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– Today, we’re headed to New Jersey to check out the largest burrito I’ve ever seen; it’s legit
the size of my forearm. It’s called the Tsunami, and you can only get it at Surf Taco. Now when I first saw this behemoth of a burrito, my first question was, “How do they even have tortillas
big enough to roll this?” It ends up they take two tortillas and put them on their grill. They sprinkle a layer of Monterey Jack between them, and melt it all together, essentially making a cheese glue. Once they’ve got their
massive tortilla formed, they start layering the
inside of the Tsunami with a solid base of rice and beans. Next they add in sliced
char-grilled chicken, which they then cover with
a hearty sprinkle of cheese, piles of shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, and a slathering of sour cream. Then comes the hardest part: the roll. They smother the burrito
in enchilada sauce, getting it nice and wet. I mean, they call it a
Tsunami for a reason. Then, they hit it with
another sprinkling of cheese — since there’s no such
thing as too much cheese — which is then all melted
together in the salamander. Finally, they top the Tsunami off with three scoops of house-made salsa, two dollops of sour cream,
and a serving of guacamole. They also throw in some chips to help clean up any scraps
you might leave behind. Of course, no massive
burrito would be complete without some sort of
prize for finishing it. Enter the Tsunami Challenge. – You’ve got 15 minutes
to eat it by yourself, and we used to have the Wall of Fame; we’d put you up there if you finished it. Now we change with the times: We put you social media, on
Instagram, for everyone to see. The fastest time we’ve had it in this shop is 5 minutes and 40-something seconds, but I was down at one of the other shops last year, and someone claimed to finish it in 3 minutes and
30-something seconds. – At first, I tried to keep it classy with a fork and knife,
but in a last-ditch effort to tame the Tsunami, I
went in with my hands. It was not pretty. In the end, the Tsunami defeated me. I only got halfway through the burrito. I am incredibly full, but
maybe you’re still hungry. Please watch another Thrillist video and like, comment, and share below.

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