The Disturbing Science of Love

♪ What is love? ♪ Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme song) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Mythical Beasts, a question is like…
something we answer on Thursdays. That’s it? That’s it. Okay. We asked you to ask us questions
about Valentine’s Day! And our first question comes from Brandon
Martin, who asks, “What do I get that special lady in my life that insists that
‘You don’t have to get me anything, honey.'”
– Oh, man. OK, first of all, we all know that this
is a trick question. -Yes.
-So step one is realizing that this is totally a trap.
-Totally. Now, I fell for the trap
-I have too- and took the request at face value in Valentine’s
past, and it did not go well with me. -It never does.
-But then the next year, anything I did could beat it out.
-That’s a different strategy. That’s the long term approach.
We’re not going to address that today. So step one is realizing that this
is a trap. And you know what?
You’re already there, Brandon, by asking the question, which we’re going to answer.
-Yes. Not answering it. We’re going to
answer it. You ask, we answer. Usually we have an analogy to explain, but we didn’t have one.
So we forgot how it all works. OK, so we actually have a foolproof method for you to make this never happen again. If someone tells you this, if your significant other says, “You don’t have to get me anything”–for Valentine’s Day or any other time–this is what you do. You make a donation to a charity on their
behalf, in their name. Let me explain why this works. -First of all–
-Does it need an explanation? -It does.
-I just thought it was, like, wham. Amazing.
-If they’re a genuinely good person, they’re just going to be, “Oh, that was
the sweetest thing. I love you.” But if they’re just a normal person, what’s going to happen is they’re going to be upset that you didn’t get them
something. -But they ain’t gonna say that. They can’t be upset with you,
because you gave to a charity! You can’t be mad at someone who gives
to a charity. Especially if it’s a charity that has
them in mind. They like animals?
Give to an animal shelter. They’re really tall? Give to Tall Clubs International.
-Not a real charity. It is. I don’t know if it’s actually a
charity, but it is a thing. I’m not a member, maybe I should be. Listen, the next year, they are not going
to say that, and they will be very specific about what they want you to
get them. At least they will drop a hint. -This will work.
-Plus, you’ll know what type of person they are, by their reaction.
-Yes, true. Because if they just get upset, then…
you need to break up. Let’s ask another question. Faith Van Cleeve sends it in, and it’s
“What’s the point of… Send it right in! “What’s the point of Valentine’s Day?” OK, well, the point of Valentine’s Day
is celebrating a little crazy thing that we call love. And the question behind
that question is, “What is love?”
Did you hear me when I sang that at the beginning of this?
-Yes. Contrary to what you may think, love can be boiled down to just science.
Of course, we don’t need to sit here and yammer on about that when we can just
cut to: AMAZINGLY AMAZING SCIENCE [Rhett] What is love? Love is more than a feeling. It’s a cocktail of chemicals. [Link] When you’re falling in love with someone, dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine
turn the pleasure centers in your brain up to 11, while also causing your pain
centers to shut down. This changes the way you see the world,
making everything seem great. Even if it isn’t. [Rhett] In other words, love isn’t something you
can control. It’s something that happens to you. [Link] Think of it this way: Love is a sliding glass door, and your
brain is Melvin. [Rhett] Melvin gets excited when he sees the
pinata at Gary’s annual garden party. So he runs outside. [Link] But, just like love, Melvin doesn’t see
that glass door coming. [Rhett] He smashes into the door face first, breaks his nose, and leaves the party
embarrassed. [Link] As Melvin is riding his bike home that
night, he catches the most wonderful scent he’s ever smelled, and he
starts to follow it. [Rhett] He turns a corner and is surprised to find
that the smell is coming from a garbage truck. It turns out that just like love can
change your perception of reality, breaking his nose on that sliding glass
door turned all bad smells into good smells. [Link] Melvin follows the truck all the way to
the local landfill, where he discovers the most delicious cornucopia of garbage
in the world. [Rhett] He begins rolling around in the trash,
making snow angels in the medical waste, when he comes upon an especially fragrant
pile of dog vomit and smears it all over his body. Because to him, it smells like
a Cinnabon factory. [Link distorted] Little does Melvin know that the vomit
came from a female who was in heat. [Rhett distorted] Local stray dogs catch the scent wafting
off of Melvin and start surrounding him. [Link more distorted] They begin gnawing on his calves, but
Melvin doesn’t care because–just like love–that glass door also numbed his pain
receptors. [Rhett more distorted] The dogs chew his feet off from the ankles
down, forcing Melvin to crawl on all fours. [Link more distorted] The pack sees Melvin hobbling around on
his bloody nubbins, accepts him as one of their own, and drags him back to their den. [Rhett more distorted] As he assimilates into the pack, he grows a nice thick layer of back fur. [Link more distorted] Eventually, Melvin takes a dog wife, and
fathers a litter of beautiful baby werewolves. [Rhett more distorted] So the next time you find yourself rolling
in refuse, clomping around on gooey stumps, living
in the woods with a pack of wild dogs, and raising a pack of baby werewolves, [Rhett normal] that’s when you’ll know–you’re in love. [Rhett & Link] HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! This has been: AMAZINGLY AMAZING SCIENCE. Wow, leave it to science to just give me a
warm and fuzzy feeling. Moving right along to our next question. Swirly Kalen asks–we actually received
a question from Non-Swirly Kalen, but I decided that wasn’t worthy of
responding to. Right. Only swirly is worthy? -That almost rhymed, but it didn’t.
-I know, I was hoping that it would. Swirly Kalen asks, “A song for when I want to say I love you,
but can’t.” Really, she demanded it. She didn’t ask. That’s fine. OK.
-But you know what? Swirly brings up a good point, that those three words, when
put together, they carry a lot of weight. And it’s a big deal when you say that to
someone for the first time. And a lot of us have a lot of difficulty
figuring out how to put those three words together. But this song should help. SONGS FOR WHEN This is a song for when… you want to say “I love you”, but
you can’t. Hey, girl. You know, we’ve been dating for a
long time now. Going on five whole weeks. Now that’s commitment, baby. So we prepared this very special song
for the very special ladies in our lives. Listen up. ♪ It was magic on our first date at the food court in the mall (at the Sbarro) You still won’t let me meet your parents but hey, that’s your call (you’re a strong, independent woman) Remember our first kiss, romantically lit in the Walmart parking lot?
-(always low prices) And then what did we do? We got matching tattoos of our high school mascot (the Charging Chipmunks)
-Now I’m ready to say: I looooo–st my shoe in the park It was a flip-flop, have you seen it? I looooo-tioned my skin with hotel shampoo It was an accident. You nursed me back to health when I
woke up in Mexico (He was missing a kidney) And I drove you to the hospital when you
fell off the hoverboard and broke both elbows
-(all two of them) You shaved my hairy back popped the pimples I can’t reach and you went with me to get my dog spayed
-(Helping control the pet population) I think it’s time to lock this down open my heart, and finally say: I looooo-ng jump on the weekends I’m in a league, you should come watch I looooo-wered my car insurance by 15%
when I switched to Geico (not a sponsor) Those three little words, they’re so hard
to say and even though I can’t say them, I want you to think I’m saying them anyway I’ll make you happy if you just do this Just put it on mute
-(mute it up) and read my lips Olive juice Elephant poo All the shoes On the news I love booze Alligator food Island view Vacuum Pile of poo Dried up glue Buy a zoo Crawl and spew Cows like moo Find Blue’s Clues I lick boots Is that you? All birds flew Eyes like puce Owls can hoot Barbecue ♪♪ So send that song to the person you love. We love you. Thanks for liking, commenting, subscribing
and sharing this video–or we won’t. Just kidding.
-Won’t love them? No, we won’t love ’em. You know what time it is. -I’m Elizabeth.
-And I’m Isabella. We’re from Perth, Australia, and it’s time
to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. If you need more stickers in your life–
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Blind Gum Taste Test. Shout out to Fingerless Gloves. Shout out to you, fingerless gloves. Where did your fingers go? They’re all in a pile somewhere, just a sad big pile of fingertips from gloves. I love to have warm palms, but I want my
fingers to be cold. And that’s why I turn to you. -Corn.
-No, I’m giving you a hint. -Popcorn.
-Popcorn. -Yeah.
-You can’t give a hint that has one of the words in it, Jen. Corn. Other hint, pop.

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  3. first of all when a woman sais "you dont have to give me anything" she means it, but keep in mind that she doesnt request anything because its not her bday….its valentines day. so when the man doesnt understand this trick question and doesnt read between the lines……shes just hoping that you would give her a gift anyways because you love her and that you want her to feel special.

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