The Pink Panther in “Pink At First Sight” | 23 Minute Valentine’s Day Special

(BABY COOING) (GASPS) Bear-napper! (CRYING) The baby crying… He stole his bear! (RATTLING) (KNOCK ON DOOR) (BELLS JINGLING) ♪ Happy Valentines Day
A super Valentines Day ♪ A peachy Valentines Day
It’s for you ♪ (ENGINE BACKFIRES) (CAR HORN HONKING) (PEOPLE CHATTERING) That stinks! You call yourself
a dancer? Here! (HUMMING) A little style! So suave, you see.
Beautiful stuff. Yeah.
In other words, a class act.
That’s the ticket. Here, now you try it. MAN: Well, that’s better. (BELLS JINGLING) Okay. There you go,
there you go. Love it. All right, bud, you’re next. Say, you got a great outfit.
Now let’s see your act. (CASH REGISTER DINGING) You’ve got to work on it. Something dynamic. Yeah!
You know, like, dynamic! Yeah,
that’s good, that’s good. Get them feetsies
moving along, there. Pick up the tail, kid.
Keep the tail moving. Good, Pink! I love it, Pink!
Pink is plinking! (CRASHING) (GROANING ANGRILY) Can I help you, sir? Oh, that’s a beautiful
little tape player, and you’re getting it
for a terrific price. Yes, sir. Oh, you need tapes? Well,
you couldn’t have picked
a better time to buy tapes. You’re getting
a terrific selection of tapes. Terrific… Here, why don’t
you take these, too? Oh, and here’s some more.
Thank you, sir. Certainly enjoyed
doing business with you. Here’s your stuff
and enjoy it. (MAN SINGING IN ITALIAN) (SOBBING) It’s beautiful. (SOBBING) That was magnificent! (SOBBING) It’s terrific, kid,
I loved every minute. You’re tearing my heart out! You’re hired!
And I’ll tell you, could you teach
me to do that,
I don’t know what to say. This is so unexpected. I can’t imagine
what it could be. (WOMAN EXCLAIMING) How beautiful.
This is just lovely. (MUSIC PLAYING) (LIP-SYNCHING) ♪ Dancing with you ♪ Many afternoons ♪ Daydreams coming true ♪ To a favorite tune ♪ And I think (EXCLAIMS) ♪ As we’re lost in time ♪ You and I could
be dancing forever ♪ Moments we share ♪ Each a jewel we find ♪ Like a… (WOMAN EXCLAIMING) (GRUNTS) (MUTTERING) ♪ …as the hours chime ♪ You and I could
be dancing forever ♪ My husband! (LATCH CLICKS) Quick! Into the closet. All right, what’s going on? Well, dear,
I just received… I knew it! You’ve got that
Italian singer in there! Oh, dear. I just love… (GRUNTING) (EXCLAIMS) (MUSIC STOPS) Come here and… Why, you… (GRUNTING) (SHOUTING)
now my car’s ruined… (CRYING) Monsieur? The great Rudolpho
will see you in a moment. While you are waiting,
please make
yourself comfortable. (VIOLIN PLAYING ON RECORDER) (KISSING LOUDLY) Maestro, you honor me. Do not move! My greatest treasure. Please.
Oh, please. Please play. (ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) No. No, you can’t do this! RUDOLPHO: No!
No, no, no, no, no, no! No! On this violin? On this violin? Never! (CRASHING) (SOBBING) My little Stradivarius.
It’s broken forever. (IN IRISH ACCENT)
Faith and begorrah! Why, a Valentine present
for me? (PHONE RINGING) Oh, the phone.
I’ll be right back. Certainly, now.
Yes. Goodbye. I’m sorry, that phone… Hmm… He’s gone. I never! (EXCLAIMING) One more package
that’s got to
be delivered now! And not one lousy
messenger to take… My best messenger!
You saved the day! Okay, buster,
what do you want? “Messenger service.” What’s the message? Valentines, huh? Big Joe will like that. (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) (GROANING) That was stupendous.
Right boys? Yeah, Big Joe,
that was great.
Real terrific, boss. (CLAPPING) Big Valentine. This looks nice. I’m touched. Hey!
This sounds like a clock! A clock? A clock? Boy, would I like to get
my bandaged hands
on that messenger. Hey, Big Joe!
He’s right down in Room 261! Let’s go get him. THUG 1: Yeah, boss! THUG 2: Let’s tighten
up his bandages. There he goes! (PANTING) (RATTLING) (CLANGS) (GAS HISSING) (GRUNTS) Oh. (GROWLS) Grab him, boys. He’s getting away! BIG JOE: Quick! Get him! Get him! He’s in there! Come on, boys!
Don’t let him get away! We got him this time, boss.
This is the police. We’ve got you surrounded. I think we better… (POLICE SIREN WAILING ON TAPE) Over there! …get out of here! Hey, Ed, what’s going on? Follow that car!
All units,
in pursuit of black limo. (SIREN WAILING) (PANTING)

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  3. Pause it and go to 1:32
    That lady on the bench, her feet are like higheels! I didnt know peoples feet could be like that.

  4. Y yo me llamo Aylin y yo veo tus episodios que siempre las veo todos los días y los sigo AMANDO y siempre me hacen hacer reír un montón.

  5. I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See The Equistria Girls Enjoy OutRunning Villains And Hanging Out With The Pink Panther

  6. I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See The Equistria Girls Enjoy Hanging Out And OutRunning Villains With The Pink Panther

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