Testing your Blood Glucose with the Keto-Mojo Meter

Mister Mojo here and we’re going go through blood glucose measurements. So, we’ll do a quick test
to see how we’re doing. I’ve already pre-cleaned my
hand with an alcohol swab, go like that, and now we’re going to do a quick measurement of our blood glucose. Now, ideally, on a blood
glucose measurement, we’re gonna be looking for something to be around about 83, that’s
absolutely perfect. And you want to basically
measure your blood glucose in the morning, about an
hour and a half after waking, because that adjusts
for the Dawn Phenomenon. When you wake up, there’s a cortisol spike, and that cortisol spike can
push up your blood glucose, so wait about an hour, hour and a half. We’re about mid-morning now
so it’ll be interesting to see how I am doing because I’ve
only had my coffee this morning with a little bit of
creamer that was in that. It’ll show CH for checking
and the blood droplet icon flashes, there we go, it’s ready to go. Now with my blood glucose, I’m looking for about, ideally, 83 is perfect. And I’ve got here a 91, so
I’m really happy with that because I know I’ve got
a five milligram variance on my reading here, so
that’s right in the zone. And it also gives me my hematocrit. We take the hematocrit
reading, and we cross match that with your blood sugar, so we can get the most accurate measurement possible. If you have just eaten, you might find that you’ll have about a 30
point spike and that’s okay. Ideally, most mornings, you
want to keep it nice and low, under 100 and we’re doing really good.

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