The DIMPS Approach to Meter [Fighter’s Digest #6]

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2 thoughts on “The DIMPS Approach to Meter [Fighter’s Digest #6]

  1. Part of why I always preferred gg is because super and cancels cost the same (unless you can 1 frame a frc, then congrats, you earned it). And they played it differently too. Supers were an low barrier to entry way to cash out damage, and as your skill developed, cancels opened up the game to discovering corner carry combos and fantastic set ups and resets. It made it so your tool chest grew with experience instead of throwing away baby tools for big boy tools.

  2. I believe the reason so many games have burst damage is only because people think footsies is boring without it. If a fighting game does not have burst damage, then time spent in neutral will feel wasted to a spectator.

    I hope that I'm wrong with that, because I only like burst damage if it takes a lot of skill to execute(like Iori's rekka).

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