Tesla Model S 90D: Rated Range Degradation 61000 Miles 128 Weeks Ownership W/Chart

this is the 61 thousand mile range
update outside temperature is a balmy and humid eighty-three degrees
Fahrenheit and we have supercharged to 265 rated miles yes it when I think it
went down another mile either way we are now at
the range of at least a 85 kilowatt hour battery back it’s not something to be
laughing about so let’s move on to test the spy disregard the lifetime mileage
because that is that takes quite a while to update and I didn’t leave me out
running long enough for that but we have Peck car things packed capacity is 76
0.4 kilowatt hour although it thinks it charged at 270 6.8 and considering how
warm and hot it is outside these are pretty much somewhat ideal conditions
for getting the most power into the pack and yes Ben Ben okay and let’s take a
look let’s take a look down here oh yeah lifetime discharge twenty seven point
five nine five megawatt lifetime charge twenty nine point seven eight seven
megawatt we did charge to one hundred percent according to the BMS a cease
running and it does not appear to be can’t tell if it was drawing that from
know it was drawing it from the battery pack and not the supercharger even
though we’re still plugged in so with the AC off and holy prep is getting warm
in here quick we have a about a 10 millivolt balance
now it’s 9:00 and kind of equalizing out a little better looks on the graph worse
than it is and right now current temperatures are a hundred and seven
degrees Fahrenheit as a high and a hundred and four point seven as a low
and for the few seconds I ran this before we went inside that was at over a
hundred and fourteen with the AC cooling the battery pack at
full blast and that is it for this range update adios

5 thoughts on “Tesla Model S 90D: Rated Range Degradation 61000 Miles 128 Weeks Ownership W/Chart

  1. Are there any tests you can do while using TM Spy that will help you detect if one brick is the problem? It would seem like you can check voltsag during some maximum acceleration 0-60 runs and see what the difference in sag is between brick, and also try to drain the battery as quickly as possible and see if those same sagging bricks also show lower voltage after a discharge.

    At what % degradation will you ask Tesla to replace the battery under warranty? When your 90D becomes a 75D?

  2. I have a hard time staying interested in your Battery diagnostics.
    What ever happened to the old K-man?
    Time to reinvent……New blood is coming in, not all good.

  3. Is the spreadsheet you show in toward the end of the video available for view? I would like to see the charge level curve as the mileage increases. Thanks for doing this data gathering.

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