The Man With The 44lb Arm

COMM: Twenty-five year-old Bablu has gigantism – a rare condition causing one arm to grow
much bigger than the other. COMM: An outcast in his hometown, Bablu moved to the city but still struggles to find work. COMM: Bablu has come to meet a specialist to discuss his options. COMM: But as a beggar, it’s hard to fund treatment on his own.

100 thoughts on “The Man With The 44lb Arm

  1. Real life charger!!! Are you serious dude how can he not find a job? He got a natural weapon. Swing that arm like a mace and bam you are dead. I would have him as my personal bodyguard. No joking!

  2. I force myself to watch these videos so I can catch myself when I start complaining about my life it immediately Shuts me the HELL up and I start seeing how blessed I truly am 🌈🌞

  3. सभी हिंदुस्तानी भाइयों को सूचित करना चाहता हूं ऐसे ही व्यक्ति अगर आप कहीं भी देखें प्लीज उनकी मदद करें नाक की उनको देखकर अपने मन मैं कोई गंदा विचार लाएं

  4. try not to laugh

  5. He’s a good looking man. No matter the deformities it shouldn’t be a problem it is. They pray to a different god, well they think 🤔. There is only one GOD.

  6. Don't give up on ur faith always believe in ur self don't listen to what people say about u god give and he takes

  7. Handsome I feel sorry for him he needs help. God is able. Don't give up young man trust god. A good day is coming.

  8. Why does people make fun of him ???? He couldn't help that his that his arm is like that!! Fu*k you people who is making fun of him!

  9. Sometime gigantism works all across the body and could just make you really big, and sometimes it does this. Sad really

  10. Hes the hansomest Indian or whatever his culture is, hes the most hansome one ive ever seen in my life. Lord, i pray you help him seek the help he needs and wants show him the way lord for he deserves much more then this life hes living right now. AMEN .

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