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Okay what I have set up here is a piece of PVC pipe. We’ve got it cut at 1 meter, and it’s full of sand. And we’ve got the EZ Res hooked up on it and you can see the red probe there on the left, got the black probe over here on the right, and what we can do is alter the middle here and see what kind of different readings we get out of the machine. Okay, what we do first is make sure this is set on the right distance. So we have it set at 1 meter, which is the length of the tube. Make sure we’re on P Earth, start. Okay so we’re at 42.78 kiloohms, so 42,000 ohms. Okay so now I’m just going to disturb the dirt in here a little bit, or the sand, same amount of sand but now it’s just looser. Hit start again. Okay so now we’re at 98.95 kiloohms. So just that disturbed sand makes a difference. Now I’m going to totally remove it from the middle. And basically this, it won’t connect at all. Hit start. So see, OL, over the limit. So that’s kind of how it would it behave hitting a void, or you know that’s just showing that it won’t connect. Now I’ve got this sock here, it’s full of bolts. I’m gonna put it in here and this’ll represent like a metallic object, or a mineral vein, something like that. Alright we hit start. Okay now we’re at 17 kiloohms, so it’s
gone down considerably. So, see how it actually travels faster through that metal right at that section. So pretty neat little demonstration. Robert out.

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