Bruges is a very romantic city. They want to be
the most romantic city of Europe. Yes… The mayor himself
installed the Love Machine. It measures love. Is there someone who wants to try? Yes? It’s our wedding anniversary today. Just feel the vibrations. Oh my god. There’s fire inside. It went through the roof. You can sit down.
It’s your wedding anniversary. It is a fact that Bruges has been chosen as one of the five most romantic UNESCO
world heritage cities of Europe. It just comes naturally when you have
a stroll through the Minnewaterpark, which literally means ‘lake of love’. Or when you have a romantic moment
on the idyllic Gouden-Handrei. Or when you relax with your loved one
in Astridpark. You see? When you visit Bruges, you’re
instantly submerged into a sea of romance. You can’t help falling in love. I need a man.

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