The Mysterious Event That Made Venus A Death Trap

Sometimes we call the planet Venus “Earth’s
Twin”, but that’s only because the two planets are roughly equal in size. After that, not much else is similar and because
of the extreme temperatures on the so-called planet of love, humans would not stand any
chance of survival. In the words of one writer, Venus is a “hellish
world of infernal temperatures, a corrosive toxic atmosphere and crushing pressures at
the surface.” We just couldn’t go there. The temperature on Venus would melt anything
that got near it. But that might not have always been the case,
and as you will see today, perhaps in the past Venus might have been an altogether different
kind of beast. Let’s first give you a Venus 101. It’s the second planet from the Sun, behind
Mercury and in front of us. It was named after the Roman goddess Venus,
who among other things was the goddess of love. Sometimes you can see it without the aid of
a telescope, but only during a specific time in a specific place. There are a few things you need to know about
Venus and these relate to the reasons we just can’t go there even if we had the technology
to send people to the planet. One thing we doubt you know is that Venus
is the hottest planet in our solar system. The temperatures on the surface might be around
863 °F or 462 °C. It stays around that temperature never mind where you go on the planet. You can’t exactly get a respite from the
heat by taking a trip like you can on Earth. You might now be thinking how come Venus is
hotter than Mercury when Mercury is closer to the sun. The simple answer is Mercury has a very thin
atmosphere and Venus has a very thick atmosphere consisting mostly of carbon dioxide. The atmospheric pressure on this planet is
92 times stronger than that on Earth, so it would be like being 3,000 feet (900 meters)
underwater. In the words of NASA, if you somehow weren’t
melted on the surface of Venus you would be crushed. It’s this thick atmosphere that traps the
heat in, whereas Mercury lets the heat out into space. The heat dissipates on Mercury whereas in
Venus the thick atmosphere prevents this. Kind of like when you close the door to the
bathroom and take a really hot shower! You might be wondering how we got lucky here
on Earth and got this nice atmosphere, and some scientists have called this the Goldilocks
phenomenon. She got the right porridge, and it seems Earth
was perfectly situated at a distance from the Sun that we got the right atmosphere for
life to happen. We just got fortunate, but as you’ll see,
Venus might not always have been such an extreme place in the past. What does Venus look like on the surface you
might ask? Well, it’s rocky like Earth, but very barren. There are also lots of volcanoes there, although
much of the surface is made up of plains. There are some highland areas, and the highest
mountain on Venus is called Maxwell Montes, named after a Scottish scientist. The mountain is 36,000 feet high, or about
11 km. Just for a comparison, Everest is only 8.8
km high. So, we’ve got this extremely hot place that
can crush us. NASA also said the surface would stink like
rotten eggs, so that’s another reason to cancel your trip there. But perhaps it wasn’t always like that. You see, Venus is 4.5 billion years old. It’s mind boggling to think about just how
long that is because even a few thousand years is difficult to get into our heads. Suffice to say, it’s a lot of time for changes
to take place, and now some scientists are saying Venus in the past might have actually
been a bit more hospitable. New research that was talked about in 2019,
states that for around three billion years Venus might have had a climate that could
sustain water on the surface of the planet. That the temperatures could have not been
that high at all, with those scientists saying Venus might have had temperatures only around
122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius) or as low as 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees
Celsius). But then there was climate change, according
to these scientists, and things got hellish. This change they believe could have happened
around 700 and 750 million years ago. But what happened? We’ll let one of the study authors explain. He said, “Our hypothesis is that Venus may
have had a stable climate for billions of years. It is possible that the near-global resurfacing
event is responsible for its transformation from an Earth-like climate to the hellish
hothouse we see today.” Like Earth, Venus was hot and then cooled. During the cooling phases there would have
been lots of carbon dioxide, but that would have come down and been trapped in the rocks. This would have left room for a lot of nitrogen
in the atmosphere, similar to what we have on Earth. The scientists wrote that during this long
period, some three billion years, Venus “had surface liquid water, plate tectonics, and
subsequently a stable temperate climate akin to that of Earth.” They believe this because they created simulations
of how the planet evolved. But then it all changed, and Venus experienced
this event that made it the horror show of a planet it is today. “Something happened on Venus where a huge
amount of gas was released into the atmosphere and couldn’t be re-absorbed by the rocks,”
wrote the scientists. They believe that volcanic activity might
have been to blame for the Venus we have today, with lots of magma being released. Magma is molten rock, the stuff we call lava
when it gets to the Earth’s surface. The researchers believe that this magma could
have released lots of carbon dioxide but when it cooled it couldn’t reabsorb the stuff
and so it stayed around, creating that terrible hot house. Imagine that, Venus could once have had an
atmosphere and environment like Earth’s. Does that mean life as we know could have
happened there, too? Could we have sent interplanetary text messages
to each other if it had stayed that way? Well, researchers said that in the past it
might have been possible. Those researchers concluded, “Our models
show that there is a real possibility that Venus could have been habitable and radically
different from the Venus we see today.” What do you think Venusian life could have
looked like? Could an intelligent species have once lived
there? Tell us in the comments. Now go watch “Most Extreme Planets In The
Galaxy!“ Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
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100 thoughts on “The Mysterious Event That Made Venus A Death Trap

  1. What if we are aliens from Venus that we’re sent here as a last resort the only surviving ppl and we grew to this imagine

  2. I think Venus was more Earth-like as far as temperatures go, but I doubt any life might have evolved there. Venus doesn't have a moon and we know that ours was critical for the formation and evolution of life here.

  3. Venus used to be just like earth, humans lived there and sent two humans on a last ditch effort to carry on the human race due to co2 escaping into the atmosphere, now we’re doing the same to mars. Make it a movie, just give me a cut

  4. The term for an inhabitant of Venus would be "Venerian" not "Venutian" 🙂 Don't confuse the word stem for "Venus" with the word stem for "Mars"! There is a "t' in "Mart-" but not "Vener-"

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  7. The Russians landed a probe on Venus it took a couple of photos and sent them back and made a few measures and then it was destroyed by Venus.

  8. I think that life could have evolve on Venus but not intelligent Venus changed after 700-750 million years so not that much time to evolve

  9. Once upon a time, Venus was a paradise planet, just like Earth, teeming with life and diversity. Then, an unintelligent species which inhabited Venus, denied climate change for so long in order to increase profitability of their petrochemical corporations, that eventually their planet turned into a hellhole. The end.

  10. There was aliens once on venus bcoz they couldn't survive there they came to earth then humans started to evolve on earth

  11. Could there have been an intelligent species on Venus at one time? I highly doubt it. Theres not even a highly intelligent species on Earth. and our climate is much more hospitable to life at an avg in the 70's farenheit. Compared to an avg of around 800° farenheit.

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  15. There may have been life such as animals and microscopic organisms there long long ago. I don’t believe there ever was intelligent life there. They would have built a shuttle and left for earth and would have been the the first intelligent life on earth.

  16. Condering how close to being utterly f-ed Earth has been at numerous times during the worst episodes of flood basalt volcanism, I don't think it's hard to imagine that a similar event on an even greater scale could have sent Venus past the critical point of no return.

  17. What you Fail to Mention You Scumbag is Nothing in the video above is Proven Fact in science. All these ideas about Venus or any planet are made up theories with No evidence to back them up.

  18. I believe Venus was the home of intelligent life which developed sophisticated technologies. Somehow their development brought a run away green house effect and destroyed themselves and the planet. Now Earth is heading in the same direction.

  19. I was able to connect dots in a different way, so you guys are saying that earth could end up like Venus if we don’t change or stop climate change but we’ve also got to be careful about the way we treat the planet correct?

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  24. Billions of years ago, Venus was a paradise. They even had a great civilization. Then, they got highjacked by climate change deniers, flat Venusers, hollow Venuser, a final rise of religious anti-science icons, endless warfare, and others backed by mega-profiteers and crackpots.

    So, did you laugh, rage, groan, or face-palm?

  25. This makes me so mad. Venus is just too spicy for Humans, not a 'death trap'. It's atmosphere is the Cholula or Tobasco of celestial bodies.

  26. It truly is so pathetically ironic that we have a literal example of what happens when we pump massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, and yet we are still like,
    ???“This is fine”???

    Sometimes I feel like we deserve to go extinct ??‍♂️

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