook vrij gemakkelijk waar te kunnen maken. Iets dat me absoluut tegen zou staan is het matchen van de kleur van de buitenkant bij de accenten in het interieur. Fel geel met fel rood is echt niet mooi.

  7. Vind dit de lelijkste ‘hoge’ Swift tot nu toe. Maar wel lekker te hoeken dus. Kom maar op met de Ford Fiesta ST-Line vergelijking!

  8. Wat vinden jullie van dit verslag?   Ik vind de tester erg negatief.

  9. Nou nou nou, die specificaties klinken verdomd veel als een peugeot 206 gti, je weet wel, die auto die al sinds 1998 word gemaakt en dan klinkt deze nog minder lekker ook, hij zal iets zuiniger zijn.

  10. 0-100km/ 7.65 ?? The Suzuki swift forza GTI 1987 1.3 n/a 730kg 103hp goes 0-100 in 6.9 is more faster than this new Suzuki Swift

  11. Een gechipte Vitara met dezelfde motor gaat hier op YT in 7.27 seconden naar 100. Die weegt zo'n 150kg meer, dus dat belooft wat voor de Swift als deze bijvoorbeeld 179PK/282NM krijgt (PowerBox Nitro).

  12. Watch this test. 29 MPG at normal driving. I would not touch it!


    Clip at 2.21 mins show "Average fuel consumption of 7.9km/L" This car sucks petrol at frightening rate.

  14. thanks for excellent review i like the sport variant pls upload more about its specification from its ground clearance to all interior and exterior features

  15. Het is alleen afkraken wat je doet. Niet iedereen kan een amg of wat dan ook kopen. Het heeft meer kwaliteit dan alle andere zoals polo clio etc.

  16. Yes, I DO like the Headline: Suzuki Sport Swift – 970 kg ( no fucking LBS Lot of Bull Shit ) Pocket Rocket Bangkok-Johnny, again!

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