Tesla Factory Europe Getting Serious, But Poor Customer Service Still Remain Unsolved

so we finally want to talk about
electric cars again and as always there’s really a lot going on for one we
might have a final location of the planned gigafactory 4 in Europe and Ja it
looks as if it will be ZE DEUTSCHE GIGAFABRIK and talking of Gigafactory the
gigafactory 3 in Shanghai is undergoing first model 3 production trial runs
however until Chinese built Model 3s can roll out Tesla unfortunately first
has to raise prices in China and we want to talk about some other cool stuff such
as the price parity between EVs and petrol cars by 2023
a giant self charging mining truck and the return of the outlandish Aptera 2e and our thoughts on Tesla’s current service problems so stay tuned okay now admittedly the last two weeks were
a bit more space intensive but we also don’t want to forget about our good old
electric cars because we on this channel are of course huge EV fans and the
transition to sustainable transport is one of the other big problems that we
have to solve in the 21st century apart from colonizing other worlds so we
now have the news that apparently the location for the planned gigafactory 4 is
closing in on Saxony in Germany and actually up to 2000 jobs will be created
by the gigafactory 4 which is planned to open in 2021
so it looks like the traditional automakers in Germany might probably
have to cut back jobs because they have to transition to electric cars but
fortunately the people who might lose their jobs will find new jobs working
for Tesla at the gigafactory 4 and we are pretty sure that some German
manufacturers will not survive the transition to electric cars in the 2020s
so Germany in the year 2030 it might actually happen that many German people
working in the auto industry are working for foreign companies maybe CATL or
Tesla having huge Gigafactories on German soil certainly an interesting
vision for the year 2030 in Germany in China on the other hand the first Model
3 trial runs are already starting in the gigafactory 3 with the first real
pre-production models starting to roll off the assembly line the first
completely Chinese built model 3 was shown at the World artificial
intelligence conference on the 29th of August in Shanghai full production will
start in November with 3000 model threes estimated to be produced weekly by
year’s end we think the model 3 will conquer China by storm until then
however a weakening Yuan is forcing Tesla to increase the price of all Tesla
models in China as early as in September and in December another price hike
is expected due to the trade war since Chinese tariffs are planned to go into
effect by then however since model threes will be
produced in Giga three by November which are of course exempt from trade tariffs
we think Tesla is just right on time to be able to absorb the blow it would have
received due to the trade tariffs perfect timing
even more it seems that now all Tesla models are exempt from sales tax
effective immediately in China which will certainly also boost their sales there
now when we last talked about electric cars we made the prediction
that according to logistics s-curve growth by 2040 at the latest we would
see 90% market penetration of electric cars many people in the comment section
actually said that we might even be too pessimistic and we actually tend to
agree that this might actually happen sooner than expected maybe even by 2030
now according to a futurist named Ray Wills who is the managing director of an advisory firm called future smart strategies price parity of electric cars
with gasoline cars can already be reached in 2023 and this might then be
already the tipping point where buying an electric car will start making more
sense than a gasoline car also for the vast majority of people because let’s
not forget what does average Joe care about the environment cleaner air
reducing greenhouse gas emissions no of course not price the price so when EV
start to become as expensive or less expensive than gasoline cars while
offering the same or better features then people will really start switching
over to electric cars in masses and this will be the tipping point where electric
car growth really takes off exponentially and Wills goes further
saying that by 2026 already electric cars will be cheaper and better than
gasoline cars in every respect including range and gasoline cars will become
completely obsolete with many manufacturers completely abandoning
gasoline cars then the flip will happen and we might actually reach 90% market
penetration of EVs already by 2030 this is how disruption works
it’s a highly nonlinear process that’s why so many people have difficulties to
imagine it because our brains are really bad at understanding exponential growth
it starts slowly but then before you realize it BAM! then we also want to talk about this cool EV here currently being operated in Switzerland a giant mining truck to
be precise produced by the machinery manufacturer Kuhn and what’s the amazing
thing about it it almost never has to be charged now how is that possible simple
it employs the full power of regenerative braking it drives up a
hill to pick up lime stones from a quarry weighing dozens of tons. It then drives the same way downhill again and is freaking recharging recuperating now
more energy since the potential energy of the truck has been increased which
then in turn increases the kinetic energy thus it almost never has to be
charged This beast packs a ginormous 600 kilowatt hour battery pack by the
way and the truck alone saves 50,000 metric tons of diesel annually now that’s a lot of diesel that can be saved that way and Kuhn plans to
electrify all mining trucks in the future we cannot wait to see this happen
in other news a car seems to be returning now that I first read about
already 10 years ago and which makes me super happy that it kind of returns from
the dead now so we’re talking about the super outlandish styled Aptera 2e which
was already revealed back in 2009 as far as I remember but then the company
encountered financial problems back in 2011 and the Aptera completely vanished
from the electric car scene but now it seems that Aptera is really back again from
the dead and they really seem to be planning to bring the 2e
finally to the market now the aerodynamic drag coefficient of this
thing is probably insanely low certainly below 0.2 even though we have no exact
number but we can guess maybe 0.18 or something like this and it
will come in battery pack sizes ranging from 40 kilowatt hours even to 100 kilowatt
hours now in addition to being super aerodynamic the car is also very
lightweight and in combination with this very large battery packs it would enable
a range of up to thousand miles thousand six hundred kilometers of range that is
absolutely insane now how is that for range anxiety that pretty much
absolutely destroys any range anxiety let’s see if they make it to market this
time and we certainly hope yes because this is a very interesting electric car
and it looks insanely futuristic to which we always like of course and then we
also want to talk about a not so pleasant topic but it has to be it’s
about Tesla’s current service problems we as Tesla fan boys and girls I mean we
love Tesla but we certainly also have to talk about the negative things we don’t
want to pretend like Tesla never does anything wrong
Tesla everything Tesla does is super amazing and they never do any mistakes
so we also want to talk about this of course and don’t want to hide the
negative things that are going on so the story we want to talk about is that the
German car rental company called Nextmove wanted to order 100 model 3s to
increase their electric car rental fleet the whole story is a bit too long and
complicated to present it in full detail but long story short it only took
delivery of 15 model 3s which already had quite some issues such as faulty
wiring scratches on the dashboard defective tail lights defective turn
signals or condensation in the headlights when nextmove was raising
concerns about quality towards Tesla Tesla apparently was getting annoyed and
cancelled the rest of the order we have to say not cool
Tesla the only thing we currently also don’t like on how Tesla is doing stuff
are the service problems okay sure Tesla is a startup that
has nothing less as a goal to transition us to sustainable transport
as soon as possible and that of course means making some sacrifices regarding
quality our model 3 performance for example also has a not perfectly
mounted spoiler where we are still waiting for a replacement half a year
later we also had a taillight problem but that one was fixed pretty fast
we of course try to ignore the problems because we want to support the noble
cause but the way Tesla currently treats its customers that encounter issues with
their Model 3s is really unacceptable so we can absolutely
understand nextmove especially them being a car rental company and having
responsibilities towards their customers so yeah Tesla really needs to improve
in that department here we said it we also want to talk about the negative
things it’s unpleasant but it has to be now that being said we of course still
love Tesla and we will always continue to support Tesla despite the problems
they have now why will we always continue to support Tesla well who started the
electric car Revolution was it GM was it BMW was it VW no it was only Tesla who
started the electric car revolution and who forced all the legacy car makers now to switch to electric cars only Tesla and who is accelerating our transition
to renewable sustainable transport only Tesla no one else because the legacy car
makers would probably have continued to pump out polluting stinking Diesels
they would have probably continued to sell us their gas guzzlers and stinking
Diesels that pollute us and kill us slowly probably still in the year 2100 after
the sea level would have risen probably by 70 meters and all the coastal cities
and the world would be drowned by the sea level rise even then they would have
continued to sell us their stinking gasoline and diesel cars and for that we
will always support Tesla even if sometimes they might have some servicing
problems if even if sometimes the cars are not in 100% perfect condition
even if there are some minor faults that have to be fixed afterwards we don’t
care we still will support them because Tesla is one of the single most
important companies of the last I don’t know hundred years but we will always continue
also to talk about the negative aspects of Tesla so what do you think about all
these Tesla service problems have you had similar experiences and are you as
idealistic as we are to support them despite the problems they have sometimes
so where would be your limit where would you stop supporting Tesla if the car
would have maybe only one wheel instead of four that would be not so good then I
would say Tesla you have gone a bit too far that’s a simple limit yeah
and if you are new to this channel we do weekly space and EV news and talk about
interesting upcoming technologies so be sure to subscribe and maybe even share
it with your friends and see you in the next video

21 thoughts on “Tesla Factory Europe Getting Serious, But Poor Customer Service Still Remain Unsolved

  1. You are such a cute couple and you are being fare about the pros and cons of Tesla EVs. Would you do a informational video about Tesla solar panel fires?

  2. I don't follow Tesla that much. However, I would have thought Elon would have been all of these Service issues like white on rice. i find it hard to believe that Elon is letting this unacceptable performance by his Service Departments to continue. Do you think he cares more about Super Heavy than he cares about Tesla? Can I ask what language you speak at home? Does Jixuan speak Romanian and does Sebastian speak Chinese? Great video guts. Keep smiling…

  3. Can Tesla make motorcycles please? Elon! Do you watch this channel? I rather buy a Tesla bike than a Zero FX. I want my $$ to go towards a guy pushing space flight like he does.

  4. Tesla can not afford to be complacent. Competition may be slow but it will surely come and Tesla customers deserve better. Elon needs to hire managers who are 100% focused on improving quality and service, respectively. He can't do this by himself.

  5. Hello guys! Thanks so much for watching 🤗 Finally we could about some 🚗⚡EV news again, after we entirely focused on spaceflight last week. Both electric cars and space exploration are our real passions, and we truly believe they will revolutionize our lives in the upcoming years! Hope you've enjoyed the video, and have an awesome day/night ✌

  6. Also warten wir auf die deutsche Gigafactory. Dann können wir perfekte Model 3 kaufen und fahren.

    Gruß aus Poing, Tom.

  7. As the EV gets more popular there will be more service centres opening and more people training to service them. No new technology ever has all the necessary infrastructure readily available to maintain it. This leaves the company as one of the only available places qualified to handle repairs. Has to be tough at first. It will only get better. Support for the game changers is essential if the changes are to happen.

  8. You are right that price is the key determinant for choosing any product. This is natural and right because lower prices reflect supply and demand, plus efficiencies, not to mention personal preferences. I love technological advances and electric vehicles are certainly attractive. However, fossil fuel technologies also evolve and it the related prices also go down, I am unsure about your logistic curve on EV adoption. First, using methane for vehicles seems quite possible, which have lower emissions and might be cheaper than gasoline or diesel vehicles. Second, nanotechnology might provide molecular filters for cheap and efficient scrubbing of exhaust gases. Such possibilities say to me that we may see internal combustion vehicles for some time frame longer than one might project. I am also intrigued by the idea of some low-level fission power source packaged properly might also be a possibility. I guess we shall see.

  9. My Tesla rear ended another vehicle on auto drive.having battery issues alot . would not recommend one right now.

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