The Biggest German Youtuber Crossbar Challenge (2017)

Konzi, Konzi, Konzi ! Konzi, Trickshot Champion 2017! LukasFootball, Free Kick Specialist! and has overweight .. Throw-in! Luca, leek-boy! But you scored! Hi, i’m Jan1GK and i’m the goal kick champion! And this guy is a keeper? I just said – i’m the goal kick champion.. I’m Karol Black – i have a blog.. Karol, “Flycatcher” This one was soooo bad.. We run out of balls .. I will get some balls.. Max Galys, Wanna-Be Freestyler This is correct Max, you should delete the “freestyler” – just wanna-be This guy has already a yellow card! This was okay! MichiR7 – “benchwarmer” You need MORE PROTEIN! Tim .. the only pro.. Tim, freekickerz trainee

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