The $70 Logitech Killer – Fnatic REACT Gaming Headset Review

good people cheap gaming headsets are
finally getting good but what is it like using an eSports targeted gaming product
in your everyday life it’s okay actually I’m really hoping the fnatic react
headset is starring in trend where you don’t have to be embarrassed by the
sound quality and the mics not trash either and despite the branding all over
the place they look pretty good my first impression when I saw this was like this
is a HyperX knockoff and fnatic are not afraid to be reusing existing frames to
save on tooling instead invest that money into sound tuning for the drivers
and I can appreciate that and that’s reducing their margins further even to
hit that $69 price point honestly it is kind of refreshing to see a gaming brand
focus on the bare bone essentials when it comes to gaming headset and they are
cheaper than the alpha or the cloud 2 yet target the same audience your eyes
haven’t seen anything like it yet the new Razer Blade Pro 17 packs a beautiful
and fast 4k 120 Hertz panel with gorgeous vibrancy and color accuracy
with incredible clarity awesome for creative work that will never disappoint
with a fantastic future-proof IO as well it’s also a touchscreen so your
fingertips gets impaction the bezels are tiny the chassis is sleek the fiery
keyboard is perfect that tracked by this massive the hardware is epic with RDX
man the blade pro 17 is a complete package experience a smooth 4k gaming
link below alright so first let’s go over the basics the frame feels very
familiar with the semi robust build quality the ear cups don’t swivel so
it’s not a comfortable fit around your neck especially given the tight clamping
force out of the box size extensions are a bit on the short side I have to wear
them fully extended they are pretty flexible but unfortunately do make a bit
of noise right at the joints especially on my left side yeah the pop of color
inside each ear cup is a nice touch and the memory foam on these is awesome to
create a perfect seal around your ear that’s it’s OK with glasses too but all
three of us found the clamping force a bit too tight so I’ve intentionally been
trying to stretch the frame over the past few weeks to loosen them up a bit
compared to my Logitech G pro X headset I find the ear padding on the react so
much better but the slightly looser frame on the pro-x is a better fit for
me however I’m pretty surprised at the comfort and fit of the Kraken X by Razer
these are $49 pair and I find them a bit more comfortable because again the
clamping force is not as tight as the react but the react sounds so much
better the cable is non-removable it’s a pretty short one meter for pole
connection with inline controls plus an extension is included and I do like that
the cables are not braided this minimizes a cable noise and the mic of
course is detachable but there’s nothing to cover that input
I love the rigidity of the mic arm it’s pretty serious it’s not going anywhere
with a standard foam filter included and for 69 bucks I really love the audio
coming out of this thing I’ve gotten a few compliments in cs:go in competitive
matches and to be honest I prefer this over the G Pro X headset which is so
much more expensive the problem because it’s a closed design
I just hate not hearing myself there’s no way to add voice feedback into the
headset so that’s my only complaint the funny thing is the G Pro X headset
plugged into the same source sounds so much worse and while this thing has the
blue voice functionality it still is a pretty poor microphone and it sounds
very similar to the $49 Kraken X this is the razer kraken
x a $49 headset it sounds very similar to what just heard with the pro x and my
current benchmark for my quality for under $100 on the gaming headset is the
image 75 won by Cooler Master they really found a fantastic microphone
capsule and so did fnatic it’s definitely in my top 5 with regards to
microphone quality and you could find everything linked in description below
thank you very much with regards to sound performance we have great passive
noise isolation things too awesome ear padding and whatever bass these push out
it is all trapped inside the ear cup but the drivers are specifically tuned to
flatten the low end that is on purpose to emphasize other frequencies that
actually matter for competitive play a writer Dimitra stop hacking so they are
intentionally bright as in lots of detail and clarity in mid and high
ranges it’s exactly the signature I prefer in multiplayer so hearing someone
reload around the corner is crispy AF but I also found to be slightly too
sharp outside of competitor gameplay not that my ears were ringing after red that
too but I prefer a slightly smoother delivery with my HD v 8x the react is
also a closed design so environmental and soundstage expansion is of course
limited but that is not necessarily a negative when it comes to wanting to
hear only the sound cues that matter to know where your enemies are coming from now just for reference the $49 crack
index and the $69 react the sound difference is just insane these things
sound money there’s no control in the bass Department they are very harsh on
the high end if you crack the volume while they react sure they’re tuned to
be slightly flatter on the bass Department but it still feels much
tighter than the crack and X and so much extra clarity and detail out of the
react headset the important fact to recognize what the react headset is its
competitive sound advantage for multiplayer with an awesome microphone
and a killer price points it’s not trying to add surround sound RGB other
features software USB dongles its bare-bones nature is what makes it so
appealing and almost so perfect for the six nine dollar pair this is definitely
one of the best in its price class I do wish that they minimized on the branding
it’s a bit too much and also loosen up the clamping force because out of the
box it is way too tight really love what fnatic is doing here in terms of that
whole bare-bones direction you’re giving us products without any bling just
performance make sure to check out links in description below for all the types
of headset recommendations at different price points tube I want to be tree
thanks for watching check out this other relevant content I’ll talk to you guys
in the next video you

100 thoughts on “The $70 Logitech Killer – Fnatic REACT Gaming Headset Review

  1. But the g pro sounds better than the Fnatic I think this guys ears are shit or something cause what he says sounds bad sound great to me.

  2. I am looking for a headset that doesn't pick up background sound. My clouds 2 pick up the sound in the background when i have talk only for the set, picks up the sound of my speakers some times.
    I like these cuz it have a mute button on the card unlike my clouds.

  3. dude i just want to know what would be a good headset for audio and for mic quality but i can't find much out there that it up to date ;-; feelsbadman

  4. Logitech killer? Have u even reviewed the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Gen 2? They should be the ones to beat if any gaming headset. At least I havent heard anything better and even makes me actually have a choice out from my Sennheiser HD 58x ??

  5. Hey Dimitri, do you think there are any headphones better than the Hyper X Cloud 2 that is around the same price? I have been looking for good headphones for a long time that is around the $50-$60 range. I would appreciate any feedback.

  6. Takstar pro 80 mk. 7 or 8 by now? First there was Qpad with open and closed back models(dont remember the exact models), then hyperx with all cloud models and cloud alphas. Then Logitech did g pro and now this?

    But yeah why change something thats good. But tbh which one is best with the sound quality tho?

  7. Amazon cancelled my order and blocked my account while trying to make a black Friday order with about $2300 gift card, what can I do ??

  8. Got the Fnatic steelseries 7h years ago, thought that spending on an headset would get me something good. FUCK MY LIFE IF I WAS WRONG.
    Audio was crap, mic was even crappier, right speaker stopped working after 6 months and a week later the mic was gone too. Back and forth with warranty never getting the shit repaired till it expired after 2 years. Dunked in the bin and never ever bought a gaming headshit again. Got a pair of AKG 240 (iirc 4 years ago, but buy whatever floats your boat, not my money) for far less than half the price of the steelseries and cheaper even than those in this vid and they still work everyday.
    TL/DR stay away from gaming stuff like the plague, get headset and mic separated so if anything happens you have to replace only one.

  9. Am i the only one who thinks that the fnatic react has the worst mic during the mic test? They just sound so boomy and not as clear. But the kraken x mic does sound good for a 50$ headset.

  10. That's not fair. You can't say you compare mic quality to the MH751 but clearly use a dedicated mic when showing off the Mh751 mic quality. No….. I refuse to believe the mic quality on the Mh751 is that good. Nooooo NOOOOO!

    I really want one. I don't like my HS60 anymore ??

  11. Windows recording settings > "Listen to this device" lets you hear the microphone output in your speakers.
    You can listen to literally any audio device this way.

  12. Great video but I'm so happy people are seeing sence nowadays and avoiding "gaming headset" garbage.
    Grab yourself something like the Byerdynamic DT 770 pro and hook that up with a modmic 5.

    (Needles to say you are better off purchasing a dac/amp) such as Sennheiser GSX 1000

    Boom! Got yourself a fkn great setup with top German engineering.

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