next aisle please mm-hmm supplying some stealing and some acts of kindness here and there I tried to live a good life well let’s see how good this way next by oh please okay I admit it I did a lot of bad things yes I see but I’ve done good things too you know to offset the bad things like one time I cheated on a test but then I cleaned up trash in the park mm-hmm that should balance out right let’s find out this way that should have balanced out right it should have balanced that next mile please impressive oh yeah I devoted my entire life to make this world a better place I dug wells in Africa I donated blood every month and I read an orphanage in India I mean I just wish I could have done more mm-hmm and is this your subscription I only read the article only read the articles I only read the articles next my mom goes to church Oh was baptized as a baby ah take American Express right next file please whoa somebody’s been busy well let’s get this over with sorry um I didn’t know he was with you okay step on the scale not you him hey wait a minute that is totally not fair that’s why it’s called race next

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