The Life of Brian – Road trip de 5000 kms vers le sud

I am going to tell you a story about a good friend of mine to make it sounds a bit creepy, I will use my low and rough voice you might have got it ; this is where Brian lives no, we are not in eastern Europe right now,
but actually in France in Grenoble and this is where the adventure began for Brian it was October, and to run away from the upcoming winter time Brian had decided to leave, leave south, far away On the way ; reach Catalunya, cross the Pyrenees ride down to Gibraltar, along La Costa del sol,
and finally ride gently the way home it was approximately where Brian planned to ride,
but the journey would become more precise along the way it was what Brian was expecting but of course, things went quite differently Part 1 : Leaving Brian was not leaving alone he was leaving with Her She was looking so good! She was waiting for him, faithfully,
cleaned, prepared with love Honda, Transalp, 650 cm3, 55 horsepower She was more than ready to go Brian was scared he was frightened about unforeseen problems,
risks and dangerous situations he might go through crashs, major breakdowns, kidnappings, tsunamis
dragon attacks, meteors there were many reasons to get worried the ride was on, too late to quit for his very first bivouac, Brian thought
he has found the perfect place remote, with an amazing scenery ;
it was promising a good and repairing night after his daily 9 hours long ride despite the night was indeed sweet and peaceful the morning was nevertheless a bit more frightening this morning, at dawn, when Brian opened his eyes deer hunters were shooting at will bullets were flying everywhere,
bangs were getting closer and closer not to be shot by a random bullet
Brian left his campsite as quick as he could Too late to enjoy the view ;
it’s time to get the hell out of here Once he was out of the danger zone,
Brian figured out that disaster was really close the tank of the motorbike was showing
how hazardous was the situation the Transalp was now bearing a worrying stigmata; a bullet hole! Part 2 : Chronicles of the road Brian decided not to have any GPS navigator (later, he would regret this decision) he preferred using paper maps in a blink of an eye, he could see the curves
of a secondary road with his finger, he could feel the path in a tactile way,
almost in a sensual way, feel the promises of a route, and run away from the highway what’s up Brian?
any trouble? on a motorbike, the wind and the engine make too much noise then, listening to the music is quite impossible during a long journey, one can finally miss it Then, because his helmet was making his voice sound great
(the same as in a shower closet) Sometimes, Brian decided to sing his own pop music show when the road was more straight and less demanding,
Brian could become less focused and his mind flew away his brain gave less importance to the road underneath his wheels and finally, Brian was thinking about a lot of randoms things He was thinking about life and death, war and love and few more things this wednesday was a great day! on october 12th, Spain was celebrating national day in memory of the discovery of America, 524 years ago by Gérard Depardieu but october 12th was also a great day for Brian who was celebrating passing his motorbike driving licence 6 months to the day before 6 months, it was short;
Brian had an obvious lack of experience will he suffer this lack, on the long way he still had to ride? what’s up Brian?
any trouble? Part 3 : the end of the road from a strictly geographic point of view,
it was the end of the route for Brian at Gibraltar, he was at the edge of Europe
and could not ride more south it was time to take a U turn and ride back to the north, to his home, to the wintertime this did not happen Brian changed his mind, he did not want to ride back anymore the stress of the beginning of the trip has vanished,
he finally found his own pace, and wanted to keep on having fun to keep on riding south Africa was so close, over there, at the other shore
It was strongly appealing even if it was not a really wise move,
Brian accepted the invitation on this day, Brian and his bike boarded on
one of the ferry boat that crossed the sea toward a new country, a new continent, a new culture a new world Quite quickly, Brian figure it out In Morocco, on the road, habits were pretty different Being careful was mandatory, to deal with many hazardous situations; Truck in the wrong way, vehicle standing right behind a corner and other random unfair crossings on his previous trips, Brian were used to draw it was something looking like a log he was drawing to capture fun facts, encounters, his feelings… when he got inspired, Brian took the time to stop the bike, to settle and let his imagination lead his pen on the sheet the day before, Brian got lost (no GPS navigator, let’s remember it) (Brian bought a road map of morocco,
but it was not really accurate) to be back on his initial route, the detour was huge to find his way through, Brian trusted his map
and the road signs, that were quite laconic But the more he rode this only available path the worst the road was looking Brian was not aware yet, of what he has just stepped into I can not remember who said that, maybe aristote? ‘Legs are the right length,
when feet can touch the ground’ this is especially true on a trail motorcycle Brian was relieved, but he was wrong to claim victory too early because he thought he was out of the troubles,
but it was actually just the beginning what’s up Brian?
any trouble? the further Brian rode, the less his skills were
adapted to the risks and requirements of the trail but take a U turn right now was no brainer Brian was thinking that the worst was behind him
because according to his map, there was one final difficulty to pass before reaching the small town of Midelt
and some roads, maybe easier to ride normally, the escape was really close So, Brian bet that he could,
despite his lack of experience and his overweighted motorbike, make it through this last difficulty will Brian win this bet? it was kind of obvious ;
the road was closed off in front of the excavator ; no more trail
instead ; a gap! but take a U turn right now? less than a mile away from the pass?
no way! The excavator and the other machines were showing that the road
was really better, right behind the gap, a few meters away the excavator driver accepted to prepare a sketchy
bridge for Brian but then, Brian still had to find his way between the excavator
and the ravine between the machine and the death it is blocking! the case is stuck in the excavator! the bike is leaning over the void! heeeeelp! Brian claimed too early the end of the trip was close
(but Brian didn’t know yet) epilogue : urgency for a couple of days, Brian was feeling more and more uncomfortable It was some kind of a weird feeling, but nothing to see
with the concern due to the recent adventures more an unpleasant feeling of forgetting something Suddenly, he got it! it came like a flash! the vacuum cleaner!
he did not switch it off! for almost 3 weeks, he was on the road
4000 kilometers from home during all this time, the vacuum cleaner was vacuuming catastrophe! no choice :
riding back home, quickly! we said ‘quickly’ Brian! no more time to lose now,
it was urgent! no more detour, no more pretty secondary roads
and no more trails now it’s time for highway! full throttle! quick and efficient no more bivouac into the wild,
back into the confort zone time was against Brian, and to be sure to be as fast as possible Brian went back home by boat a 40 hours cruise, staying in a cosy cabin, to definitely
mark the end of the adventure

2 thoughts on “The Life of Brian – Road trip de 5000 kms vers le sud

  1. J'ai adoré, j'ai bien rigolé… et surtout, j'ai hâte de visionner "Where is Brian ?" 🙂
    J'ai particulièrement apprécié cette nouvelle approche du récit de voyage à moto: ici, Manuel Vivion raconte une histoire au lieu de se contenter de retracer son voyage. Ca apporte un peu de fraicheur au genre 🙂

  2. Malgré quelques passages un peu long, j'ai apprécié ta vidéo tout d'abord pour l'initiative de partir seul avec peu d'expériences moto!
    Dans la vidéo en elle-même, le caractère décalé est pas mal mais les paysages traversés, le quotidien du Roadtriper sont top!
    Le ressenti même si il est en voix off est comme on le ressent.
    Je suis allé voir ta vidéo suite à la lecture de Road Trip n°54.
    Je vais de ce pas regarder les épisodes de "Where is Brian"
    Continue comme ça et bonne chance pour ton futur projet sur le TET (que j'ai fais en petite partie dans le Nord de la France et Belgique)✌✌

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