The kilogram to be redefined using kibble balance in May 2019

the weight of a kilogram is set to be
redefined by May 20 19 while it won’t have that much of an impact on everyday
people or in our everyday lives the redefinition will be crucial and
critical for scientists as well as high-tech industries our park se-young
with more scientists have come up with a new more accurate standard for defining
the kilogram the current kilogram standard is a mass of a cylinder with a
high in diameter of just over 39 millimeters made of 90% platinum and 10%
iridium however the processes of oxidation and
hydrocarbon contamination have added mass to the cylinder over the last 130
years the fine change in mass is crucial to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology
industries from next may the kilogram will be redefined by a new standard
maintained by the kibble balance the balance measures a force produced by an
electric current flowing through a coil in a magnetic field that’s required to
support the weight of a standard kilogram mass because the balance has a
fixed value it can precisely measure the weight of an object Korean researchers
are working on reducing the measurement uncertainty of the domestically
developed cable countries without a standard unit have to go overseas with
samples and calibrate the national prototype kilogram having a standard
implies several advantages like the rapid dissemination of Korean industries
the change so standard of mass will be crucial for the semiconductor and
pharmaceutical industries but researchers say that the change will not
have a noticeable effect on our everyday life park se-young arirang news

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