The Artist Behind The World’s Greatest Joints

I’m gonna try to smoke my own weight in
weed eventually. There’s only time in front of me. And I’ve already done four point two pounds. I can do it. I can do it Hi. I’m Tony Greenhand and I’m 26 and I’m a professional joint roller. Competitive joint rolling is where joint
rollers go head to head in an open forum with pictures of their joints and people
will vote to see who’s joint is best. I basically jump out of bed and start
rolling joints too – I make coffee and I start rolling and then while my
coffee is being made I’m like, boom, let’s do it. I am considered one of the best joint
rollers in the world I rarely think about it like that
because, you know, I just feel like that it sounds so ridiculous. Before I got into joint rolling I was growing
weed, it was pretty basic. I also bred cannabis but just on the side.
I’m known more for the joints now which is a surprise to me. My mom was a clerical at a police
department so she absolutely hates what I do. My father doesn’t really care as long as
I’m successful, and he sees that I’m successful. I don’t think he understands what I do, but that’s fine because I barely understand it AK-47, let’s do it I take some of this beautiful 91 OG and I’m gonna make the gun barrel to this AK-47. You can see that I’m making like sleeves
here and then I’ll fill the sleeves instead of rolling these and that’s
because I want this to be a hundred percent perfect. Since it’s going to be the barrel of the gun
I need it to be straight all the way across So this Ak-47 is for a friend of a
friend In a text message conversation
that lasted two minutes decided that he was going to give me, basically $7000 not even knowing me at all. He’s got a private jet he’s coming to pick it up My social media really drives ninety-five percent of my business That’s how people find me that’s how
people order stuff from me. Having people be so enthusiastic of my work though, it’s probably the best feeling. Maybe people can relate – you ever cook a
meal people have just been like, “Susie, those BBQ ribs were to die for.” It’s kind of like that except for it’s
like they’re eating ribs for the first time, and only you can make them. So, basically wraps up The AK-47 for right now Grab that AK! That shit fits in there like a
real loaded gun. My man’s a genius with this shit, his engineering, it’s art. Who can say they will roll joints for
a living. Doesn’t even sound real when I say it. And the top of this cannabis plant must be at least seven foot and the smell is so strong

100 thoughts on “The Artist Behind The World’s Greatest Joints

  1. Can i present my own Art ?
    Darf ich ihnen auch mal meine Originale vorstellen ?

  2. Do you have any recommendations for glue? I have been cutting gum strips off papers for years and didn't even know u could get glue lmap

  3. RRRAAAA My mans is rolling ak-47 joints when I can’t roll a fucking Normal joint 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Don't call yourself best joint maker of world because your joints are only for showcase. I am just 21 and Its an open challenge you cant smoke my rolled joint which i makes only by using a single ocb sheet.

  5. For a split second i thought that was a shot glass of saliva but then i remembered the guys a stoner..and they don't have saliva

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