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(playful music) – Hi. – Hi, good morning. – Good morning, I’m Miss Penny. And these are the KidVision kids. And we’re here today to find out what happens
at a pediatrician’s when they do a wellness check. – I’m Jennifer. I’m the receptionist. All you have to do is have a seat and you can sign in. – Okay, let’s have a seat and sign in. Alright so it’s time to sign in. Would you like to be first? – Yes. – Okay. There you go. This way they know who’s here and they can look up our file so that when the doctor sees us they know that they have the right person. Devin would you like to sign next? Okay. (playful music) Look at you. Okay. And should we sign together? Okay, so tell me how to spell your name. – E – E – L – L – I – I – Z – Z Here you are and I’ll
sign my name Miss Penny. – Miss. – Miss Penny. P-E-N-N-Y. Now we’re ready. I’ll go give it to the receptionist and she’ll get our paperwork ready, okay?
– Okay. – Okay. We’re all signed in. – Perfect, thank you. Have a seat and we’ll be with you shortly. – Thanks. – No problem. (chime) (pop) – Good morning KidVision kids
are you ready to go back? – Oh look, I think we’re ready to go. Let’s go. (playful whistling music) – Hi kids I’m nurse Leticia, and a nurse helps a doctor get
you ready for your checkup. The first thing that we do is we check your weight on the scale. – [Miss Penny] What does this scale do? – [Kids] Weigh you. – [Miss Penny] Weighs us. – And then we use the stadiometer
to see how tall you are. – [Kids And Miss Penny] Stadiometer. – So we could see how tall we are. That way the next time we come we can see if we’ve gained weight and if we got taller. That’s why we take our
weight and our measurement to see if we’re growing strong. – Are you ready? – Yes.
– Yes. – Okay, step on up for me. Let’s see how much you weigh. 36. And now let’s see how tall you are. 40. Good, so you’re 36 pounds
and you’re 40 inches tall. – Now step on up.
– Just because we’re kids. – [Leticia] Mm hmm. 36.8 – [Miss Penny] You’re 36.8.
– [Leticia] Okay. Ready, let’s see how tall you are. 41.25. Wow! 41. Step on up. You are 44.8 pounds, and you are, 44.75. – Wow! So look how you’re standing. You are from smallest to tallest. Should we see how much I
weigh and how tall I am? – [Kids] Yes. – Do you think I’m gonna
be taller or smaller? – [Kids] Taller. – You think so? – You’re really gonna be taller than this. – Oh, let’s see.
– Let’s see. – We’re not going to really
look at the weight then. – She’s 67. – 67. – You’re like bigger than me. – Yes, look at that. So now we know how tall we
are and how much we weigh, and the next time we come
they’ll do the same thing and they can see if you’re growing strong. – Next kids we’re gonna
go into the exam room to get ready for the checkup. – Okay. – Great. (chime and pop) (relaxed kids music) – Okay kids now we’re going
to start your physical exam or we’re going to start your checkup. A checkup is to see how healthy you are and if you’re growing. Okay I’m gonna start with your pulse. This is gonna check to see how fast your heart beats, okay? – ‘Kay. – 100. 100 beats a minute, that is very good. – [Miss Penny] Good. Mm hmm. And now for you we’re gonna
check your temperature. This is a thermometer okay? – ‘Kay. – You’re gonna stick it under your tongue. 98.9. – Oo that’s good, temperature of 98. – Yes and for you we’re going
take your blood pressure, to see how your blood is
going through your arteries. Okay, ready? It’s gonna be one little hug. That’s all. And you got 100 over 70. – That’s bad. – That’s good. – So how are our KidVision kids doing? – They are doing great. They are very healthy. – Wonderful. Are they ready to see the doctor? – They are ready to see the doctor. – Alright. (chimes and pop) – Hello I’m Dr. Packer and
I’m a children’s doctor and I’m called a pediatrician. So who can say pediatrician? – [Kids] Pediatrician. – Ah, these guys are very smart. So let me say hello. And hello. – Hello. – And hello. – Hello. – Very good hellos. So first I’m going to use this, and this is called a– – [Kids] Stethoscope. – A stethoscope, yes. And I use this to listen. So I use this to listen to your heart to make sure that it’s beating right, and to listen to your lungs to make sure that you’re breathing right. So let’s try it out right now, and I’m going to first
listen to your heart. And I know it’s cold. – Very cold. It’s like ice. – Oh, it’s not that bad. And now I’m gonna listen to your lungs. So sit up nice and big and straight. And take a big breath in. (breathes) Good again please. (breathes) Again. (breathes) And again. (breathes) Okay, perfect. Well you have a good healthy heart and good strong lungs so that’s perfect. Next I’m gonna use my
flash light to go look at your eyes and your ears and your nose. And this is my eye flashlight and we call this an ophthalmoscope. – Ophthalmoscope. – That’s right, very good. Alright so to do this I need
you to look right over there while I look at your eyes. So keep looking over there and I’m gonna look at your eyes. Perfect, you have good perfect eyes. – [Miss Penny] Good. – Now I’m going to use my next flashlight and we call this an otoscope. – [Kids] Otoscope. – And I use this to look at your ears and your nose and your mouth. So first let’s see your ears. And this is real easy and soft. And look at the other ear. Now we’re gonna look at your nose. And that’s perfect. And next we’re gonna look at your mouth. So I need you to open your
mouth nice and big for me. Big, big, big, and perfect. A good healthy mouth. Now next this is what I
use to test your muscles to make sure they’re good and strong. We call this a reflex hammer, and see it’s soft. And we’re just gonna bang on
your muscles for a second. We’re gonna bang right here like this. (child sneezes) And we’re gonna bang over here like this. And sometimes we also check up here too. So we’re gonna bang over here like that. And over here like that. And you have good strong muscles, so show me how strong are your muscles? – Yes.
– They are. – You only did it on your thumb. – Perfect, okay. – [Miss Penny] Let’s
guess what these tools do. (pop) What does the stethoscope do? – [Child] It listens to
your heart and your lungs. (correct chime) (pop) – [Miss Penny] What does
the ophthalmoscope do? – [Child] Check your eyes. (correct chime) (pop) – [Miss Penny] What does the otoscope do? – [Child] Check your
ears, nose, and mouth. (correct chime) (pop) – [Miss Penny] What does
the reflex hammer do? – [Child] Checks your muscles. (correct chime) – [Miss Penny] Good job! Thanks for playing. – Okay so everybody’s checkup show that you’re all real strong and healthy. – Yay. – And you did really well– – Yay! – [Miss Penny] Happy dance. Hooray! – [Everyone] Bye. (playful music)

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