Tesla Model S P85+ Testdrive & Acceleration Test 0-100 km/h

Hello Motor-Talk.de community, I’m back again
with a short video I’m going to drive with my very own electric
car to Tesla
The previous story was that I actually had ordered a Tesla
Model S among the first european customers when their
european distribution center wasn’t even operational in the netherlands
That was as well one of the reason why I later cancelled this order
because my experience at the very beginning wasn’t that good in terms of customer experience
Well, finally all turned out better and the pampering from their european HQ is
a lot better and even today I got invited because they
are in town with some test driving in Toulouse and next
week in Bordeaux with some of their Model S
And on top I may bring up to three friends with me
OK then, let’s see how it drives and how the overall impression is in terms of handling
– I’m very keen on it There is a system like this to recharge, an
adater to three phases 230V So, here it is: the 17-inch-touchscreen
a truly unique technical thingy a gem in the market of high-priced cars
The silence of pure function Very impressive!
I’m very impressed, because there is not even a single
noise from the vacuum pump like in the C-Zero Oh, the kids – they forgot to put the belts!
You’ll have to remove that reminder Here we have the two only buttons
The warning lights and the opener for the glovebox
I really like when the dashboard is clean like that
OK, we come to a full stop the wheels straight, hand on the steering
wheel and we hit the accelerator really hitting it hard, without remorse
OK, 100! An electric car also makes fun!
He says it with a smile It’s the typical Tesla smile!
The turning lights only appear when you actually use them
It’s very cleaned up in the dashboard – I really like this concept
We’re right now in the standard recuperation mode?
It’s very comfortable although On this car you have 600Nm of torque
And you feel it! And the most impressive is the acceleration
like with the Roadster an acceleration without interruption like
being torn with a rubber band I’ll demonstrate you the hifi system – we
actually produce our own system And to stop, you simply press on the gear
lever here And it’s done
Almost like a Porsche Even a bit more, 110 liter more space than
a Porsche in front! ?!?
Don’t film, please – it’s not cool! The Tesla Model S in brief
as Performance Plus 85kWh impressed me even more than the Tesla Roadster
which is acutally not a very big surprise because technically it’s the newer car
acceleration 4,2 seconds from 0 – 100 km/h in the P85+ Model S
You really think because of the huge kick without interruptions
that it rips your brains out The interior workmanship is very good
in terms of quality – quite astonishing after havin read some thing on the web
where some people raised concerns about a typical american car
being good only at the visible spots but terrible in details
this is absolutely not true – the carbon interior is well made
the buttons and switches are from good quality the whole interior, roof and seams of the
seats and dashboard leather were well-made Interestin as well the available stowing space
in the front and the rear in front the frunk which is extraordinarily
deep, similar to the maximum stowage space of a Porsche
and the rear trunk with the two improvised seats
Very interesting car and concept offering a lot of legroom in the second row
despite my size, my friend was comfortably seated behind my and he has about the same
size as me without bumping his knees A very fine car which actually demonstrates
what is possible today Good to see in reality where inside the Tesla
the involvement from Mercedes-Benz is visible like the switches behind the steering wheel
and the window controls taken from the Mercedes E-Class
The car is just fine, I mean really an awesome product
which you need to try out on your own but the way how Tesla is going from city to
city like a circus I’m torn apart, because even when I would
have the money in my pocket I think I wouldn’t be convinced to spend it
just after this test drive I was arriving to the place – a casino here
in Toulouse I went up with the elevator and asked the
staff at the counter for the Tesla test drive events
they were absolutely not aware and nowhere a single Tesla sign or small poster
upstairs in the hall there were just a Nissan Leaf EV from a local company installing recharge
stations “Yeah. I’ts supposed to be there!”
But there was nobody, not a single person dressed in red or hostesses (not that I really
care about them) You simply felt left alone
so I went to eat something and went down to the parking behind the casino somewhere
so I bumped into the two guys by accident afterwards when I tried to receive some additional
information they didn’t seem to be that interested I don’t know – maybe its different somewhere
else maybe these event are better organized in
Germany You simply do not feel pampered
but who knows, maybe its part of their program I’m a bit puzzled about this and wanted to
let you know So, finally
here in France the smallest Model S costs approximately
thanks to government subventions around 60-61.000 euros
and by this price tag you reach the same spheres where you’ll move to by thinking about an
E-Class Mercedes and you start thinking it over
to maybe get a Model S, adding 2.300 euros to have a lifetime long the Supercharger offered
and all costs from internet and additional stuff from the integrated tablet is included
as well Yeah, really to think about it
I really hope that everywhere in Europe the government support for electric cars will
be as intelligent as here in France So, let’s wait and see.

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  1. Oh, elceloco you made my day.

    How about YOU learning some other languages beforehand? There are already two possible language choices in this video and you don't even get a thing? Poor you, gladly I can help you to arrange language courses with your special needs teacher: The first language in this video is called "German" and is predominantly spoken in Germany and some parts of Austria. The other one is called "French" and is spoken in a funny country where even Mickey Mouse has built a park close to the capital named Paris, but the country is not called Hilton!

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