SWL9E11_12: Basic Arithmetic – U.S. Conversions – Add/Subtract Measurements

In these problems we’re going to add or
subtract US measurements, and then when we give our final answer
we need to be sure it’s in the simplest measurements possible. So let’s see with the first example, Darry
flew from Phoenix, AZ to Asheville, NC. On his outbound flight he flew first to
Atlanta and that was a 3 hour and 35 minutes
flight, and then to Asheville, which was 45 minutes. So what was his total flying time? So we want to take 3 hours and 35 minutes and we want to add to that, and we can do it vertically, 45 minutes. So if we add those two
quantities vertically we obtain 3 hours and 80 minutes. However, 3 hours and 80 minutes, that’s 3
hours plus 60 minutes plus 20 minutes that’s 80 minutes. But 60 minutes is 1 hour. So we have 3 hours plus
1 hour plus 20 minutes, that will give us 4 hours 20 minutes. So we can respond to the original question. Darry flew a total of 4 hours 20 minutes. In our next problem we’re asked to add
1 gallon and 2 quarts to 3 gallons and 6 quarts. So let’s write that again vertically. It says leave your final
answer in gallons and quarts, so let’s see how that’s gonna work. So if we add vertically we have 1 gallon plus 3 gallons is 4 gallons.
6 quarts plus 2 quarts is 8 quarts. So let’s see if we can rewrite that using
some information. Let me break 8 quarts into 4 quarts plus 4 quarts and the reason I did that is
because 4 quarts is 1 gallon, so there’s a gallon. If I add those, I get 6 gallons but it did
say to leave the final answer in gallons and quarts. so technically that would be 6 gallons
and 0 quarts.

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