89 thoughts on “The Cranberries “Wanted” live 1993 | 2 Meter Session #372

  1. Recorded  at Bullet Sound studio's, studio is near Amsterdam
    twitter @bulletsoundst
    Facebook http://on.fb.me/10Rpq6c
    check the street view of google maps http://goo.gl/maps/SCvGZ

  2. Sittin' in an armchair,

    With my head between my hands;
    I wouldn't have to feel like this
    If you'd only understand

    Too many misunderstandings
    Causing such delay
    And if it doesn't work like this
    Well I'll try another way

    Oh, if this is the way you wanted it
    Oh, I didn't understand
    Oh, if this is the way you wanted it
    Oh, I didn't understand

    You know that all I wanted was
    To be there by your side
    And if you didn't want it
    Well you shouldn't have denied

    You knew that you were someone special
    Right from the start
    But if you treat me badly
    We'd be better off apart

    Oh, if this is the way you wanted it
    Oh, I didn't understand
    Oh, if this is the way you wanted it
    Oh, I didn't understand, understand

    Oh, oh oh oh, oh…

  3. This was when she was 18 years old and had anorexia…those demons inside of her…she was raped from 8 -12 years by someone in the family.

  4. R.I.P. (Descanse En Paz) DOLORES O’RIORDAN ………. Thank You for the Beautiful Music You left to Us!!!!!!!!! PEACE!!!!

  5. Dolores' voice was haunting and beautiful but also distinctive because it straddled the line between being dramatic and hideous. Her vocal tics wouldn't work on most other singers and would sound like affected caterwauling but on her worked to great effect and became her trademark. She knew she didn't have a strong voice so she stylized it and created something so unique that it will be remembered as long as people listen to recorded music.

  6. Some of her producers tried to beat her Limerick accent out of her but she was was having none of it ….remained true to her roots, always. Ni bheidh a leithead de Dolores aris ann

    ПАМЯТИ Долорес О’Риордан

  8. An amazing and distinguishable voice. We will miss you Dolores. Now you have peace and when you wake up the world will be the place you could have only imagined – one with NO WAR anywhere, anymore…and our "enemy death" will be gone too. I am praying for your children, family and band. We shall never forget you, your music with your mates, your beauty and your passion…too too young to be gone. (Psalms 37(whole Psalm), Psalms 46:9, John 5:28,29, 1Corinthians 15:26, Revelation 21:3,4

  9. Me encanta me encantaaaaa esa voz .ahora canta en el coro celestial. Dios cuide de tu espíritu grandiosa DOLORES…??????

  10. So unbelievably amazing!!! Gone but never ever forgotten you ruled my world. So many memories come back to me when listening to your sweet voice.

  11. Dig that wait till they get load of this look on her face along with that perfect touch of gratitude and humility…

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