SWL9E5_6: Basic Arithmetic – U.S. Conversions – Single Unit/Multiple Units

In these problems we are working with
single unit and multiple-unit conversions. So a
single unit is something like 30 months, that would be single, and months and years would be in multiple unit or multiple units. So let’s write
30 months in terms of months and years. So I’m going to write 30 months as follows: 30 months equals 12 months plus 12 months, that would be 24 months plus 6 months, that would be 30 months, and I chose 12 months because 12
months is 1 year. So I have two sets of 1
year, plus 6 months. If I add those together
now I get 2 years 6 months, and now I have
my multiple unit conversion. If I look at the next
example, write 1 minute 20 seconds in seconds. I’m
going from two units to 1 unit. So let’s write it this way, 1 minute 20 seconds equals 60 seconds plus 20 seconds. So there’s my 1 minute and 20 seconds, that would be 80 seconds, therefore my 1 minute 20 seconds as two units equals 80 seconds as a single unit.

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