100 thoughts on “Testing if Sharks Can Smell a Drop of Blood

  1. What if u used u know that white sticky fluid with comes from a weird looking tube…. U know what i mean….


  2. So yeah, I’m starting another myth. Sharks cans feel your movement in the water from ten miles away

  3. Could have something to do with the sharks might be used to getting food from boats that go to that area and feed them

  4. Bruh i wanna go there so bad…the water looks so clear and it’s cute how the baby sharks swims with their parent 😭

  5. There’s nothing more terrifying than seeing a huge tiger shark right below you when you where just snorkeling with turtles 🙁

  6. wuuut thats so much blood you just took outta ur body and donated it to the sea (im sorry thats the only way i can describe that😂)

  7. I thought this was gonna be some type of annoying Jake Paul type vlog-stunt, but it turned out to be done nicely and interested me.

  8. I think that you might try seeing if they’re more responsive to movement then no movement. Maybe like adding a motor to a surfboard and no motor and a control much like the second experiment but have them at the same release speed like the first test. But overall super cool and an interesting video

  9. The way the sharks were congregating at the stern of the boat it seemed that they may have been preconditioned to go there. Maybe because of fishing excursions or shark tours that would throw fish guts or feed them off of the stern.

  10. Sharks : lets eat this guy
    Sharks : shut up they have a camera
    guy : hey sharks
    Sharks : hahahey we love humans but drop your camera to get big welcome 🙂

  11. Have you considered the possibility that they might have habituated to the blood and started associating it with a non-prey object (the board)?

  12. They don’t realize that they were the variable, the sharks were gathered around the boat because the sharks know that the boat throws chum into the water.

  13. Maybe they didn't go for the human blood because the smell of the cow blood was already in the water?? It could have also been because they went for eh cow blood and there was nothing there so they might not have bothered? Idk how smart sharks are so my last statement could be wrong but just a thought i guess.

  14. I wonder if the boat had a factor in the isolation of the scent tho. The vibrations and physical size of the boat I think had a big part in the ignorance of the different fluids. Would love to see this same experiment done, but with the boat 2/300m away


  16. Is it just me or is the data a little skewed, since the boat itself seemed to attract much of the sharks’ attention? Wouldn’t the data be far more accurate if they did this experiment but watched from the air without a boat so there was no distraction? Yes I’m aware that would be very tough.

  17. as far as the literature about sharks i've read told me, sharks seem to be very picky in choosing their food and human seems to be too low fat for sharks. They go much more for fish. and since a shark is a fish too, wounded, bleeding sharks seem to have real problems with their mates. That shown in a documentary (and i'm not talking about the "documentary" by pixar) they are totaly capable of cannibalism (maybe pixar isn't that wrong after all on this one), but very unlikely too taste human meat. This would explain why annually only around 5 people die by shark bites worldwide. many more humans survive when beeing accidentaly bitten by a shark. Considered that sharks are some of the best swimmers on the planet many times faster and quicker than a human moving through water, it's totaly up to the shark whether he would or would not eat a human now and then and human and shark meet quite often. if sharks could not distinguish that well, this video would have cost more than 4 small voluntary bags of human blood.

  18. the human blood didn't work maybe because you guys tricked them with the cow's blood which they thought was food lol i'm not so sure but that's what i thought

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