9 thoughts on “TACX NEO 2T REVIEW: More Torque!

  1. Sounds like the Perfect trainer for me that live in 4th floor With thin floors 🙂 (vibrations from trainer down thru the floor)

    What about if the floor is not Perfect even ? as the neo does not have ajustable feet like the kickr?

  2. Thank you for this detailed fantastic review! No regrets so far after I purchased it a few weeks ago. As you've noted, the power and cadence is accurate and I'm more than happy to see the results. I think my only gripe is just the steep price but for my 1st smart trainer I'm glad I waited!

  3. Had the Neo 2T for a few days now. My first Neo. There is a disconcerting vibration through the pedals/bars from the trainer. Even at low speed/ watts. A bit like Road Feel but milder and on all the time. No-one seems to be able to tell me conclusively if this is just normal for the Neo due to the flywheel being virtual? It feels like the trainer is basically braking the "flywheel" a few times every second. I've fitted a brand new drive train trying to diagnose this. No change. Looks like it's going back to the shop unfortunately. I've no idea if this behaviour is normal as don't have another Neo to compare to.

  4. I still have an original (circa 2016) Wahoo KICKR. I've had to send it in for service only once, and that was for a known problem, so Wahoo covered the cost. Lately I've noticed some erratic data when I use it with TrainerRoad, and I had detected some erratic behavior in Zwift as well. Since then, at the behest of Wahoo's customer support, I have performed a factory reset of the unit. The jury is still out, however, because I got sick and haven't used the trainer since. When my faithful KICKR finally fails, I guess I'll consider the Neo.

  5. Agree. Have had the NEO 2T for two month now and it is a joy to ride. I have also tried to used previous rides as tracks and run them in TACX GPS. And if you put your personal data correctly, it will simulate the outdoor condition almost perfect, only except the wind factor. I think its perfect, if you can't get outside, nothing beats that.

  6. Thanks for your excellent reviews. Still fence sitting on purchasing. So many good products though each model still with some minor design flaw or assembly defect IMO.

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