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Press the bell icon on YouTube and get immediate updates from Madras Meter *Horn sounds* You need to use your head a lot to talk to girls right? Talking to girls is an art, for which you need your heart. People say “Speak from your heart” not your “Brain” Don’t talk non-sense Dude, speak with your heart man! Hey, you’re the kind of guy who calls any girl his wife just because she says “hello” Be quiet!
[Together] Has she replied? I sent her a “Hiiiii”
She replied with a “hi” She’s used a smiley. She likes you, man! Just because she used a smiley, does that mean she likes you? Touch your heart and tell, don’t you find it ridiculous? “Hi” means something, “Hi hi hi” is something else,but “Hi ;)” That’s something totally different Dude, this is something irrelevant. Like how Radhika Apte is common all over Netflix, it’s just as common for a smiley to follow a “hi”. Fine, reply then. ‘Sup?
Expand it Wazzaaaap! No man, “What are you doing?” like that. What’s up? I don’t find it impressive Fine, reply fast! “Wassup?”, What did you send? Gone, you’re done for! Will she even reply to this? Even I don’t know. Did we do the wrong thing? Did you get the reply?
Mhmm, nope. Did it come?
NO MAN! Maybe she didn’t reply because we don’t know English? This is why you should follow proper syntax. If she’s only going to reply if we know English, we don’t need that kind of a girl in the first place. We’re in Tamil Nadu man, if we don’t speak it here then where else? Tamil isn’t just an emotion, it’s… NM. Wbu? What’s that? -NM?
-“Shut up” -Oh,then wbu?
-Ash!You spoke so much about grammar? NM, wbu means, Nothing much, what about you! Don’t know how to reply to this! -Think of something quick!
-How about we say “talking to you?” -Boring!
-Right, I’m thinking about you! -Whatsapp, facebook, OLX! She’ll block you everywhere! -Hmmm?
– Gone! you’re done for! No no, we can get this right! When someone says, “hmmm” it means they’re not interested right? Single forever bro! All my friends are going to tag me on all the “Forever single” memes! How about we text her back and see?
Dude, why are you so desperate? I knew it! Should not have joined mechanical engineering! I’m never going to find love! God never forsakens the good! She loves me! For better or for worse, open it after 5 seconds. Right! Only then she’ll think we’re busy! We’re not jobless are we?!
Nope *Counting down* Dude you didn’t mention “4” not fair! You mentioned “3” twice, that’s alright! You saw it already? I listen to my conscience not my brain! Oh! What has she replied?! -“So, what else?”
– What else? -“What else?” Haha, mentioning that you listen to your heart, seems pointless now. She’s interested too, Hey, even she’s as jobless as we are Why are you asking about the kinds of car she drives? Genius, I’m asking her about her horoscope! Right, so how do you say “Dhanusa Raasi” in English? For that it has to be the movie “Journey of a Fakir” Ram, look up!
spit on yourself! /you’re going to die a single man! Oh god why?!
Not even a single reply for a message. Hey that’s awesome!
Ask her “What plans?” – Ask her what she wants. If that works, you can mingle. You idiot! It’s not “Belated” it’s “Advanced” Close call, thank god she didn’t notice. Oh nice, what gift do you want?!What is she going to ask for? Wow, she’s fast. Right? Even I don’t get it. What do we do now?
How about “Excuse me?” or “Pardon me?” She’ll find you to be juvenile. She herself has taken the initiative. If we ask that now, won’t it be insulting? So how do I reply to this? I really don’t know now! Yeah sure, I’ll buy that for you. Haha, she meant parties man! Look at you jumping to conclusions. Gone, it’s all done for! We can’t even send a proper message. How many times have you seen those videos on Facebook “21 types of funny convos because of typos” Why didn’t you learn anything? Okay now chuck that! Isn’t there a new girl at our office from Coimbatore? The one whose number we got from our juniors. What’s her name?
You jumped to the next girl. Look at that poor conscience, weeping away! Bro, wanna drink? This is our new series called “Heart and Mind” Let us know what other conversations you want to hear from the heart and mind Mention it in the comments.
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  1. Wow unga team excellent performance good team ipdiya irunga innum neraiya videos podunga na ya frds a like panna soldren

  2. During semester exams…. Thrs lot of fghts btwn heart and mnd..
    padiklama.. Ila padam paaklama. @morning
    Padiklama thoongalama @ night
    Nalal concept bt ne yedukratha poruthathu… Ipo xams vera strt aagum yelrum itha than status a vaipanga… …..and during exam hall also… Bro.. Palaya video vey nangalum yethana naal status a podrathu ..?

  3. Hygiene Vs Junk Food

    By the way I like this video and the Mind – Character voice sema bro ๐Ÿ‘Œ like a hero's voice

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