The 2017 Arnold Sports Festival – Rogue Powerlifting / 4K

(dramatic music) This is Jennifer’s first time on the Arnold stage. She is your U.S. National champion with the highest pound for pound total at Raw National’s last year. Let’s give a round of applause for Jennifer Millican. Come on girl! Let’s start it up ladies and gentlemen. One of the strongest raw lifters we have from the female division.

72 thoughts on “The 2017 Arnold Sports Festival – Rogue Powerlifting / 4K

  1. Thank you Rogue for such a cool opportunity to share my sport with a huge audience! I had and absolute blast this weekend!

  2. i guess im showing my age here but i wish we could go back to when powerlifting and strongman didnt have some companies logo all over it and every joe schmoe wasnt "competing" in it

  3. Okay so who cares about this woman? Guys were deadlifting over 1000 and she can squat 300 and bench like 200? Okay?

  4. hey guys whats up! just wondering if any of you guys would give me a quick follow on imstagram @Boogielifts. It would mean alot as im trying to get myself out there! Plenty of weak ass motivation lol Thanks🍔🍕💪

  5. I don't like those plates because I'm used to lifting with regular plates and the weight looks smaller

  6. i was thinking i was strong when i saw 25 and a 10 on each side then i was like wait no im not thats 25 kilograms oh shit

  7. Powerlifting is a fucking joke. Most are of fat guys lifting heavy. They’re gonna have problems in the future too. So many “old school” powerlifters come into my gym with knee braces and shit, sipping on coffee while acting as if they’re better than everyone. Like calm the fuck down fat ass.

  8. Its crazy Blaine Sumner went to my school the same year as my track coach, he still holds the school records but a friend of mine is 5lbs off of the squat this year.

  9. Powwrlifting is where it's at! Most men in cross fit are under 5'8"! Look at the men's champions over the last 5 years- no joke. They're like the midgets of powerlifting! That's not even the national average!! How about we start showcasing big men who truly represent the epitome of size and strength.

  10. Ути божецьки мой!

    А сиво они наплягаюця тяк?!


    Попки слабенькие и не хватает наплязения во многих мыхцях?! 🙂

    – А циво?! Сто-то не лазвито, дя?! И голень надо уклеплять и кости котолые не уплотняются бед этих развитых мыхц по-длугому?! Не плосто клепче и бед усилий?!

    Митя Клоков люит дуцця не толко на унидадике?!

    Хихихихихихихих!!!!!!! 😉

  11. I don't get powerlifting, if a lifter could just do that weight in personal training , then what's the excitement for if you could just train till you could do the weights for competitions?

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