100 thoughts on “The Battle Of Land’s End | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E6

  1. Hey Ross,

    did your body already change during the first weeks? Did you lose weight/muscles or is a particular part of your body stronger than before?:)

    Keep up your great and inspiring work,

    best wishes from Germany!?

  2. you should get him some waterproof earplugs so he can listen to stuff while he swims. good job ross you absolute legend. from Australia​

  3. Hi Ross and team, keep up the good work, you've done such an amazing job!!!
    As a nation we are all spurring you on.
    Would a full face snorkel mask help with the salt tongue?
    I'm happy to get one to you to save any further shedding.

  4. Thank you so much. You are inspiring people. Push your limits from 2 to 3 miles. It's redicilus for some of us. It's 50% more for the rest of us. Go strong Mr. Rhino neck.

  5. To solve salt tongue get Luke warm water and dissolve salt in it I know SALT and gargle it for a minute 2 times a day

  6. If you were american you'd be an amazing navy seal. Not only cause of your swimming abilities but your mental toughness

  7. Finally Red Bull, the swim is back! This series inspired me to swim the entire Pacific Ocean which I’m still swimming

  8. Every time I see one of your videos I'm reminded how hard you push every day, and that motivates my to push equally hard

  9. Im training for a 10km run and I have to train but its hard for me to stick with my training schedule, but Then i think of Ross. and he keeps me motivated to keep training. Lets Go Rhino Neck

  10. This is just insane! You honestly don't even look tired after swimming 16 miles lol You're a damn legend! Keep on swimming brother! Stay safe and sending positive vibes from ??????

  11. jolly good show ol´ chap…I shall now go put on my trail running shoes and hop along the southern Portuguese coast. When I hit my own "walls" I shall force myself to think of either rhino neck or salt tongue for as long as I can trick my mind for 😛

  12. Gone please make the vids longer because it’s soooooo good we really want to know more about your journey

  13. Ross is literally mocking the impossible. There's nothing that can't be done if you have the right mindset and attitude, thanks for the inspiration Ross ''The Rhinoneck'' Edgley! Have an awesome journey and keep on grinding! Best wishes from Finland

  14. When you get to North Wales, will you be swimming past Conwy/Llandudno? Or are you going around Angelsey?

  15. Keep up the amazing work Ross!! Seeing you’re attitude to life and fitness has completely changed up my outlook. I get up at 5am to hit a 5k every 2 days now. Now hitting more functional fitness rather than the ‘look good’ muscles. Teaming it with some Olympic lifting and power lifting for strength all whilst rocking my Vivobarefoot’s. Incredible inspiration.

  16. You are such an inspiration! Makes me believe that anything is possible. I also bought your book, and cant wait to finish reading it!

  17. I bet when you sleep you still feel like you are swimming lol.When I've gone surfing for only a few hours I still feel like I'm in the sea when I'm resting lol

  18. Okay this is great and please keep up the great work ( I’m really routing on you) but have you thought about when it’s over and being on land again? Like wouldn’t that effect you or something?

  19. Keep it up Ross! You’re awesome. My friends and I are rooting for you from Washington State in the U.S.

  20. Ever since i‘ve started watching what Ross does, i have stopped skipping any training sessions. If Rhinoneck is able to do THAT, then I won‘t fail because of five more burpees !

  21. Greetings from Poland brother! Keep it up! All this trip is insane and legendary like many people already said 🙂 Thumbs up for you and your 'little' trip 🙂 Stay safe!

  22. You inspired me to do my first marathon and ultra marathon (50km) keep the good vibes and positive attitude going!

  23. Sup bro u r doing good I am one of ur crazy fan of urs…
    #India, bringing love from a part of big world… Love u lotz…

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