The case for a 165 pound weight class in the UFC…

Poirier and Diaz, those guys started a speculation
and I think that it had legs and I hope that it gets revisited, and that is, “Hey, we’re
going to go ahead and fight, but guess what? We’re not going to go ahead and fight for
five rounds. So for all you people that wanted to see Dustin
and I fight or Nick and I fight, we are going to do it, but now we’re going to give you
almost double the time. Oh, and by the way, in exchange for giving
double the time you’re going to put a title up known as a 165-pound championship.” I love that. I don’t know why this has been resisted so
much. And you guys love it, too. You guys agree with me. We’re all in the same page. The fighters want to do it. Kevin Lee’s called for it. Georges St.-Pierre has got no problem with
it. Conor McGregor has been discussing it. I don’t know what the pushback is. That’s the part of the scenario that as we
play— I don’t know what the pushback is. I’ll offer you one piece. This hasn’t been stated by anybody, but
I’ll state it for you. I think the problem with coming up with this
165-pound championship is that now you’re only 5 pounds away from the welterweight championship. That’s just not enough. That’s not enough discrepancy. Now you got guys that could drop down, guys
that could go up. I understand that for fighters wanting to
hold multiple titles that that’s a really cool thing. I understand that. I’m one of them. I get it. I ask that you understand that for a promotion
it can be a problem should the guy succeed. We’re seeing that right now. As great of a moment as it was for Daniel
Cormier to go out there, two champions, belt and belt for Stipe’s belt, as awesome of
a moment as that was, Conor McGregor walking out the 145-pound champion to take on Eddie
Alvarez, belt and belt, as cool as that is for a poster, what do you do once the guy
succeeds? We saw what happened with Conor McGregor. He left the sport. He got stripped at 145. They got to wait a few months, let him get
through some—they stripped him at 155. It becomes a little bit of a logjam. The fans start to get confused. The fighters in the back start to go, “Well,
what about my dreams? What about my goals? What about the whole reason that I’m in this
sport?” The promotion itself is going, “Look, we’ve
laid out all this material with a belt over this guy’s shoulder and now I guess we got
to Photoshop that out or maybe we should just do a…” There are just a lot of problems with it. So what I’m presenting for you, do the 165-pound
title. I don’t think this is going to happen for
Poirier and Diaz, but I do think that there’s a little bit of time, if we all get on board
and we all make enough noise, I do think that there’s some opportunity here. And if not for them, down the road—let’s
do it. The promotion and the sport love belts. We know that. Vince McMahon loves belts. Boxing loves belts. But we’re starting to see that and that’s
starting to get exemplified through the interim championship. Many people push back on that. Some people are like me – I love it. But I love those belts. I get it. I get from the marketing standpoint. I get that something has to be on the line. You guys got to understand, when you’re fighting
[00:02:59] in the mixed martial arts, by the way, when you’re fighting in the mixed martial
arts, it’s not like why people used to have to fight. If you guys will understand, if you lose a
mixed martial arts fight, maybe you lose a little prestige, maybe your ego takes a little
bruise, maybe you lose a little bit of money. But back in the olden day, it was important
that you had people in your village that could fight because if you couldn’t it cost you
your life, it cost you territory, it cost you beliefs. There were real things that people were fighting
for. Because those real things are gone and because
this is unarmed combat, because this is a sanctioned sport with competition, we got
to dangle something out there that they’ll fight over because you’re not really fighting
over land anymore. You’re not fighting for territory and family
and life. So we created something known as a title belt. Great. It worked. But I think that those belts are important. I think that that piece of marketing really
works. So I like that a championship is up. But what I’m offering for you, if we can all
concede how important this is to promotions, if we can see that boxing loves it and Vince
McMahon loves it and Kocher loves it and Dana loves it, all I would suggest is now, let’s
just make it real championships. I don’t like the real versus the—I think
they’re all championships. But what I’m saying is, you have more weight
classes, all of a sudden you don’t have the same name for the interim title. All of a sudden, that narrative and that dialogue
goes away. If you have a 165-pound title, one of the
pushbacks has been, “What do we do about the 170-pounders? They’re all going to want to drop down and
the 65-pounders are going to want to move up and the divisions are just too close.” Hey, 170 becomes 175 and don’t even fight
for it. We don’t go, “Okay, new division, what
are we going to do here? Tyron Woodley, you’re now the 175-pound champion. Number 1 contender at 170 pounds, you’re now
#1 contender at 175 pounds.” This has been done before. This was done by the NCAA. When the NCAA came in and they did weight-changing
rules, and I’ve talked to you guys about that extensively in the past, but one of the other
things that they did aside from the one-hour weigh-in is they added 7 pounds to every single
weight class. I ended up being a 197-pounder. I had started out that season at 190 pounds. One-ninety goes away, it becomes 197. So this has happened before and I think it’s
a way to solve the problem. We then have also seen today—this is all
in conjunction with simply trying to figure out the goddamned mystery of who’s going to
headline Madison Square Garden, which is on November 3rd, and you can’t keep the mystery
a secret for too long. It’s not just a marketing ploy. This is not just a way to build anticipation. There are licensing issues and the guys had
to get on with it, and whoever you’re going to—I’ll step into a fight anytime you want
me to, and there are a few guys in the back that are just like me. When you’re asked to step into a main event,
it is a little bit different. I’d still do it and there are boys in the
back like me, but it’s a little bit different because now you’re talking about a five-round
atmosphere. Every day matters. When you got to get in five-round shape as
opposed to three-round shape, every single day matters. Every day that you got to get out of bed earlier
than you want to, put on your shoes, go out that front door and get your miles in, when
you’re looking at a five-round atmosphere, it’s different. So the athletes have to be contacted. They’ve got to be given enough time. They then have to go through the licensing
requirements. So each and every day matters. What I’m speculating towards—and I was right,
by the way. I realized that I was wrong, that Jon Jones
versus Gustafsson isn’t going to headline that show. But guys, in many ways I was right. That’s exactly what they tried to do. They tried to do it and when Jon said, “No,
I’m refusing to do it,” or whatever happened, however that went, they then tried to put
Gustafsson [00:06:30] in. So I was right. I had both guys. I had my bulls and my bears on that. I also was wrong, for anybody that wants to
give me a hard time, in that that fight isn’t going to happen, and now we’re being told
that that fight may happen, Jones versus Gus. This is breaking news. I’m talking moments ago. Gus versus Jones, December 31st. So it’s the same fight. We’re only talking about just over a month
later. But for some reason, it looks like it’s not
going to come together. So what’s the new prediction? That’s my whole point of all this. What’s my new prediction? As we’re running out of time, I’m starting
to think we’re probably going to have a scenario where we elevate Dustin Poirier and
Nate Diaz to the main event.

100 thoughts on “The case for a 165 pound weight class in the UFC…

  1. Easy fix.. ww moves to 175.. everything else stays and add some more between lhw and mw, while moving lhw to 210 or 215 and making a new 195 class as well.. 20lbs is too much as well for lhw to mw.. a 190 somethin class makes more sense than just adding a 165 class…

  2. when is UFC or usada going to crack down on the dick pills.This is the edge the fighters are using.Notice all the boners ,The fighters are getting a trt edge from them

  3. The only new division left I could see them creating is a 225 or 230 weight division. Even that would suck though cause it would water down 205 and heavyweight too much. All those fighters that fight in the 230-240 range would now be cutting down a division? Heavyweight would turn into shit show even more than it already is.

  4. The more belts you create the less valuable they all are. Look at how ridiculous boxing has become. Just stay away from that model at all costs.

  5. We hate it no one likes it we all want a cruiser weight or a super heavyweight or a steroid warrior division no one has ever said before last week a 165lb division is where magic can happen your just gonna water down the most competitive division in the UFC

  6. Bump up 170lb welterweight division to a 175 welterweight division!

    And create a NEW 165lb cruiserweight division !
    Spread the word out!

  7. 165lbs needs to happen, If diaz wins that title, and Conor wins 155. We could have the biggest fight of all time in for the 165 title and it would be one of the most anticipated rematches in ufc history.

  8. Just change 170 to 175 problem solved. 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 205. Then add 225 as heavyweight and 265 super heavyweight.

  9. I fucking hated this guy. But he is one of the best minds MMA has to offer not the best at fighting. But talking real sense no one is better.

  10. As long as they don't start an avalanche of new divisions, i love the stacked divisions we have at 145-185. SO many great match ups and we get to see who is truly the best fighter in their divisions

  11. I think Dana and the UFC don't want their decisions made for them? U can't just say I'm fighting for a title even if it makes sence and it happens?

  12. MMA has very little in common with armed combat between tribes/forces. Everyone has 'dynamite' in their hands, you can lay ambushes, use missile weapons and tactics and technology are far more important. That's why 5'2 Mongols would destroy any African force. And Europeans would effectively be unbeatable.

  13. They really are prolonging the inevitable. To prepare the fighters they should announce in the coming year that the 165 weight class will be implemented and the 170 class will move to 175.

  14. Shit I was going to say every 10lbs..195..205..then add some weight class after big gap..u can have a guy 225 right a guy need more weight classes HW..skip every 15 to 20lbs or something like that

  15. Why would there be a weight class 10 lbs above lightweight and 5 lbs below welterweight? It makes absolutely no sense for the incremental gaps between weight classes to decrease as weight increases. Maybe 155 lbs; 162 lbs; 171lbs? The incremental difference between weight should increase as each pound becomes a smaller percentage of the total weight. The math behind adding a 165 class without shifting around the other weight classes is beyond reasonable

  16. It's real easy, change them all to end with a 0, and go up in multiples of 10. 130, 140, 150, 160, 170 and so on. If you were 145, you're now 150.

  17. Everyone complaining are saying it would be to close to 170 but dont realize it would be moved up to 175 hahah they sure dont watch uncle Chael

  18. all UFC weight classes reworked and renamed, my suggestion is

    105 – Strawweight (Women only)
    115 – Super Strawweight (Women only)

    125 – Flyweight
    135 – Super Flyweight
    145 – Bantumweight
    155 – Super Bantumweight
    165 – Featherweight
    175 – Super Featherweight
    185 – Lightweight
    195 – Super Lightweight
    205 – Welterweight
    215 – Super Welterweight
    225 – Middleweight
    235 – Super Middleweight
    245 – Cruiserweight
    255 – Light Heavyweight
    265 – Heavyweight
    Open – Super Heavyweight

  19. This paves the way for a Trilogy fight between Nate Diaz and Conor Mcgregor. Or heck, now we can even get Nick Diaz vs Conor Mcgregor! Either way, 165 opens up the log jam of fighters just waiting in line.

  20. I think the McGregor v Diaz 2 was one of the best fights ive seen in the UFC BUT you have to pick the diaz brothers opponent carefully otherwise they can have some boring fights like gsp vs diaz or silva vs diaz i think the best thing to do is put them in their with strikers like conor or lawler but justin could be interesting

  21. If you make a 165 division welterweight needs to move up to 175…having 165 and 170 is stupid domt turn this shit into boxing where you can cut your hair and be in a new division…..tyron would probably complain about a 165 and 175 division ruining his welterweight crown but….tyrons always complaining so it wouldn't change anything, 124,135,145,155,165,175,185….it just makes sense. I wouldn't mind a 195 added in a few years either.

  22. Dana is allergic to any idea that isn't his. But I believe the fans always win in the end. He didn't want ladies fighting in the UFC. He u-turned when the critical mass of fans got it before he did. Same with this. Maybe, Bellator should set the trend and steal a few more fighters but spearheading the trend. Just a thought.

  23. Before I let Chael begin, I wanna talk to y'all about something. Have you ever wondered if Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter franchise is actually Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter franchise? I was thinking about this earlier and it dawned on me, I've never even seen a Harry Potter film, nor read the books! So I started down this Rabbit Hole, thinking to myself "How the hell do I even know the names of the characters", it just didn't make any sense. Like, I have no idea what Harry Potter even looks like and yet I know all these random details about events that occur in the Epic series. Then I had a Eureka moment. I leapt out of my seat with excitement, my hands in the air as if I'd just won a marathon, my mouth agape as if I was sucking a dick, I just couldn't believe it. All this time I thought I had been watching HBO's hit TV show "Game of Thrones" when in reality it turns out that I was watching Chinese pirated versions of the Harry Potter series with the Title sequence and credits edited out! Ciao.

  24. So this is in hindsight, but maybe they dissolve the featherweight division,bring in been askren and have him fight khabib for the new 165lb title down the line.

  25. As a no name ammy boxer/mma guy here are my thoughts. 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 225, 225+

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