The autumn monsoon rain concentrated in the capital tonight _ 090319

The autumn monsoon rain that’s been coming
down in the south is expected to spread nationwide tonight. For more details, let’s turn to our Michelle
Park at the weather center, Michelle? The precipitation in the southern regions
is forecast to move across the central and its surrounding regions starting tonight. By tomorrow, the rain will have overtaken
the remaining heat from the air, but as the rain becomes heavier, we should watch out
for any damage and flooding that may occur from the heavy precipitation. For a couple of days,… Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Chuncheong-do and the
western part of Gangwon-do province will receive more than 300 millimeters of rain,… whereas
the southern coasts will have to endure the next heaviest amount of rain, at 150 millimeters
of precipitation. The rest of the inland regions will also receive
up to 100 millimeters of precipitation. Going over to our readings for tomorrow,…
morning lows will be about the same for most regions,… lingering between 21 to 22 degrees
Celsius,… except in Jeju, where it remains hot at 25 degrees. Into the rainy afternoon, there isn’t much
of an increase,… Seoul topping out to 25 degrees, Daegu 26,
Busan 27 and Jeju at 28 degrees. The monsoon rain will clear as of Thursday
but the impact of typhoon ‘Lingling’ will drench the nation accompanied by some strong
gust of winds from Friday throughout the weekend. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.

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