100 thoughts on “The mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity … | Elon Musk

  1. Model 3 in about 3-4 years (from March 2013). Deliveries started in middle of 2018? Not too far off! 25-66% off his estimate.

  2. wow, this is eye opening video ! esp the part where the cost of the propellent is 0.3% of the cost of the rocket. 15:52

  3. I’m in 2019 and I watched this from 2013 and I LOVE this. The interviewer is completely skeptical of his companies and solar energy compared to natural gas and fossil fuels. He eventually does another interview w Elon in 2017, and is MUCH more supportive. Wow….I love Elon🤣

  4. Musk is a genius! This guy has so much energy and enthusiasm! Is he real? I hope so! Humanity needs more Musks! Why is this guy not a politician? He could easily solve the worlds problems!

  5. "Whats Outside The Simulation" My mind was blown. To me everything points to that but I thought I was mad. Elon is awesome.

  6. The way he speaks is totally sexy 🙂 I don't know what people are complaining about… A genius is not good with "talking" but he's amazing at "doing"

  7. May 2019:
    Elon managed to launch several rockets and land them successfully..
    Tesla Model 3 has sold over 300000 vehicles..
    Every other manufacturer is racing to build electric cars but are no where near..
    Tesla will launch Self driving ride hailing service next year..
    Google's Waymo, Uber's self driving tech et all are no where close..
    SpaceX launched 60 Starlink satellites which will soon beam down internet.

    After all this people still doubt Elon..

  8. Elon Musk is super great. People say focus on only one thing to get succeed and here is a man building many companies together in to completely different areas and solving some of the earth's most complex problems. The host in this interview is also very good. He asked very right questions, run good videos in between the conversations and made the whole show very interesting and engaging.

  9. ايلون ماسك رجل المستحيل ،اتخذته قدوه واتذكره حين أشعر بالفشل أو عندما أشعر بأن حلمى صعب المنال
    مالى لا أري العربيه فى التعليقات 😕 أستطيع الكتابه بالانجليزيه ولكن كنت اتمني ان أري العربيه

  10. Couldn't choose a sub so this'll work

  11. Great to watch this interview in 2019 knowing how big progress his compenies have done! Thank you Elon!!!

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    (~2:30 into the clip)

  13. OMG but elon musk went from bully to tesla expert i dont know if its tru but i hear it in minute story

  14. No matter what you study build and create they will take everything you own and know will turn agains you! First need fix minds of sick politics and those above who puling strings!

  15. Nuclear fission thorium reactors is my bet for future energy and fusion next but fusion is so out of reach

  16. Elons' Hair!!!!!! He so attractive!!!!! I adore his accent 😍😍😍😍😍😍💯💯💯💯💯💯💖💖💖💖

  17. I love this man….his mind is literally blowing mines right off my shoulders 🤯 ELON MUSK FOR PRESIDENT, brilliant

  18. Albert Einstein said if you cannot explain it simple way you did not understand it. Elon musk explains it in such a simple way. That is why he is the current genius.

  19. Humbled to be able to live in the time period of Elon. He is the Da Vinci of the modern era. He will be remembered for hundreds of years, he will bring us to mars, already has made every ICE automakers go electric

  20. Contrary to the NASA motto, "Failure is not an option", this man sees these 'incidents' as hurdles, not failures, but rather as obstacles to perfection. He will risk his last penny, to approach these obstacles as 'opportunities', to remove the hurdles, in pursuit of as close to perfection, as is humanly possible. The risks he takes have earned him such pejorative titles as, 'crazy', 'mad scientist', 'egotistical nutjob'. But his approach has created entities like Tesla Motors, Solar City, Space-X, PayPal, The Boring Co., just to name a few, many teetering on the brink, but all on the leading edge of whatever industry or 'futuristic fantasy', lights his fire. And he does not do it for the money, or the glory, or to stroke his ego, but for the betterment of the human race. He seems almost to look forward to the 'hurdles and obstacles' as challenges to getting it right and making sure it is better. Maybe not the first time, or even the third, but when he realizes how to leap the hurdle, he passes the crowd with wings, or rockets, on his shoes! He is a hands-on engineer, and approaches his projects with imagination and sweat, and the enthusiasm of 10-year old kid, hitting his/her first home run!

    People the ilk of Elon Musk, are few and far-between and if we had a dozen clones of Musk, (working together) the world would be light-years ahead of where we are today. The naysayers will always be there, those without the vision that he has to create a better world. His investors cringe in fear, afraid of losing money, because this is their goal, more money. Those that hang with him with faith, will ride his wake, as innovators and heros.

    My hat is off to this man, and I love watching everything he does, with excitement, enthusiasm, and positive energy directed to the successful completion of whatever he is engaged in, at any given time! Hopefully, he will set his sights on inventing a process that will let him live forever! The Musk Clone machine!

    You go, Elon! Pass the Energizer Bunny (without re-fueling!) The world is on tenterhooks! What's next?

  21. I think hes handsome and humble I couldn't believe it when I seen those rockets return all I could say was wow I'm 70 years old and I'm so glad I got to see that mr musk unbelievable and wonderful

  22. This dude is evil he s all about a.i my home boy chris has open my eyes to these people .he s not about saving the earth .

  23. A true genius/honest working for the survival for all humanity…incredible..humble n so on…GOD bless Elon Musk n family💕💕🙏🙏

  24. simplicity , humble , intelligence , genius , hardworking , innovative , passionate are the characters of this man.

  25. (2013) Interviewer: How is the rocket usability technology going?
    (2019) Elon: Well, 41 landings and still counting, it's a habit now 😉

  26. This is a true leader of the new free world. Remember kids take physics, take risks, and think outside the box to solve problems.

  27. I told him to change the strut in falcon heavy through telepathy, he wont listen….maybe they didnt have a mind as intelligent as it would require or maybe they dont care

  28. Coming back to this video in 2019 and we now have 2 Tesla Model 3s. By far the best cars my gf and I have ever owned. You’re doing it Elon. I always believed. Keep it up! #Tesla #Model3

  29. how much electricity do we need to solve world hunger? none, just let persons achieve self sustainability for their own good free of charge to just survive and later worry about how to entertain yourselves!!!!!

  30. I think some people fail to realize that Elon Musk is simply a normal man who had the audacity to dream big. If he can do it, then so can every one of us.

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