Testing Russian Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

What’s up everybody Welcome back to my laboratory, where safety is number one priority. Today I got something epic! Russian MRE taste test! This is what we going to do I did the U.S. military MRE, this one is Russian! Индивидуальный Рацион Питания (И. Р. П) /Individual’nyy Ratsion Pitaniya (I. R. P)/ Individual Ration Feeding (I.R.F.) Pretty much translated as Ready-To-Eat meal. Last time I did with American MRE, everybody loved that video, it got over 2 millon views. So this one, I think you guys gonna enjoy this well So let check this out! Looks like we need a knife to open this up. *He cuts open the box* Boom! Ok, let’s pull all this stuff out. *pulls the food out* *tries to rip packaging* Well I’d say pretty good packaging because not really easily to break it apart. So you need a knife to open it or *top breaks off easily* you can go from the top right here. I guess I should’ve opened it this way and looks like there is a ziplock bag on this side. So yeah should’ve opened it from this side. *opens it even more* And looks like there’s a ziplock bag *tears the top plastic off* so I can open it and put it all back in if I don’t want to eat it all the way, some like that. Expiration date is 31st of 1, 2018 so looks like about 2 years that it stays good, not too bad. (but the year is 2016) Let’s open it up WOW!! Look at this, this is all Russian. Awesome! Or should I say класна /klasna/ (Cool!!). So let’s see what is this? This is салфетка /salfetka/, bunch of napkins pretty much What else we got over here? This is some kind of anti-bacterial tablets, I’m not sure how to use it. This is like Christmas! This is salt, or you can say соль /sol’/, сахар белый /sakhar belyy/, white sugar. This is like probably, will last you all day you’re not supposed to eat it all at once. This is looks like dry fuel if you need to start a fire. This is pepper or перец /perets/. 3 spoons! Why are there 3 spoons?! -*begins to speak faster* I guess this is like for 3 people, oh well. Ok, what else? Look at! There’s matches. This is interesting matches, this is looks like… Uh… storm proof matches. We’re gonna test them out. This is awesome! Looks like we got here 5 matches. I LIKE THAT! We got here кофе /kofe/ (coffee) Awesome! Фруктовая палочка /fruktovaya palochka/. This is like fruit stick… this is what they call it, that’s funny. Looks like bunch of crackers, I believe this is going to be sweet crackers, maybe not. We’re going to test it out in a minute. 3 packs of crackers, this is interesting. паштет нежный /pashtet nezhnyy/ (soft pate) I love паштет /pashtet/ (pate) but russian names are so funny. Why they… why would they call it нежный /nezhnyy/ (soft) it’s like… softy. I don’t understand. Why they call it like that, it’s kind of funny. сыр плавленый /syr plavlenyy/, so this is going to be melted cheese. What else we got over here? икра из кабачков /ikra iz kabachkov/ (pumpkin caviar). I don’t even know how to translate it to english, (it just got translated 😉 ) I guess it’s like… some kind of… vegetable salad, I don’t know how to translate it to english. Ohhhh! повидла /povidla/ (but it says повидло /povidlo/), jam, I’m excited for that! Some russian повидла /povidla/. Russian jam. каша гречневая /kasha grechnevaya/, so this is grits. (Translated as buckwheat porridge) Let’s see what else we got here. meat loaf, or whatever you would call it. And we got here картофель /kartofel’/, potatoes. Pretty awesome, I like it! We’re gonna open it up and try everything. There is some napkins with the star. Pretty cool. We got here чай /chay/ or tea. Let’s open everything up and eat it up. You have to use fire or dry fuel to heat up some water to make tea or coffee. And use some sugar or if you want to heat up some of this you still have to use fire. *changes camera angle* So we’re going to grab one piece of dry fuel Just like this Oh looks like it comes with the special metal thing already This is cool So I guess, you could just fold this piece just like that… *begins folding it* And this is supposed to be legs or something? That’s kinda cool And that way you can sit it down Boom. Let’s see… *Sets cup down* Oh, that’s cool Let’s try it out, see if it’s actually going to work. If not, we will use this. Make sure you get plenty of ventilation where you’re doing it. Okay, we’re going to put dry fuel in there. Then we’re gonna grab our five matches right here – I better start a fire with these matches. Here we go! Open it up… Wow, this is a big match thing. Strike it… Oh yeah, that’s definitely a really good match. *fire grows larger* Be careful with the wind, it might blow it off. (how can there be wind inside?) So you wanna cover it somewhere so you don’t have any wind. We’re gonna let it burning, but while it’s burning slowly, we’re gonna fill it up this… this thing halfway with water. I’m just going use cover that way it will boil faster. Let’s see when we set it it’s going to stay steady and it’s not going to put off the fire. No, it’s burning!- *quick transition* Awesome! So, so far it’s success as you can see, it’s burning. Ok, while we are boiling water *Camera Angle moves* why don’t we open some of this. First off, let’s opening up a napkins and see what it looks like. Is it wet napkin? I don’t know; lets find out. Oh yeah, it’s just some wet napkins. So, we’re going to wash our hands with the nap… wet napkins. Oh, wow that’s really good quality napkins! Before i’m going to eat, i’m just going to wash my hands With uh.. the wet towel, I would call it. this is nice It’s good- Awesome! and you get quite a few of them That’s awesome Ok, first let’s open, говядина тушеная /govyadina tushenaya/, (beef stew) it’s just like, meat I guess. (Beef stew) uh… I think it’s a cow. not sure how to exactly translate it. I forgot. wow, beautiful! looks like it’s best to heat it up. this is metal, so I think I can just keep the cover on. and I will pre-heat it before I eat it. What else we’ve got? каша гречневая /kasha grechnevaya/ (Grits) I don’t think… I don’t think you will have to pre-heat the… uh… what ever this is call- Grits! I guess I could all preheat it in one plate But this is cool, we are about to eat that What else we’ve got here? икра из кабачков /ikra iz kabachkov/ Like a little salad i guess. Yeah, this is supposed to be really, really tasty but I love that kind of stuff, I used to eat it A LOT! And we got here, potatoes. lets open this up My fingers are all… slimy now. Or whatever you call it Slippery Nice! Looks like it has some meat in this potatoes. Beautiful Let’s see what else we got here. паштет /pashtet/ love паштет /pashtet/ Oh yeah… Love that kind of stuff, I’m supposed to eat that with crackers. And we got here, cheese. melted cheese- *quick transition* Let’s open this up Oh man, that’s a lot of cheese This right here is going to be sweet, so it will be kind of our dessert This right here is gonna be our appetizer.. And this three is going to be our main meal.. Ok, it’s still burning I don’t know if you can see.. But it’s still burning Let’s open this up Yeah, I can see the steam coming out. Yup, it’s heating up. for sure You know what, I have no doubt that it can boil water on it, but I just don’t want to wait for too long so it boils right there. So I’m going to lie these two in this metal… stove. It’s hot but it’s not going over here But as you can see Wow this is actually cool I’m glad I did that because look at this little stove, that dry fuel burning very, very well as you can see. and look at this tiny collapsable stove I like that a lot.- *quick transition* but I just think with two pieces it will boil a lot faster wow! couple minutes and as you can hear, it’s starting to boil already Let’s open yeah, thats it! just gonna set it aside whoa, that’s hot let’s get some… чай /chay/ just like any other ones, and stick ’em in there wow, awesome As you can see it looks like (?) tea to make it stronger, I might put 2 teabags at once, awesome, just going to cover it to keep it… keep it hot. Ok, while this is burning I’m just going to put this right on top on that stuff *places food on top of the stove* and I’m going to heat it up really really fast and this container, everything is metal, so it shouldn’t mess up everything. OH YEAH, it heats up pretty good. I could take it off now, probably I could use gloves or something *sizzle sounds* “OOOH!” yeah, it’s really hot now. I’m ready to eat this, that’s for sure same thing with potatoes I think I’m gonna heat them up as well a little bit. this is actually pretty easy to heat it up I ex… I expected for it to heat up, much, much longer if you doubt. whoa this is insane, let me get a spoon to mix it a little woah, it’s spitting out. *sizzling sound* got to mix it so it doesn’t burn I think it’s hot enough, I’m not gonna make it super hot let’s take it off and каша /kasha/, last thing that I’m going to heat up I’m not going to heat it too much, just a little *more sizzling noises* I probably have to mix it, so it doesn’t burn *Mixing noises* Awesome, that looks delicious! Can’t wait to eat it! Ok, let’s start to eat stuff We’ve got here, crackers I wonder if they taste sweet, or just salted. *He takes a bite* Honestly, it’s not sweet or salted, it’s just plain crackers. Let’s put on it, a little паштет /pashtet/. I haven’t had a паштет /pashtet/ in so long… *He takes a bite* *mmmmm* Wow, tastes like childhood, I love it. I used to eat that kind of stuff all the time. So you put паштет /pashtet/, on a cracker like that. And it taste really good. So this is like little appetizer *He takes another bite* *mmm* We got here melted cheese, same thing. You can grab a cracker And just dip in it. Get out of here beef! Spread the cheese a little bit, Let’s try this out. *He takes a bite* WOW! Melted cheese tastes amazing too! *He takes another bite* *mmm* It tastes a little bit salty, I love it! I love it so much These crackers are amazing too. *Buzzing noises* *He takes another bite* *mmm* So good, now let’s try this thing. *He takes another bite* Oh yeah, this is my favorite as well I can eat this all day! For the rest of my life *He takes another bite* So Good! Appetizer’s is pretty awesome, let’s get to the main meal. тушеная /tushenaya/, (Ham) Ah, man spilled some! Ok, let’s try this This is meat. *He eats some* *mmm* Wow, it’s so good *he eats more* *mmm* *cough* I LOVE RUSSIAN FOOD! *He eats more* Wow Here we got каша /kasha/, or Grits. let’s try some *He eats it* oh yeah You know what. We can even put this good stuff. Right in the каша /kasha/, and make it taste even better. *He eats more* YEP That is what I was expecting. that’s how you make каша /kasha/ taste good. Don’t forget about napkins. Ok, next we got here potatoes. Let’s try this out potatoes *He eats the potatoes* *mmm* oh yeah it looks like fries, but it’s actually boiled potatoes. *He eats them again* So if you mash em’ up. Your gonna have em’ mashed potatoes and they’re with meat. *He eats more* And you know Warming it up on the dry fuel, Should’ve worked a little well. because, it’s really warm still. this stuff is really good, I love it! Same thing, we’re going to use jam with the crackers with the jam. *He opens the packet* We’re just gonna open a slice Put that jam on here, OH YEAH, this is a good type of jam for sure! AH! The cookie broke! Ok, here is the cracker with the jam. *he takes a bite* *mmm* OH MY GOD That jam is amazing! *mmmm* There’s my tea I’m going to pour it in the smaller one. *He pour the tea in another pot* I’m gonna cool it off a little bit. Lets try out this Russian tea. *He takes a sip* Oh yeah! Strong, I like it *takes another sip* I love the black tea, as you can see it’s really black tea, I love it! some more jam. *He takes a bite* *he takes a sip of tea* Wow, so good I love this tea, this is amazing. And the last one, fruit bar. *he takes a bite* That’s pretty good. *He takes a sip of tea* Not bad at all With the crackers it’s even better. I love a lot things about this so i’ll definitely give a thumbs up for this. I can eat this things for the rest of my life. and I’ll be happy Well guys, thank you for watching, please thumbs up this video if you like it, it helps a lot, and I’ll see you next time. WOW! Look at it eruption if I cover it.

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  1. At 11:30 he reminds me of Colonel Klink of Hogan's Heroes. I like this guy, but he is a slob. He should leave MREs to the pros; Steve1989MREInfo, et al, and stick with gadgets and such.

  2. I think this is meant for a whole day. Like Breakfast, Lunch, dinner and maybe a snack or two. It depends on how you decide to eat it.

  3. hes fully sweating like theres someone behind the camera telling him to give a positive review oh the russian MRE or he dies, hes physically shaking lol

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