Syrp Genie Mini II – My honest review and why you need one…

>>This video was brought
to you by Squarespace. Hello everyone and
welcome to Orange83. Syrp sent me their Genie Mini II
and a bunch of accessories. In this video, i’m going to tell
you what it is, how you could use it
and if it’s any good. And by the way, to be clear, I’m free to give
my honest opinion, which I absolutely will and
I’m not paid to do this review. Let’s start with the first part. What is a Genie Mini II? Well, it is a very
compact motion control system for cameras weighing
up to four kilograms. Basically, this is
just a rotating device that can be controlled
with your smartphone and this app is available
for both IOS and Android. If you use one
Genie Mini II units, you can control 360° panning
or tilting motion. And if you combine two units, you can do panning
and tilting simultaneously. Another option is to combine
this with the product turntable. In a matter of seconds, you can turn this
into a rotating platform for product shots. As the name suggests, the Genie Mini II is small
you can easily put it into your pocket
and take it anywhere. To be clear, this is not a gimble and you
don’t need to balance it. Yes, you could do something
similar with a gimble if you have a remote control, but the Genie Mini II is made for motion control
only and therefore, it’s a lot sturdier
than a gimble. And also the batteries of a gimble will
drain much quicker. Speaking about batteries, the Genie Mini II has
an internal battery that gets charged via USB C. And in my experience, it will last around
10 to 12 hours. Let’s have a look at how you
could use the Genie Mini II. They could be used
for both photo and video. For photos, we’re mainly
talking about time-lapses and Panorama shots. You could also shoot 360 degrees product photos
for a web shop for example, if you use the turntable. If you want to
shoot time lapses, you can use the app
to control the camera movement and if your camera has
a time lapse function built-in, you can use that to
control the shutter. But if it doesn’t, you can also connect
to the Genie Mini II with a shutter cable
and this way, you can control the shutter
interval with the app as well. This is an example of a time-lapse that I shot
with the Genie Mini II combined with the Sony A7 3. This is a time lapse that I shot without
the Syrp motion control. And this is the same time lapse, but this time with
panning motion control with a Genie Mini II unit. And in my case, I’ve used the Genie Mini II
mainly for video. You can use this for any shot
that needs controlled motion. Just use the app to set
up some keyframes and then create
the perfect controlled movement. I’ve used this function
in a lot of my recent contents that included product shots, like this office tour
video, for example, or the Dell XPS laptop review. Even if you are
very experienced, it’s hard to get a result
this smooth with manual movement. And of course you
could also use the turntable for product videos. It only takes a few seconds
to put it together. You could just leave it as it is or you can use
the included black or white top. And you can also be
more creative and add something like a plate on top. That’s all up to you. For example, I’ve used a turntable
with this wooden block for a watch advertisement. I think that this is
a great way to show and present your products. Okay. Let’s talk a bit
more about the app. The Syrp app is quite easy
and straightforward to use. It’s one of the best apps that I’ve used
for anything similar. It starts by connecting
to the Genie Mini units. The app shows which
one is which based on the orientation of the unit. So this means
that it will show pan or tilt in front of the name
of the Genie Mini II unit. A simple, but
very useful feature. After connecting,
you can start creating content. You can simply use one
of the available preset modes or you could go in manual mode, create your own key frames
and have full control of the movement. So as I mentioned, this is a simple intuitive app
that works very well. Let’s have a look
at the build quality of the Genie Mini II. First of all, the Genies have
a really great texture. It almost feels
like a human skin. I really like that, but it’s also very sensitive
to dust and fingerprints. This is how they came out of the original
package for example, but still I like the look
and feel of the rubbery texture on the outside
of the Genie Mini II. And it’s probably also
a good protection. Overall, it feels solid,
sturdy and well-built. On the other hand, the pan and tilt bracket
feels a bit less premium in my opinion. I think that they
could have done a bit better with the plastic screws. But for me, the most annoying thing is
that it’s not leveled. I always need to apply
a few degrees of rotation in my editing. Another thing related
to build quality that I need to mention is the sound
or noise that the units make while they rotate. As you’ve heard they
make a lot of noise which makes them
practically unusable in scenes where you also need
to record voices for example. The engines of a gimble
are almost silent. So I think that this could be improved
in future versions. But these two points are
really my only complaint about the Genie Mini II. It really is a good product and I can highly
recommend you to use this for scenes that require
some controlled motion. And last but not
the least, the price. Currently, it’s priced at $249. I will add some product links
in the video description so you can check out
the most current prices. Before we end this review, I want to thank Squarespace
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in the video description. That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this review. And if you did,
then please like the video. Thanks again for watching and I hope to see you
back soon for more. See you next time on Orange83.

25 thoughts on “Syrp Genie Mini II – My honest review and why you need one…

  1. I want to be clear about the buzz sound as I mentioned in the video @4:50 min. It's only that loud on full speed. It's less loud (but still noticeable) in lower speeds. And with timelapses it's silent because the movement is very minimal.

  2. Awesome product, i really need a turntable but they dont ship this product to south aftlrica. I have also checked on the link below in your description. 😕. But i love your video. Very nicely done.

  3. I just bought on sale the gimbal Zhiyun Weebill S for 359 euros, it does the same motion control videos and also time-lapse AND is a gimbal.

  4. But what are the differences with the first Genie Mini I? Because I am pretty sure you can do everything you showed in the video with the first genie mini

  5. $250 for a product that makes a nose like that? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 No thanks, plenty of better products on the market that serve the same and more diverse purpose without the noise. That noise is crazy, who let that through QC?

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