The Strongest Man in History: Barrel Lift Challenge (Season 1) | History

I think it’s time to break a record what
do you say we’re in the UK taking on a legendary British strong man called
Thomas Topham he lifted thirteen hundred and thirty-six pounds of weight and
water and barrels in front of a huge crowd gonna be honest guys I’m seeing stars
after that but I’m bowing out with that buyback buyback napkin the yoke lift is
not my strength I’d beat the Thomas tough and legend so I left it there and
let those guys carry on in moments like that everything just stops and it’s just
basically between you and the iron guards at that point it’s the most
religious experience it was hard but it was doable and meant
a lot to me to break this record but I was done that was awesome man how
awesome you cheered louder for the beers in the left I get it
we give you quite a bit more I think I got a little in tank you want to up the
ante why don’t we go like 1500 how about that Nick how are you feeling I mean we
did the Thomas top and left at thirteen hundred and forty five I was happy to
leave it there and then Nick and Brian went off on this absolutely stupid
little competition between the two of them to see who could lift the most
weight I can feel my hands I can feel
everything feel your feet come on your head my upper back went yeah heard some
crops and I got to the top and I heard a bunch of cracks and pops and I was done
I was worried very very badly but I was willing to do whatever it took to win
that event you bowing out I’m out so that means all you have to do is out
anything give it and you win so what’s the lowest jump 27 27 pounds let’s do it
let’s add 27 pounds guys after all these lifts even adding a small jump is a lot
let’s go ladies and gentle winner Brian Shaw this challenge was much more difficult
than Bening frying pans or carrying a stupid watch tower so it’s fair to say
after my performance in the barrels that I have not only won the week but I have
conquered England even though Brian won my heart goes out
to knit vest more than anybody right now seriously welcome Nick it wasn’t about beating the weight or
the number that’s there it was about pushing myself further than I ever had
before but to be the best you have to be able
to beat the best and Brian’s the best now I’m done you

100 thoughts on “The Strongest Man in History: Barrel Lift Challenge (Season 1) | History

  1. Brian is a special kind of beast. Nick is an awesome strongmen, handing out with these three at 50 it just………..I'm out words now. But, c'mon Nick, please, don't do such things with Brian, who is bigger and 20 years younger.

  2. Brian screaming after smelling the salt is literally one of the scariest things on this earth. Imagine a giant like that screaming and coming at you? yeaaaa ima head out

  3. If I'm in half the shape that Nick is in at his age…….I'll be an extremely healthy man lol. The real Strongman OG. Respect well deserved. The man is absolutely incredible. I can't imagine doing what he's done at any age, much less at 50!!! I bet his skin is Kevlar lol.

  4. I was wondering why hafthor wasn't on the show. Then I looked at some of his vids and realised that he would have all of the intention so smart move to not put him in !

  5. 2:39 watched of view episodes, this dude is trying to end his life or something, that or he just likes to dramatize things a little

  6. Rather than making weird comparisons like "6 dirtbikes" or "2 gold carts", why not add a number in KG to make the show more accessible to none-american viewers?

  7. I'm so very impressed and especially with Nick. He's not a kid anymore and yet his heart and courage is that of a 24 year old youth that has no common sense. Nick certainly knows the consequences and the bad things that can happen, where the kid doesn't and yet Nicks will is stronger than anything and gives him powers only a tiny few people in the world have.

  8. Ol so I have a question before Brian Shaw lifted he like snorted soemthing is that like something to give you an energy boost or what and if so what is it called

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