The NIOSH Sound Level Meter app for iOS Devices – Short Summary

>>Given how important
occupation noise exposure is to worker hearing health, safety
and overall quality of life, NIOSH has released its own free
NIOSH Sound Level Meter app for IOS devices which is now
available through the App Store. Some of the benefits that the
NIOSH Sound Level Meter app can provide are raising workers’
awareness about noise in their work environment, help
workers make informed decisions about potential hazards to
their hearing, it can serve as a research tool
for the collection of noise exposure data,
promote better hearing health and prevention efforts,
and it’s easy to use. The NIOSH Sound Level Meter
app has many important features using the device’s
built-in microphone or preferably an external
calibrated microphone. It provides an easy
to understand readout of the sound level and will
report instantaneous sound levels in A, C or
Z-weighted decibels. The app was subjected to and
met the same rigorous testing requirements that
were established by a NIOSH laboratory study of commercially available
sound measurement apps. While the app is not meant to replace a professional
sound level meter or a noise dosimeter, or to be
used for compliance purposes, the app can help industrial
hygienists, occupational safety and health specialists,
and workers take good, accurate noise measurements
and make informed decisions for the adjustment of
their exposure or the need to use hearing protection
devices. For additional information
and detailed guidance on how to use the app, please visit
the NIOSH Sound Level Meter app web page.

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