Tesla Model 3 2020 Screen Review

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I want to show you the Tesla Model 3 screen and I try to make a
review for you I try to go in every single detail and
show you as many things as possible and I hope for most of you that are into
buying a Tesla Model 3 this will be very useful and also for all the people that
didn’t see yet the interior the screen of the Tesla Model 3 this will be a
great video to see it and let’s go and then we will talk at the end about all
that stuff alright guys so here is the screen first time I want to talk a
little bit about the physical positioning position of the screen and
first time from the driver point of view I have to tell you that there are a few
things that you can control it from from these wheels on the steering wheel for
example the sound there you go left and right you can change the music the
sounds there I don’t want I don’t want to leave the song play because of the
copyright and then also here you can adjust different sitting I will show you
in a moment now the position of driving it’s not bad at all you have great
visibility you can see the dashboard it’s it’s all the way flat there so you
have a great visibility on the windows this is something that I like it very
much and also you can adjust the steering wheel the way you want it so
you have a great position in the front there also another thing guys that I
just want you to see it’s into the position of the screen something that I
wish it was a little bit different I see most of the people now I see a few
videos on the internet that you can adjust this screen from here you can you
can you can uninstall it from here and then you can add some extra support here
for him and that that they will all of you two to move the screen the
way you want it you can put it a little bit downer and you can turn it a little
bit through the driver and then you have a better visibility for example
sometimes I don’t like when I have to reach all the way here those button or
this part here because I have to stretch up a little bit and I wish the screen
who was a little bit toward the driver because if you see from here the screen
it’s directly in this position right here because it’s it’s made for all the
people for the passengers and also for the people in the back they are able to
see perfectly but actually it was nicer when you can just able to to just turn
it a little bit to the driver or turn it out or the way you want it up and down
that would be awesome if Tesla can do something like that I support their that
that was the thing I wish I can change other than that I don’t have any problem
I just I wish it was a little bit toward other than that it’s just fine now
talking a little bit of this part right here because I was thinking will be a
problem when you have your hands right here and you’re driving and you see it’s
just directly in your driving eyes side there all that information about the car
the speed limit and while you’re driving you see all the information about the
car and you see all that kind of lanes and stuff like that so I was thinking it
will be a problem but it’s not a problem at all so you can hold your hand a
little bit downward here you have a great grip on your steering wheel back
here so you don’t have to have it just like that
you can have it a little bit down and you you have a great great visibility
also you can adjust the seats the way you want it from here
you have electric adjustable seats so you can adjust it the way you want it
actually talking about the seat you can also save your
easy entry it’s it’s the name easy entry it’s for example when you go inside the
car let me show you so for example right now you you put it a little bit in the
back and then and then down for example just like that then you can save this
position for example yes save it and now when you go out of the car the seat will
go out automatic in the back and then you can go out from the car much more
easier and if you go back and you go to normal
Adrian driving position you will see in a moment that the seat it will go in the
normal position let me let me show you that let me show you for example you can
see right now the city go in the driving position and then when you go out of the
car open the door the seat will go in the back position so anyway is the
entering this is a cool stuff that you have on the Tesla Model 3 not on all the
model free just on the long range and long range this one performance so on
the normal one standard and standard plus I don’t think you have this premium
electric seats so just as you know as an information now let’s start from here
you have the bluetooth here information about your phone for example you can
connect your phone and you can entry in the car and outside the car without any
keys or any cards that you have on the car up here we have the internet right
now we have on the LTA from Tesla this is the internet from Tesla it’s work
super super fast and super nice also you can go to the wireless as you can see
here you have all the wireless connection in the area right here so you
can connect the car to the wireless here you have the Sentry mode you can
activate it and desactivate the Sentry mode the car can film around the car so
you have camera up here camera down there on the side and you
have another camera in the back and then the car can can can actually record
everything what’s happened around the car if the car feel something is around
the car even even if it’s 10 meter away or maybe more for example if someone
walk on this street on the other side of the of the street this car this model
free will actually record it and you can see on your stick home you can see who
was around the car I will show you a little bit in the video I will add some
images and you can see how cool this is because you can you can see if someone
scratch your car and if some accident is happening or someone want to stole your
car you can see it on the cameras and yeah this is pretty awesome to have all
that information or you can activate it you can dis activate it the way you
wanna have it so that’s pretty interesting so pretty cool anyway now
let’s go towards here if you push the Tesla then you have all the information
about the car long range and all that stuff information and then up here you
have some some interesting playing stuff that you can play with them I don’t want
to go into detail rainbow they will make some playing game here I think this is
much more for kids and stuff a cool thing that I like it it’s this fireplace
here if you press it the fireplace you can here
you can hear the noise of this fire and you can feel the air the hot air come
inside and I think in the night it’s it’s quite awesome to have this to
relaxing while you’re waiting for someone you can relax and go back your
seats and you can watch on this beautiful windows up there so this is a
cool feature if you press it one time the music will play but I don’t wanna
play the music because after that I will have the copyright so no music but it
has so beautiful music in the same time and also the seats it’s get a little bit
hotter and it’s get hot inside the car so this is quite awesome feature and the
other features are think you already know it some playing stuff and you have
even the console here that you can play games inside the Tesla you can play
chess and you have some games here I don’t want to go into detail all that
here are games if you’re waiting for someone you can play all these games I
think the best game in this car it’s the first one it’s racing with cars and you
have kind of Tesla cars and racing there or something like that
it’s quite interesting to play with someone in the car you can play a double
and yeah it’s quite cool also I don’t want to go into detail with this kind of
stuff you have the temperature you have the time you can lock and unlock the car
from here and then you have this beautiful big navigation right here that
you can change the settings from here you can change the way you wanna see the
stuff or the positioning so anyway other than that you can even make it bigger
like that so you can see all the superchargers in all Europe and all that
information so that’s kind of cool to be able to see all the information you can
also see it like that like like a satellite like Google map because
they go they collaborate with Google Tesla and they are able to use this
Google map and all the traffic information and all that stuff and you
can see here the superchargers for example here you can press the
supercharger and you can see how much time you need until you go there you can
see the price of the supercharger right there how much it will cost you if you
want to charge it there how much you will pay if you stay after your full
charge there after you see how many stalls are available and with with the
speed 150 kilowatts this is pretty awesome and also if you want to go for
example in Germany you can see the price if you want to go in Zagreb Croatia you
can see the price there in creation price I don’t know how much is that but
yeah anyway you can go to Slovenia you can see the price in Europe here it’s a
little bit cheaper than in Germany you can go to Austria and you can see the
price also a little bit cheaper than in Germany which other country Italy I’m
curious in Italy in Italy what you what is the price in Italy
no I don’t know why they not write the price here in Italy I’m quite quite
interesting why not why is not the price or maybe in France the price you can see
2400 in France it’s really cheaper the supercharger in France is cheap super
cool I like that and also in Spain it’s much more expensive but Germany it’s
quite expensive Budapest Hungary how much it’s in Hungary they don’t want to
say anyway when you have all kind of information there you go to navigate
here you can choice your route you know your stuff and then it’s work the same
as on the Google map so it’s it’s kind of the same here you have all the
information about the road for example the speed limit you have here the
battery charging state then you can open the frong from here
you can open the trunk you can open the charge port yeah my my my windows are
foggy so you cannot see it but you can also open it and close it just for with
this button here then here you can see for example the state of of the car in
park and neutral you can change it from here reverse and drive you can go up and
down it’s pretty simple from here nothing complicated here are the the
wipers it’s quite simple to use it from here they are off right now then you
have information about the car then you have the consumption for most of you
that are interested in consumption you can see how much I Drive on till now
those are my driving from when I take the car
I have 1048 kilo meter on the car right now and the consumption total
consumption out of highway and normal city driving and also all kind of mixing
driving I have 153 but our third kilometers so
it’s quite a great great consumption you know I opinion very good consumption and
also I have the winter tires on the Bridgestone blizik I have it and they
are great and also I Drive I think half of this kilometer with summer tire so
half winter half summer I think it’s a great consumption those Bridgestone
blizik for winter are really great tires and the consumption it’s also good
anyway now now that you see the consumption here you have all kind of
information about the charging title state of charging and information about
all that stuff then you have here the camera on the back camera I can see
while you’re driving and then you have the microphone here that you can talk
with the car say something that you want to do and he will do it for you
then down here you have the music I don’t want to hear the music right now
but I’m just want to show you that you are able to change the songs and you can
go to Spotify and you can change all kind of song and you can new release you
can search so here so it’s it’s work super nice I love this I have to tell
you I really really love this this option to go to be able to go in Spotify
and listen music I never hear radio in this car all the time on the Spotify
it’s awesome awesome and you have all the songs right here so it’s quite cool
then you have the radio if you want to go to radio you have the phone here
tuned in you have settings here on the sound so you can you are able to adjust
the sound the way you want it right now I will leave it in the middle
it’s quite also quite nice and then here immersive sound so you
have all kind of options on the sound right here any music here you can search
for any kind of music you want so it’s quite easy to search and it’s work
really fast with this internet connection on the long range car so you
have the internet connection it’s a little bit better on the long range
model free there’s no model fee long range and tesla model free long range
performance but on the standard range the cheaper version you will have the
internet connection a little bit a little bit not so good you know and then
also you are not able to see the google map like that so you will have you are
able to see it just like that so you will see the map just like this in this
way so you are not able to see all that satellite stuff but anyway I use it
always like that because it’s easier to see it and I like it much
better like that the mappers Oh will be not a big convenient for most of the
people I think now going forward down here you have the heating seat here you
can hit your seat you have free position also here for the passengers then you
have the vans for the windows so you can start it push it twice here and then you
can see it’s defrosting the the windshield the wind the windows are very
very easy so that that’s kind of cool to be able to do it’s really fast and when
you wanna stop it order you push it here and then you stop
it from here or you just hold it hold it like that and now it’s stopped and this
is the first thing so this button here you will the first the the mirrors and
also the back of the the windows you can see the back of the windows right there
it will defrost it so it’s quite awesome the volume is right here you can also
use it as as you touch it so it’s quite awesome here you have the traffic
information right here on the map and then the charging port so you will see
all the charging ports around you when you push this button so it’s quite
useful anyway now the vents are super awesome as well I think you already see
it in other cars for example let me close this automatic let me close the
air if you choice all three like that you can also adjust the vents the way
you want it from the from the with just with your fingers just like
that look how cool it is and also for the passenger so it’s a really awesome
feature that you are able to do here let me close it and let me go here here you
have to all all the seats are heated in this car if you have if you have this
option this this let me close a little bit and I will explain you so if you
have the Tesla Model 3 long range or long range performance you are able to
hit all the five seats even in the middle there but if you have the
standard range the normal cheaper one you were able to hit only the front
seats so it’s quite cool if you have kids you can take the long range or long
range performance so it’s great in the winter that you can hit the back of the
seat now here the last thing that I want to show you it’s right here you can open
this menu right here where you have the charging port here you can set a limit
here the way one a charge and how much you want to charge the car then you go
to calendar I have a calendar you can synchronize with your phone or whatever
I’m not going to use this the energy flow here you can see the energy and the
consumption and how much you can still drive with with how many battery I have
the last 10 kilometer or last 25 or list the last 50 kilometer instant range you
can see also the instant range right now and you can see the average range right
here so yeah that’s quite cool the trip start the trip you can start the trip
right now and then you can see all the prediction and all that cold stuff right
here so energy website that that’s also cool because you can go to web and you
can you can check the internet for example you can go to any website you
want right here and you can see all that information you can also check the
internet speed for example let’s check the
internet speed from Tesla how fast it is I will go I will press cone and then
just wait to see how fast it is so well the ping is pretty good
37 it’s super good not bad for the ping and then we have a download speed of 24
mega wow this is some times faster than the wireless this is quite cool very
good download 24 megabytes download Wow and upload Wow 12 around 12
wow I didn’t expect this lot to have such a good connection to the Internet
through the LTE so it’s quite quite great great connection Tesla great job I
like that really awesome and anyway you can go to whatever website you want for
example go to the real Madrid or something like that real Madrid and then enter and then it
will go to Google and then he will show you all the websites right here and you
can see this course for example layer on Madrid the last match and stuff like
that so you can connect to the internet very easy usually you are not able to
see the videos here for example if you go to youtube you are not able to see
the videos right here but if you are if you have the last it’s update from Tesla
you have this option to to see the YouTube because it’s like an application
inside here so camera you already see it the phone calls here you can you can
phone calls anyone you want everyone you want here is already see it then you
have our code here the games you already see it as as we go now going here on the
car those are the most important settings right
you press this and you have the quick controls you have the lights here the
way you want to adjust it then you have the mirrors you can adjust the mirrors
you press the mirrors left mirror and then from here from this wheel you can
adjust the mirror the way you want it so right now it’s a little bit of foggy and
then you go to the right mirror and you adjust it the same you go to the
steering wheel right here press the steering wheel and then from here or
live you can adjust it the way you want it so this is quite cool to be able to
adjust it just like that and then you can fold the mirrors you have the
windows lock for the people in the back for the kids that the kids don’t play
with the windows in the back and then you have the brightness of the screen
from here you want it so this is the first option then you go to the light
you have the lights there you have to dome lights on in the interior of the
car so it’s kind of yeah ambient lights here so you have all kinds of
information about the lights the auto high beam and leave it on you have the
headlight after exit the car and then you have steering wheel lights because
this thing will have little lights here for little lights not big deal not
nothing fancy or something like that you have the lock information here with your
with your phone connectivity and then you have the window lock and you have
the child lock so you lock the car so you cannot go out if you go inside you
cannot go out because the kids can go out and open the door and they can hit
another car or they can other car can hit the door unlock on Park so you
unlock the car and park you have some information lock confirmation song for
example when you go outside the car and you walk 5 meter 10 meter the car will
look and then it will make a sound if you want to make that sound or not walk
away door lock we will tour talking display here you can see the night
would the day mode you can see in the night the screen look like that it’s
better for your eyes and then you have the brightness here you have the screen
clean mode you push it and now you can clean the screen and then hold to exit
for a little bit I think just like that hold a little bit and then it’s exit
screen language you can change the language you can change all the
information 12-hour 24 hours then you can go to energy mode the distance so
you want to see the energy here up there or you see the distance how much you can
still driving with the car then you have the kilometer or miles the way you want
to see it in miles or kilometers the temperature in Fahrenheit you can see up
there or you can see in Celsius then the PCI those are for the car I cannot show
you because the car is staying but you can choice PCI or bar the way wanna see
it driving mode this is the coolest stuff here you can drive in chill mode
or you can drive in standard standard mode it’s kind of a sport mode of
driving because the chill mode the car drive a little bit slowly and accelerate
slowly and this is cool for the consumption of the car the energy
consumption it’s it’s much more or less and I like in the chill mode standard
when you push the accelerator car will blow away it’s it’s really fast
also the sting mode you have standard sport comfort in the comfort mode the
steering wheel it’s really soft and you have so easy to turn the car I don’t
like it so soft I like it on the standard it’s kind of in the middle if
you choice the sport mode the steering wheel will be heavy you know like a
sport cars and stuff like it’s the people to know that I don’t go into
detail and then regenerate regenerate on standard it’s the car when you take off
the accelerator pedal the car will Oh brake and a
accelerate and regenerate more energy in the battery but the car will stop faster
if you go too low then the regenerate it’s lower and the car will slowly stop
and regenerate a little bit less battery and I like it to leave it on the low I
don’t like to regenerate to be so strong I like to regenerate me slowly because
you can anticipate the car in the front when it stopped and you can take the
foot on the accelerator and it will regenerate slowly and I like that
standard you can leave it in the winter because when it snow on the street on
the road it’s snow or on the road it’s ice it’s better on standart because the
car it’s like a engine brake you know on a normal car
it’s engine brake and then the regenerator will stop slowly and you
don’t you have not slippering you know you’re not sleeping so in the winter I
will recommend you chill mode standard mode and also stand out here on the
regenerate but right now I’ll leave it like that the creep mode it’s when
you’re the car when you take the accelerator foot the car will go front
slowly but I don’t like that I like to leave it off because I want when you
brake the auto hold will open here and then the car will stay automatic in the
same place I don’t want take the accelerator foot
and the car will drive automatic so creep mode for me it’s off now going
forward autopilot information this car right here
doesn’t have the full autonomous autopilot so this car cannot drive
selber himself you have to pay like six thousand dollars to have this option but
I tell you guys you don’t even need it this is my opinion because this car
right now you cannot put on the GPS an address and
then you press Start and then this car will drive all over the little street
with the little dangers and kids and dogs and all that stuff and 30 speed 50
70 or 130 and stuff like this cannot do that but this what can do here you can
auto steer I will make another video with all that information about
autopilot so I’m gonna stick to the the option right now but the car can auto
steer can brake can accelerate can keep the distance from the front car like an
out adaptive cruise control can it has a lot of options let me show you here so
although you can choice the distance within you and front car where you want
the the car to keep the distance then speed limit warning display or charm I’m
not sure what is chime if you know what is chime please tell me guys I’m really
curious now the speed limit your aunt relative relative for example yeah maybe
plus free or minus free relative there the speed will be relative or you want
absolute for example its speed limit 50 then the car will drive 50 it’s 80 the
car will go 80 so I’ll leave it on relative there was working fine for me
until now then the forward collision warning so you have a forward collision
warning and you can change where you want of late medium or early when you
want the car to warn you about that lane the portal assistant so right here
you can also read it the car can help you keep keep the car in the lanes
wherever you you’re not blinking and the car will go outside the lane and the car
will keep you in the lane this is super awesome I I leave it on assist because
not warning warning it’s just warn you but assist it will help you and it will
keep the car in the land we do not pay attention this is very
very good safety safety system I love it then emergency lane the / – avoidance
this will help you not go away from the lane a kind of the same thing as up
there blind spot collision warning chime then this here when enabled you will
hear a chime when a potential collision is detected while you are leaving the
lane so I think you hear sound when you see some people on the left there an
automatic emergency brake for example when a car in front of you break and you
didn’t see it you didn’t have time to brake then the car will break automatic
for you and help you then obstacle where acceleration so it’s also really
interesting so obstacle rail acceleration automatic limits your
acceleration if an obstacle is detected in front of your vehicle while driving
it at low speeds so I leave this on because I like to have all the safety on
the car navigation you already see it but you have some information here the
sound how loud you want to be the sound the trip planner here with superchargers
and all that stuff online routing so for example is generate optimal routes and
take real-time traffic condition into account while navigating so you have
internet you have the traffic information life online so it’s cool
also avoid various evolved tools this is a great option like all the car half so
here what you can do here it’s pretty awesome again power of the car from here
just press it here and then power off and then the car will power off manually
this is also cool the speed limit mode so you can set a speed limit so the car
cannot go faster than yeah I have to put the code but I don’t know you can put
the speed limit and the car cannot go faster then
the speed you you put here this is also very cool because sometimes the car goes
so fast you don’t even see you don’t even feel how fast it is and it’s
dangerous for you and for passengers and for other traffic participant and maybe
I will do this I will enable this son sentry mode here it’s also cool you can
activate it you can see it’s active right now and it’s film it’s filming
around the car I already tell you before you can exclude home exclude work
exclude favorite the way you wanna leave it so this is also cool here you have
the airbag for the passenger and here you have pork assist chime security
alarm tilt and intrusion and pin drive so when someone entering in the car you
have all the alarm the car will blinking the car will sound and the alarm and
then when someone go inside as well and all that stuff you also have the pin to
drive so you cannot drive this car even if you take my phone right now even if
you do something that you go inside the car you cannot drive this car even if
you have the key of my car if you even if you have the the phone of my car you
will have to put a pin first time and then you will help otherwise you cannot
drive the car so this is a cool feature safety feature so even if I give you the
key if you don’t have the pin you cannot move the car from here so although
mobile access a lock key driving this is some option security option that you can
leave it on and then having overheat protection this will protect your car
for example when the cabin inside in the summer go over 40 degrees then the air
conditioning the climatic system will on automatically so this is if you are
agree to share all the information from your car with Tesla so if they ask you
here do you agree to all of us to collect this data you can change your
mind later at any time so it’s good to leave it like that it’s
good to leave it on yes because this will help your hardware and your
software and they will help Tesla to make the safety of the car better in
future and you can help the car to drive in the future automatic so that’s that’s
something that you can do it then wiper service you can press it here the wipe
will go up you can you can change it adjust headlight towing here you can go
to towing when someone tow your car reset the sensors the pressure sensors
from the tires and reset to factory all the car will reset to the factory and
owner manual you have the manual here of the car this is super awesome much
better than in the other cars because you have all the manual settings right
here driving for example you go to the for example you want information about
the lights and you have all the manual here you can read the menu right here in
the car how cool is that how cool is to go directly from the car
and to see all the information about the lights this is the manual you have
manual right here in whatever language you want so you can change the language
from here how cool is that it’s quite awesome I like that and then the
software here is the lastest software that I have it on my car
it’s kind of old software right now the new one it’s v10 the car have all kind
of features and also you can leave it here on standard or advanced if you want
to receive the latest updates faster you can go on advanced and then the car will
automatic update to the last software the the problem with my car is that I
have the vv9 because it has an error and I made I made with service center
their main schedule and then I will go there to the service center to to update
the software and manually so yeah sometimes it’s happened
when you have the less this hardware free so yeah and then I will have the
lastest software and then the car will have a few new features here and there
and that’s that’s quite awesome anyway that was that was all for all
information about the screen in my opinion it’s pretty awesome I like it I
don’t have many complaints just a position I wish it was towards me a
little bit other than that it’s perfectly fine have great visibility you
don’t have any any problem with the screen so guys that was my review that
was my review with the screen in Tesla Model 3 I hope you enjoy it I hope you
get all the information that you want from it
and if you liked it please subscribe to my channel please like it share it and
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soon another videos with other great information about the car so stay tuned
and see you there guys bye you

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