The 10 Best Places To Live In Virginia

Centrally located in the Mid-Atlantic region
on the east coast of the United States, Virginia is an ideal spot to settle down. Boasting all four seasons and beautiful mountains
in the western part of Virginia, as well as miles of sandy ocean beaches to the east,
this state is beautiful year-round. With a bustling capital toward the south in
Richmond and Alexandria to the north, Virginia isn’t just for lovers, it’s for everyone. Here are the 10 best places to live in Virginia. 1. Arlington. Located on the border of Washington D.C, Home
to the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington is ranked among America’s best
cities thanks to amenities like a growing economy,
strong educational system and robust arts scene. The Potomac River is a high-profile attraction
within the city, and residents have several housing
options that include hundreds of historic homes. There are lots of trees despite the urban
atmosphere. The best thing which comes first about the
city Arlington is it is a very safe place to live. Great schools, safe neighborhoods, low crime
are all reasons to consider Arlington. 2. Ashburn. Ashburn is known to many sports fans as home
to the Washington NFL team’s headquarters and training facility – but residents appreciate
it for its community amenities, low crime, and strong economy. Ashburn is home to several science- and tech-centric
employers, including government contractor Telos, the George Washington University’s
Virginia Science and Technology Campus. All that keeps employment humming: Ashburn
is predicted to see almost 15% job growth between 2016 and 2021. At the center of town, the One Loudoun mixed-use
development hosts outdoor concerts, 5K races, a farmers’ markets, and other events. It’s also home to an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema,
which wins over serious movie buffs with food, drink, and special screenings. 3. Reston. Today, the thriving Washington DC, suburb
offers a woodsy atmosphere that includes expanses of parks, lakes, golf courses, and bridle
paths. Over 50 miles of pathways were designed to
weave in and around its communities to increase pedestrian safety,
and to ensure that most residents’ homes were no more than a half-mile walk to village
centers. Reston Town Center, the community hub, provides
an array of dining, entertainment, and shopping venues, along with headquarters for ComScore
and Rolls-Royce North America; the town is also the site of a Google office
and five of the largest venture capital firms in Virginia, as well as a Metro rail station
for Washington commuters. Those help keep the town’s unemployment
rate well below the national average. 4. Virginia Beach. This city, being encapsulated by both the
Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, is paradise to any water lover who wants to live in a
tranquil location. With the large tourist attraction, there are
many places to find jobs with diverse needs and requirements. Virginia Beach offers warm sand and cool sea
water to locals and visitors alike. Adventure overflows on the shores of Virginia
Beach. There is something for everyone from hang
gliding to kayaking the choppy waters. Neptune’s Park as serves as a backdrop to
many concerts that are traveling here, and are also held at the park. Virginia Beach is a great place to live with
a nice community and a decent economy. 5. Chesapeake. Chesapeake is a quiet, but lively town. It is a safe environment surrounded by very
kind and outgoing people. Chesapeake is an affordable location for families
that has access to desirable schools. The community is safe and often has been events
that encourages family participation. With its perfect blend of urban amenities
and acres of protected coastline, forest and wetlands,
Chesapeake provides an ideal balance for work and play. The climate in this area is characterized
by hot, humid summers and generally mild to cool winters. 6. Alexandria. Alexandria has one of the liveliest downtowns
of the cities. It is an urban spot home to lots of millennials
working harder and playing even harder while enjoying the city they live in. Alexandria is chock full of history while
still managing to be fun and vibrant. It sits alongside the Potomac River and it
is less than 7 miles to get to Washington DC, for even more attractions and delicious
restaurant choices. Alexandria has a seemingly endless number
of shopping options and well as being a foodie paradise. Restaurant options extend from every culture. Alexandria also boasts museums and theaters
for the artsy type. 7. Glen Allen. Glen Allen, in Henrico County, is a good quality
of living for working professionals and families with a decent established income. This Richmond City suburb was chosen for its
affordability, great schools and overall prosperity. It’s easy to get anywhere in the Richmond
area. Glen Allen offers urban conveniences, but
a slower pace of life and undeveloped spaces, like Crump Park shown here,
make it perfect for families. With 3 Fortune 500 companies located here,
the future looks bright, indeed, for Glen Allen. 8. Ferrum. Local citizens rated Ferrum as one of the
affordable places from anywhere. The people living in this town are very honorable. Ferrum is situated in a hilly area known as
Blue Ridge Mountain where you can live your life with full of joy. Ferrum offers a bevy of can’t-miss things
to do, from attending special events, to getting involved in the arts and learning
about local history; to dining at independent restaurants and staying
active at area parks. Anyone can afford to live here in this beautiful
place. 9. Staunton. It’s a small friendly city of around 25,000
people with a very walkable beautiful historic downtown. You can leave your car parked and walk to
unique restaurants, coffee houses, brewpubs, wine bars, shops and art galleries. If you love the outdoors, you can enjoy hiking,
camping, bird watching, bicycling, hunting, fishing and more,
because the county Staunton is located in has more national park acreage than any other
in the state. The Appalachian Trail, Blue Ridge Parkway,
and Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge National Park offer excellent get out,
and go opportunities whether on foot, bike, motorcycle or car. 10. Blacksburg. If you want to live your retired life at a
very beautiful town, Blacksburg is a great place. Even the famous magazine of USA name as Forbes
ranked Blacksburg is one of the best places to retire. Blacksburg has very affordable housing facility
and crime rate in this city is very low.

100 thoughts on “The 10 Best Places To Live In Virginia

  1. I live in Virginia and tbh…. it might look nice and all but it’s boring here. There’s nothing really to do. Everybody who lives in Virginia has done everything already 😭

  2. Wow what about the rest of the state? What about places like Roanoke/Salem, Christiansburg/Blacksburg, Radford, Wytheville, Abingdon, Floyd. The state doesn't end when you get to the DC and Richmond suburbs.

  3. I've lived in Virginia my whole life, and the people who made this video definitely haven't done all their research on the state… its expensive to live in most places they mentioned and they forgot some stuff! what about Williamsburg with colonial Williamsburg and Busch gardens? Bedford with the D day memorial, the natural bridge, Jamestown… those are just some of my personal preferences but I feel they are worth mentioning.

    (and really? Virginia Beach?)

  4. my cousins live in Arlington and its amazing there and I live in Chesapeake I think its amazing here I love it here so much

  5. Lol VA Beach ~ the water is disgusting, the people aren’t much nicer either, there’s a “respectable” crime rate (partially due to the fact everything is so expensive I’m sure), and to tie it all together you’re CONSTANTLY having to talk over the sounds of aircraft from the Naval Station. The city in its current state is a shit stain on our shores ~ has absolutely no place on this list. The last decent thing to happen there was that music festival that Pharrell threw out here but before then I can’t remember the last time we had an event in VA beach and someone didn’t get shot 🤷‍♂️

  6. Trying to live in NoVa is basically like trying to live in LA. If anyone here is thinking about moving to Virginia, move to anything below Fredericksburg. Virginia is affordable if you don’t live near DC. Virginia is basically where America began and many presidents were born and raised here. It has the blue ridge mountains and the ocean. I love it!

    Btw I live in Glenn Allen

  7. Update: not a lot to do in Ferrum, but there is a low cost of living. I go there pretty often and there are not many restaurants either, just a small college campus. I am extremely surprised it made it to this list

  8. Arlington is a county, not a city. Also, the computer generated voice is annoying. As to the best of all those here my vote goes to Alexandria, albeit expensive.

  9. Born and raised in Virginia Beach and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I love this city. My family has been here for decades upon decades. My grandaddy used to tell me which neighborhoods used to be swamp areas. I love the tourist season apart from the traffic. The oceanfront/ boardwalk is perfect for families, teens and young adults looking to have fun. There really is something for everyone.

  10. Any where near D.C. is going to be really expensive and a traffic cluster f+×k. Please choose one of those city's though leave mine be. Lol

  11. I’m in Merryfield Virginia right now at the extended stay but I really want to live in Arlington I’m in room 138

  12. Those places are in east va,except Blacksburg I live in southwest raven,richlands,swordscreek,and Jewell ridge.and lebonan,honaker,garden creek,grundy and abingdon va plus Bristol left out Salem va,ronoake bluefield va tazewell va,and one little beautiful town new castle and a little community called paint bank those are real places in Virginia now!!!!!

  13. Every person in Virginia:what the fuck
    Is my city not in it it’s God dawn bullshit fuck ash burn and fuck all dem city’s in dis video

  14. Bruh Virginia Beach’s not paradise we got crack heads and I hear shots every night, and I live in a safer neighborhood compared to the others. Also the beaches not that good the waves are tiny and there’s a bunch of tourists (cause people make videos like this 🗿) don’t move here stay in your state we’re good without you.

  15. Virginia is okay…until you try driving home around 4:30pm during the weekdays. Ft Eustis traffic+shipyard traffic, no thank you.

  16. Man I grew up in Virginia and pretty much couldn't make it through the video. All the places they mentioned suck

  17. Why do they say Ashburn home to the Washington Football team. Then it show a helmet of what should be the Washington Redskins but has an eagle on it. What the hell!!!

  18. Yes, beautiful, but judicial corruption and crime rate rising, especially in Danville and Pittsylvania County.

  19. Lucky sister who is living here .. and now I'm understanding why my nefew always talking about his world (USA Virginia) against our world( Morocco).( according to my nefew)

  20. BS – DC/No VA is too expensive and when I retired I left. Paying $1600 for an efficiency and 2 bedroom is higher, no thank you.

  21. Um, gonna have to press x to doubt as I lived in Arlington and own in Alexandria. Schools in Arlington are debatable. Most people that can put their kids in privet schools. And there are about as many privet schools as there are public schools because of this. Most of this is outdated as Reston is now a over crowded area. And it completely leaves out that most people can not afford to own and renting is just as expensive.

  22. What a nauseating narrator.. who can’t pronounce the towns right. Staunton is a great little town I agree.. that’s all I have to say good about this video. Thumbs down.

  23. Living in Virginia is not what I want, it just have some really special people that I've always care about and that's how I feel. Michael Booker and Chris Brown.

  24. This list is laughable for a myriad of reasons! Thankful am I that my beloved hometown town wasn’t mentioned! Sadly, it’s not the secret that it once was, and it’s been inundated by the ruination of progressivism. Still, the unmatched beauty of the area, my meaningful family history and memories, and many supportive connections are significant enough for me to call it home!

  25. Stauton is a very nice place I don't live there but I've visited it so genuine and laid back and the views are awesome

  26. Virginia beach and Chesapeake should not be up here🤦‍♀️I live here so I know..smh to whoever came up with this list

  27. Exactly where are the miles of protected beaches in Chesapeake? Chesapeake is well inland from the ocean and the bay.

  28. Take it from someone who grew up and lived most of their life in eastern Va. It sucks! Atleast the Hampton Roads area. Other parts of the state are much better. From Va Beach to Richmond is overpopulated and the overall attitudes are bad. It's really a haven that people from other parts of the nation have somehow relocated to. It's an overpriced, overrated, tax you to death, crime ridden, liberal run crap hole commonwealth state. I moved away from there and I'm so glad I did. If you're going to move to Va, and I don't recommend it, stay away from Hampton Roads unless you want your kids to be drug addicts, victims of crime, overworked and underpaid and miserable. The only people who like it there either haven't been there long enough or have never lived anywhere else and don't know any better.

  29. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel crosses the Chesapeake Bay from the Eastern Shore to Va. Beach and has nothing to do with or is not close to Chesapeake the city and Towne Center is in Va. Beach, not Chesapeake, but okay.

  30. Well I live right near skyline drive and I can tell you it’s not in Staunton 😂 Staunton is like 2 hours from me. I live in a small town called Front Royal.

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