♪ (punk rock music) ♪ – (Prince Ea) Albert Einstein once said
everybody’s a genius. – I saw this. – (Prince Ea) But if you judge a fish
by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole live
believing that it is stupid. – That quote is written in my math class. – (Price Ea) Ladies
and gentlemen of the jury, today on trial we have
modern day schooling. Tell me, school, are you proud
of the things you’ve done? – Oh, I think I’ve seen
of this guy’s videos before. – (Prince Ea) Turning millions
of people into robots, do you find that fun? I call school to the stand
and accuse him of killing creativity, individuality, and being
intellectually abusive. – It’s such a great message. – That’s the truth. – (Prince) Here’s a modern day phone. Recognize it? Here’s a phone from 150 years ago.
Big difference, right? Stay with me.
Here’s a car from today, and here’s a car from 100–
– But we still use the same books, right? – (Prince Ea) Well, get this,
here’s a classroom of today, and here’s a class
we used 150 years ago. – Damn. – (Prince Ea) Now ain’t that a shame? In literally more than
a century, nothing has changed. – Yeah, nothing has changed. – Nobody ever brings
that to light, you know, just how school hasn’t changed. – (Prince Ea) Do you prepare students
for the future or the past? – Everyone can’t just be
put in these classrooms and expect them all
to have the same results. – (Price Ea) You were made
to train people to work in factories, which explains why you put students
in straight rows, nice and neat, tell ’em sit still, raise your hand
if you’re gonna speak, give ’em a short break to eat…
– It’s like robots. – (Prince Ea) For eight hours a day,
you tell them what to think. – Oh! That’s– I’ve never
thought of it like that. That’s terrifying. – (Prince Ea) See, every scientist
will tell you that no two brains are the same,
and every parent with two or more children
will confirm that claim. – Yes, that’s my family. – (Prince Ea) Teachers should earn
just as much as doctors because a doctor can do heart surgery
and save the life of a kid, but a great teacher can
reach the heart of that kid– – True, true. – Teachers do so much for this society, yet they are the lowest-paying job. – (Prince Ea) And if we can
customize health care, cars, and Facebook pages,
then it is our duty to do the same for education,
to upgrade and change it– – He is, like, representing students. – (Prince Ea) No more common core.
– I hated common core. – Yes, no more common core! – (Prince Ea) Sure, math is important,
but no more than art or dance. – Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Art schools are good. – (Prince Ea) But countries like Finland
are doing impressive things– – Right. – (Prince Ea) They have
shorter school days, teachers make a decent wage,
homework is non-existent, and they focus on collaboration
instead of competition. – That is true.
I completely support this. – (Prince Ea) Their educational system outperforms every
other country in the world. While students may
be 20% of our population, they are 100% of our future.
– That’s true. – He’s right on a lot of this. – (Prince Ea) There’s no telling
what we can achieve. This is a world in which I believe, a world where fish
are no longer forced to climb trees. I rest my case. – That was beautiful.
That’s very important. Education is a right, not a privilege. – There are a lot of people
who are really smart, but their grades just
don’t tell the same story. There’s just so much anxiety
surrounding school now. It’s more intense than ever. – I’m gonna go back to my high school,
and every single one of my teachers, I’m gonna put this on their front desk
and I’m gonna be like, watch this. I’m gonna tell my little brother
to come to school on Monday, and see if it’s any different. ♪ (punk rock music) ♪ – (FBE) So this video was made
by the spoken word artist Prince Ea, who makes content around issues
to take a harder look at in society. So what do you think was the message
he was trying to get across with this video? – I think he was trying
to encourage students that kind of feel like failures at school. – Stop putting our children in machines. Stop taking the creativity out of school. – Everyone’s different in that
we really need to push schools faster because we’re really stuck
in a really stupid place. – Although education is important,
there are also other factors like arts and stuff
that help mold students, as far as creativity goes. – You expect to learn, you know,
valuable information that’s gonna help prepare you
for the real world, but you don’t learn any of,
you know, how to pay taxes, you know, finding a job. – The education systems,
in most of America, are not working and are not geared
for the children of today. The same way they were taught
50, 60 years ago is still how it is today. – Traditional schooling is, like,
you go to school, you study, you get an A, and that’s it. People are being shaped to be, um,
not how the future is moving. – He was criticising school
when he was pointing the finger– not at teachers,
not at schools individually, but at the system as a whole. – (FBE) So, being a teen yourself,
and someone who is currently enrolled
in our schooling system, what do you think
about your current education, and if it is preparing you
for your life as an adult? – I do not think it prepares us
for our life as an adult. As soon as common core hit,
it was like health was gone, sex ed was gone,
which we really need now. – They are teaching us
a lot of important things, obviously, but I don’t know how
to pay bills and stuff, and I need to know that. – All my classes, like, I’m not getting
anything out of them, just to be honest. I’m sort of doing the work
so I can get that piece of paper that says I graduated. – My school’s projected based,
so we learn about a topic and then we make a project off of it,
and that’s how we learn. It prepares us for life, my school, but it doesn’t prepare us for college, and so a lot of kids struggle
going from our high school to a college. – Where do you learn
how to be on your own, you know? It’s just like, do you expect us
to learn on our own because there’s a lot of stuff
that we can’t learn by ourselves, you know, and it’s just like
when you go to school, you can’t find that in school either because school just teaches
you what X equals. – (FBE) Well, there been
recent thoughts around this area by a new customized learning
initiative called ESA, or Education Savings Account. Is this something that
you’ve heard of before? – No. – No. – I haven’t heard of
Education Savings Acccount. – (FBE) So there’s a program
that is available in some states, and if you can get access to it,
it provides funding not just for college, but even earlier for things
like private schools or individualized courses,
or programs for a child’s education, almost like customizing
parts of education. If something like this worked
and was able to roll out in a larger way, what do you think the impact might be? – I think it’ll help students more
because I know a lot of people, they will be struggling in classes
because they don’t learn the same way the teacher teaches,
but don’t have the money to actually get tutors. – People might be happier. Courses will kind of be fit to them
and their specific interests. – People who train in the craft
they want to train in will be even more adequate. That’s what I think. I think they would spend
most of their time on that, and not have to worry about other things
they’d have to get good grades in. – It would make it much more personalized,
in a much better way because the important thing
is to talk to your child. They’re not just this blank slate
that you can push into exactly what happened to you. They have their own thoughts
and opinions and feelings. – That still doesn’t fix it. Money is really– it is an issue,
but it’s not the big issue. The big issue is just these principals
and these people that make all the legislation
are so anti-technology. Why can’t you use
your smartphone in school? As a college student, I honestly
cannot live without my smartphone. I have all my lectures on it.
I have all my slides on it. I take pictures of everything I need. It’s better for both me, and my teacher. – (FBE) So if a parent does set up an ESA, kids have input on what type of classes or programs they want to take part in, but, ultimately, how it’s spent
is the parent or guardian’s decision. As a student yourself,
do you think that’s fair? – See, that’s difficult
because I want to say that it should be totally up the students, but, in a sense, that wouldn’t work. When you’re young, you know,
you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. – I think it should be
almost half and half. There’s always times when your parent
actually knows more than you think. – Obviously, I’m gonna say
I want to be in charge of it because I know what’s best
for me, blah, blah, blah, but then it’s like, oh teenagers think
they know what’s best for them, but they really don’t. So I think that there
should be a distribution, like half parents, half kids. – I can definitely see how,
in some situations, you know, oh, everyone in this family
has been a doctor. That’s what you’re gonna do. The majority of parents
who, you know, really love their kids, they let, you know,
the kid have their input because, you know, it’s your life. – It should be completely up
to the student, actually, because it’s your education,
it’s what you want to do, it’s what you want
to do in life, possibly, so it should be your journey,
not a path shaped for you. – There’s something to be said
for having to persevere through a subject that you really hate. For someone who’s not good at math,
it’s important to still attempt to do math. It might not be easy for everyone,
and everyone might not like it, but I think that is kind of
preparing for the real world. – (FBE) So, finally, we asked
this to the adults when we covered
another of Prince Ea’s videos, so we’ll as you as well:
what do you think is the impact of videos and art
created by people like him that get shared on social media
in this way is for these important issues, compared to when
you hear it from, let’s say, like a politician. – Sadly, temporary. We’re only going to talk
about this for two weeks, and then we’re all
just going to brush it aside. – Politicians and that
sort of whole group, they just seem like a puppet
to most of the country. Seeing these people,
like Prince Ea or whatever, he just seems like, you know,
he seems like a person. He’s there and the way he talks,
like, it really gets to you. – It’s coming from someone
that’s just like you. Like, if someone has a camera,
they have a voice in this media, and they can say whatever they want
and have their own opinion, and this person doesn’t have
an agenda to push to help him run for an office. He’s just trying to get
a message across, and it’s very, very pure and innocent. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Teens React. – Let us know what issue
you’d like us to react to and discuss in a future episode. – Bye, guys. – Bye, everyone. ♪ (punk rock music) ♪


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