Swagman Fork Down Roof Bike Rack Review – etrailer.com

Today we are going to show you the fork style,
roof mounted bike rack from Swagman, part number S64710. The Swagman fork mounted bike rack accommodates
bikes with quick release front wheels. It is designed to fit square load bars and
most OEM cross bars. Included with the rack is a tie down strap
to secure the rear wheel in the bike rack. The Swagman bike carrier attaches to the roof
rack of your vehicle using u-bolts. It comes with two different sizes to help
accommodate different sized crossbars. :34
Today on the Ford Focus Wagon we will be using the larger and wider u-bolts. The two halves of the bike rack are bolted
together in the center. The bolt holes are slotted so you can adjust
the bike rack to accommodate your roof rack. Along the tray itself are different bolt holes
for the u-bolts. We are going to take our bike rack and center
the front mounting plate over our front crossbar. We will feed our U-bolts up from the bottom
and use our
wing nuts on the top to tighten it down. 1:03

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