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  2. So I understand that eating less calorie dense foods is the best way because we generally eat the same volume of food every day despite the amount of calories. So in a plant based, high starch diet, starches are much less calorie dense than meat, eggs and dairy so your off to a good start right there. Then, on top of that you add non starchy vegetables to each starch meal to create volume without adding a lot of calories. So eat beans, rice, potatoes and grains and then add lots of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, greens etc, to bulk it up and make you feel full. In that way, you can eat as much food as you want, and still eat plenty of healthy food, no restrictions on volume and reach a healthy weight.

  3. Just eat more calorie-diluted foods (whole foods, obviously).

    No oils/butters, no refined breads/grains, no sugars (except ones found naturally in, again, whole foods, fruits etc).

    Not rocket science…

  4. Indeed… it is possible to eat all you want and lose weight…

    I play country music. I've a couple who are loyal fans, she's morbidly obese, and he's diabetic. They are very nice folks.

    I saw what they eat… and vegetables are not at all involved… unless its fries.

    When I suggested veggies (not veganism), he responded, "I don't eat that crap."

    What can you do but watch them self-destruct?

    I'm an elder. I've watched grandparents, then parents, and now, friends, dying… mostly due to a lifetime of bad food, nasty habits, and physical inactivity… talk about scared straight… I've too much to do to become decrepit… and the medical system in the USA is deplorable… depending on pharma drugs and surgery as cures… whereas, it's all about diet and lifestyle choices… and a bit of luck avoiding accidents.

    You are my go-to source of common sense. Thanks Doc.

  5. I wonder if water fasting will cause the same kind metabolism slow down that a reduced calorie diet causes. Dr. Fung has stated that water fasting doesn't cause metabolic decrease, but is there any actual research to answer this question?

  6. And this is exactly why ADF – Alternate day fasting is superior to chronic calorie restriction (see table 5): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5042570/

  7. I lost a lot of weight in whole food plant based, over 40 pounds, but then start getting it back, and can't put it down again it's slowly increasing. I've started eating more avocados, dried fruits and nut butters, besides everything else and of course the weight started to go up even though I had switched from oatmeal breakfast to fruit only in the hope of losing weight. I hope the book will tell how to keep the appetite under control. Thank you Dr Greger for this life changing information.

  8. But just eating a lot of calorie dilute foods doesn't necessarily curb appetite. Plenty of high carb vegans mention feeling they are never satisfied despite eating until they are uncomfortably full. Not sure you can trick the body so easily. Personally I can eat a big salad and still be hungry and then a protein and fat bomb like a burrito will scratch that itch.

  9. A lot of correct information in this video. But you can lose weight and keep your metabolism at the same rate or higher. If you lose 10 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle you will have lost 5 pounds without slowing your metabolism or increasing your appetite (and look like you lost 15). This is why resistance training is extremely important if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

  10. Uuuuuuuuuu. Now THAT'S a video I was waiting for… I can relate soooo much to these graphs! You rock dr. Greger!!!

  11. Eat right and exercise. Muscles helps burn calories while at rest. Enjoy a WFPB diet and save the goodies for special occasions. Don't over indulge. The key to this is to savor each bite, don't rush, focus on the flavors.

  12. You're forgetting that most of us are eating too big of portions to begin with. When you slowly cut your portions to recommended amounts, your stomach shrinks and your appetite decreases. The quality of the food does matter though. If the food causes a spike in blood sugar, you'll feel more hungry and will be more likely to overeat. Otherwise, you plateau because your resting metabolism decreases and your exercise is no longer burning the same amount of calories. I've plateaued twice and have found that simply increasing my exercise is enough to get me to start slowly losing weight again. Slowly is the key word. Losing weight too fast will convince your body that you are starving. Your metabolism and energy will decrease drastically while your hunger will sky rocket.

  13. Excellent talk on EFAs (quotes Dr G) using science compares vegans and carnivores (ad/promotion free…so far):

  14. SMH. Yea, not less food…. well yes it is…. it is about cutting out the carbs and quit pushing your insulin beyond normalcy.

  15. This sounds like a rehashed version of eating by caloric density. There's really nothing new under the sun re weight loss. But I do appreciate the fact that diet > exercise when it comes to weight loss. Good luck with the book.

  16. This is why despite feeling great on one meal a day I decided to do two meals a day, because I want to exercise more than before and still have to study, work on projects, etc., I just need my daily energy expenditure to be higher because I need more energy during the day now! I can't just lower calories all the time. However, since I really, really like OMAD, I decided the extra meal to be a protein shake. Lactose free milk (bcs it's better for me due to my gut condition), half or whole banana, shredded almonds and lentils, soaked chia seeds (one spoonfull of each) and half of the recommended 30gr of protein powder. There's some fiber, there's definitelly protein, but very little sugar, AND lighter for my gut than a hard meal. I've only done it a few times so far so I'm still waiting to see how my gut feels over a longer period of time. I hope this is my answer to living a more active life but still achieving my goal figure.

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