The Best Coolant in the World and Why

rev up your engines, today I’m going to help you answer the
question, do I need to change the coolant in my car, and to answer that question
correctly I’ll give you a little history lesson, in my grandfather’s day, they
actually used alcohol mixed with the water to keep it from freezing in the
winter, but then when it got above 32 outside, the alcohol would boil off and
then the car would overheat because there wasn’t enough cooling inside the
radiator, so then they came out with the first real antifreeze, which was ethylene
glycol based, the classical green stuff but again in my grandfather’s day,
they said oh that’s a permanent antifreeze you don’t have to worry about it
like the alcohol boiling off, so they left it in, well they found out it wasn’t
permanent, over time it would corrode and it would destroy the engines, so they had
to change it every three years, because the additives would break down, but that
was called inorganic acid technology IAT,
but the inorganic acid technology has it’s downfalls, you still have to change it
every three years, because the additives break down and being inorganic, it
conducts electricity better and there’s galvanic response inside that
eventually it’ll start eating up parts of the metal of the car, but then in the
90s they started to come out full blast with organic acid technology coolants,
which can last five years one hundred and fifty thousand miles, and some of the
newer ones can last even longer the newer oats or organic acid
technology coolants, they last longer they’re less corrosive, they’re less
poisonous to animals if you spill some and they drink it, and it’s meant to be
changed about every five years or 100,000 miles or so, so if you’re the
type of person that only drives their car a hundred thousand miles or less, and
gets rid of it, you don’t have to change it at all then, and to finish the
history lesson, there’s HOAT coolants which stands their hybrid organic acid
technology, like this pink toyota one these HOAT coolants are the creme de la
creme, they add silicates to protect the aluminum, which the oats don’t have, so it
actually is best for modern aluminum based engines, and some of them you can
change them every seven years or 150,000 miles, now the reason these Hoat
coolants can last so long, is that they contain less electrically conductive
materials then the older coolants did, so it leads
to less degradation of the rubber hoses and the metal parts, because it doesn’t
conduct the electricity that the other coolants did, now this might sound a bit
crazy to you, but you can actually get a voltmeter, you can measure the voltage in
the coolant in your radiator system, when it gets old and dirty and especially if
it’s an inorganic acid coolant, it will conduct electricity that starts to eat
things up and it can even mess with the computer sensors of your car, and that’s
why I’ve gone to this hoat coolant, not only does it last a long time, but it
doesn’t conduct electricity all that well, so it doesn’t mess with your
electrical system and it doesn’t cause any kind of galvanic responses that are going to eat up the aluminum in your engine but of course everything eventually
breaks down, even the hoat coolant, they say you should change it every seven
years or 150,000 miles in a lot of these models, check with your own make
and model just to make sure when you have to change it, but you can go a long
time before you have to change it in a modern car, and the important thing to
remember is, when it is time to change your coolant use the correct coolant, now
the Hoat is the best, so if you want to keep your car lasting longest in any car,
if you flush the whole system out, you can then replace it with Hoat coolant
and you’ll have the best protection available, but whatever you do, do not mix
the inorganic acid old green stuff with the organic stuff or mix the organic
stuff with the hybrid organic acid technology, you want to use one type in
your car and like I said, if you flushed the whole thing out, then you can use
whatever one you want, but the hoats are the best, they’re going to last the longest,
so do that and I know people are going to say, but Scotty the hoats cost so much money,
they don’t cost that much money anymore, they did originally but now
there’s many aftermarket companies that make them, and you might pay an extra
three or four dollars a gallon, what’s that to the life of a car, and since this is
mechanic Monday’s, I’m going to give away a gallon of hoat coolant, if you want to
try to win just place a clean non-offensive comment on youtube
comments below and a computer will randomly pick the winner,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
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  2. I have a 2016 honda CRV with 23,000 miles. My mechanic change coolant with a zerex (Red) from valvolline (heavy duty extended life) that was 2 months ago. YEsterday my water pump froze and destroyed my serpentine band. Could it have been because of the coolant used? Reading that coolant information i see that it’s made for heavy duty like caterpillar or John Deere…. i also found another zerex (Blue) that is made for Asian cars. Can you please help me out if the coolant was the reason my water pump broke? After all is a semi new vehicle. Please help me to know because i already made the change and I’m still running the coolant that my mechanic says is fine.

  3. I have a 2016 honda CRV with 23,000 miles. My mechanic change coolant with a zerex (Red) from valvolline (heavy duty extended life) that was 2 months ago. YEsterday my water pump froze and destroyed my serpentine band. Could it have been because of the coolant used? Reading that coolant information i see that it’s made for heavy duty like caterpillar or John Deere…. i also found another zerex (Blue) that is made for Asian cars. Can you please help me out if the coolant was the reason my water pump broke? After all is a semi new vehicle. Please help me to know because i already made the change and I’m still running the coolant that my mechanic says is fine.

  4. I want to ask a question! which is best for me to use for my 150cc motorcycle that has a radiator? should I use water or coolant?

  5. With all due respect, there is a tremendous amount of incorrect information in this video. Most importantly, OAT coolant, and most coolants, are primarily ethylene glycol which is very poisonous to mammals.

  6. I want free hoat coolant! My crappy dodge charger takes hoat coolant and im using some cruddy peak coolant. Help! Lol

  7. Thanks Scotty. Watch you from Norway??? I buy the Peak antifreeze for my 7.3 Ford Excursion. Gonna flush it, and change the fluid??

  8. I guess im flushing my JK WRANGLER Coolant. Red and yellow and orange is in it now. They all said mixes with any color

  9. Guys pls help,, is it ok to mix pink with green? I top off my coolant with green,,, but toyota use pink coolant. I did not know some colors cannot be mixed

  10. I don't know about that I have been using g5 Valvoline for 8 years, in different cars mix with royal purple additive 2 years and now with vp madadditive blue cool down the best it's a 70 percent g5 and half of the vp in fall and spring I use water mix in with one forth of vp,, it works perfect in deserts like el paso and heat storms,, but I also use Valvoline full synthetic 5-30 the best one last one on the back of seal with all the stars for summer blend in with best line oil additive was using motorkote until a heat storm hit mountain range desert,,, super high speed fans and hood scoop with fan and fender scoops with fans will work to avoid over heating and the thermostat high rating some people order radiators and deep thick oil pans to avoid over heating heat storms mountain range and deserts, if you have 2 heaters run ,one high blast,

  11. That mention will help not to damage or corrosion on parts,,,,never use 50 /50 on antifreeze use 70-80 percent as a general rule ,, on cheap brands always all year, you avoid putting more in and changing it if you know how to use it like travel heat storms,mountain range mid spring and summer or depending on regions like humidity like Houston

  12. Evans is actually the best coolant waterless,,hard to find try calling around racing and diesel off road places,, internet, less water the better up to 80 percent on water coolants,,the best water use is the baby water I don't know the exact name but will know when I see it and read it ,,

  13. I thought my pink Toyota coolant was OAT why is he saying it's a HOAT? Internet shows me HOATs are orange and yellow…

  14. Great 'coolant' video, Scotty. Tell me….Deionized water, distilled water, tap water? Garages in my area use tap water believe it or not!

  15. You should do a video on radiator caps and different pressures and do a video on alternator brands. I personally but Denso remans.

  16. I think its funny how the title of these videos are not whats in the videos, The fact is there is no BEST coolant for every car. Not all hoat brands/oat brands are the same and they are more complicated than just that scotty.

  17. One other expensive choice is the Evans waterless coolant.A lifetime fluid…….until you burst a rad hose or have a leaky water pump. Boil at 375 degree F. The military use it in drones with Rotax engines. You can use it in cars and trucks.

  18. Hey Scotty's of Mechanica?‍☠️
    Can I use in my 65 bug it's magnisum and it has a tiny radaitor on top of the engine

  19. Think Scotty has got the OAT mixed up with HOAT coolants , far as I know Toyota cars prefer OAT coolants , ie pink or red which are a step above the Hybrid ( HOAT ) coolants.

  20. I had dex in almost all of our vehicles it was eating all gasket material so i did a complete air powered flush and put in something called universal antifreeze which they said if someone ever added a different antifreeze it would be ok on all metals its orange in color so far so good.

  21. I think I need to change the coolant in my 20 yo, multiple owner F150 work truck. Who knows if it's ever been changed. So, please send me a gallon of the good stuff, Mr. Kilmer, and do a video on flushing the system. I'll be standing by.

  22. Hey Scotty, I have a 2008 honda accord thats ready for a coolant flush. Do I need to use the honda type 2 coolant or would you recommend any other options? Thanks

  23. I really appreciate your videos. I'm a diy'r. I just wanted to say Thank you. You are appreciated.

  24. Best cooland i found and its brilliant ! Liquid Intelligence 115. Its waterless. Aussie made. Was run for 8 years in road trains across the Nullabor Adelaide to Perth in temperatures nudging 50 degrees Celsius. It would actually last longer than 8 years they found. Has a high boil point and no pressure in the cooling system.

  25. You didn't mention why not to mix the different types of coolant. Is there any scientific reason not to mix them. Is there some kind of chemical reaction? Some internet posters say because it will turn the coolant to sludge but that is not true at all. Other than the fact that the better coolant would not be as beneficial when mixed with a lessor coolant e.g. mixing the organic with hybrid organic would yield less protective silicate additive. But will it hurt the car?

  26. Can you use H.O.A.T. in any car or truck? All my cars except my 67 Camaro are 2000 -2012 will this product work in any of those just as long as I flush old green product out first? Love the information on your channel keep them coming your the best!

  27. Hey Scotty, I've heard break cleaning fluid can be used to clean the MAFS. Is it a good alternative or should I stick to MAFS cleaner cans only?

  28. Question. My car always has a low level of coolant I fill it up and then a few days later I look at it and its back down to about 15% full. I have driven it pretty far and have never had a over heating problem. And it doesn't leak either . What is going on?

  29. I disagre with part of what you said ,you can't drain say green, and refill with red or vis versa it will screw up any coolant sensors in the system and throw a shut down mode even if you flush with mineral water.

  30. Best coolant for your car is the one your manufacturer recommends! Don’t be one of those guys who causes problems using the wrong coolant especially on Diesels.

  31. Hi Scotty,
    I always enjoy your auto tips. On the coolant subject, if I flush the system, is it ok to use the HOAT coolant in an older vehicle like a 1997 Isuzu Trooper?

  32. Hey Scotty, can I run HOAT coolant in my 2003 Subaru which I currently have running 50/50 prestone green as long as I flush out all the old stuff first?

  33. Hey Scotty need help purchased a used 2012 Nissan sentra i have blue coolant which is at min level now and i purchased autozone universal coolant which is light green can i mix them the worker there said i should be using this and it is universal so im confused i read different things online and stuck

  34. Scotty means business and so should we.
    Why don’t we find comments about technicalities instead of like grabbing comments.
    Really guys please. If you read something post that and let us be judge or anything towards this very video.

  35. Scotty, I've read that using distilled water rather than tap water when changing your coolant is helpful for reducing corrosion. What are your thoughts?

  36. Flushing and cleaning my '03 Tacoma engine now. Bought 3 gallons of Zerex by Valvoline Asian vehicle red coolant. HOAT technology and only $15/gallon for 50/50 premix, Zerex doesn't make concentrate in their red and blue Asian vehicle coolants. 5 year/150,000 warranty.

  37. I had my 2002 GMC 1500HD flushed and filled with a universal coolant today at the mechanic shop I use. I have used dex cool, but was told the universal is actually better and good for 5 years and 100K. It did have an orangish color to it. Did I screw the pooch?

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