The Truth About HHO Generators For Your Car – Fact Vs Fiction on Engine Bay Electrolysis

Coming up: HHO generators for your car. The
dark side of the lightest element in the universe – none other than hydrogen, the power source
for the Sun. Can you generate this in your own engine bay and save money on fuel, or
is it all just pseudo-scientific bullshit? I get asked about HHO generators all the time.
Here’s the most recent such question from a guy named Mark.
“I have been watching many videos on Youtube regarding the use of HHO generators in Vehicles
Could you please give us pros & cons on this?” I’m John Cadogan from
– the place where Aussie new car buyers save thousands off their next new cars. Hit me
up on the website for that. And now: jihad on bullshit, captain’s log,
star date 3.141592654. Executive summary: HHO generators are bullshit because they do
not work. They do not work because, scientifically, they cannot work. You will not save any money.
You will not save any fuel. You can buy a so-called HHO generator on eBay,
etc., like this one claiming to produce four litres a minute. Four! For a mere $250 bucks.
Slightly under. So, if you’ve got the hots for what’s
in the box with the dots, you should know that such a device probably will use electricity
from your car and electrolyse water to produce both hydrogen gas and oxygen gas (two litres
of hydrogen for every litre of oxygen – because that’s just how water rolls when it decomposes
electrolytically). You probably can pump it into your engine
and burn it. (Combustion converts it back into water and releases energy. There’s
already a helluva lot of water in exhaust, so it’s not going to be a problem.) And this
might make you feel really good. It might emotionally empower you in some perceived
asymmetric conflict with Big Evil Oil. But it will not save you any fuel, and it could
even be very, very dangerous. Here’s why.
Spoiler alert. We have to use the ‘T’ word. It’s a big, scary word, too. ‘Thermodynamics’.
Spooky. There are four laws, numbered (perversely) zero through three, inclusive. Defining the
behaviour of energy everywhere. The Leatherman Surge of heat and energy interaction. We only
need to use one of those laws, thankfully – number one.
The first law of thermodynamics says that if you put a box around a system, and energy
cannot get into or out of the box, then the total amount of energy in the system doesn’t
change. That seems reasonable, and is observationally true, essentially, everywhere. Let’s leave
(sort of) the big bang and black holes out of it, and keep our feet here, firmly on planet
earth. The first law is essentially the ‘anything
that sounds too good to be true almost certainly is’ law. So let’s put one of those boxes
around your car. No energy in; no energy out. And let’s make it an ideal car with an ideal
engine where all of the energy in the fuel gets turned into motion. 100 per cent efficiency.
No losses. Wouldn’t that be nice? In this case, every kilojoule of energy in
the fuel gets converted with 100 per cent efficiency into motion, and the first law
is very happy indeed. But obviously there are losses, in the real world, right? Otherwise
you’d never need to fill up at the fuel station. Engines – really good ones – are
only about 25 per cent efficient. You lose 75 per cent of the energy in the fuel mainly
as internal friction and waste heat. Mainly as heat.
There’s rolling resistance, transmission losses, aerodynamic drag and of course the
driver ultimately hits the brakes, which turns all your residual kinetic energy into waste
heat, which you throw outside the box by bleeding it off into the surrounding air. In other
words, the box leaks energy like a sieve, which is why car owners need to keep filling
up the fuel tank. But the first law is still happy – because
it allows you to pump energy into the box or drain energy from the box just like water
going into and out of a dam. The only thing you’re not allowed to do is magic up energy
conveniently from nowhere. Like Harry Potter with a wand, in the box. That’s not allowed.
So let’s just put a box around the engine. You’ve got chemical potential energy coming
in from the fuel, you’ve got rotational kinetic energy leaving the box via the crankshaft
and a bunch of mechanical losses – mainly waste heat – leaving via the radiator and
the exhaust pipe. OK? Let’s put a magic HHO generator inside the
box with the engine. It’s exactly the same scenario here – energy in from the fuel. Energy
out from the crank and waste heat leaking like a sieve. Nothing actually changes.
So unless the HHO generator has a means of reducing the waste heat or other losses it
will never be able to deliver more energy at the crankshaft. And it is impossible for
the HHO generator to do this. And here’s why.
The electricity required to electrolyse the water (to split it up into so-called HHO)
comes from the car’s battery. And the electricity in the battery comes from the alternator,
which is driven by the engine. So let’s put the battery, alternator and
HHO generator in a thermodynamic energy box, just for kicks. Energy comes into the system
from the belt driving the alternator. Energy goes out in the form of chemical energy in
the HHO ready to burn. The belt loses about 10 per cent of its input
energy in friction, the alternator is also not especially efficient because efficiency
is not as important as robustness in the context of alternator design and operation. But a
typical alternator might be capable of producing a maximum of 120 amps at 13.5 volts – that’s
about 1.6 kilowatts. Trust me on this – you cannot put a 1.6 kilowatt
electrolyser under the bonnet. Bad idea. Because there is not anything like this spare capacity
in the electrical capacity in the system available for you to exploit with any accessory. You
will kill the electrical system if you try this.
So this is an entirely generous proposition for the HHO generator. The best small-scale
industrial alkaline electrolysers (which an eBay electrolyser is, frankly, not even close
to being) is about 50 per cent efficient. So the chemical potential energy in the so-called
HHO coming out of the most overly generous underbonnet electrolyser is going to be about
800 watts. That’s about one horsepower. And of course if you burn it in the engine,
about 75 per cent gets chucked out of that box because engines are only 25 per cent efficient.
Leaving you with 200 watts of actual motive power at the crankshaft.
So just to be perfectly clear on this: You need to burn enough petrol to produce 3000
watts of crankshaft power to drive a belt, which loses about 10 per cent on the way to
the alternator. The alternator gets 2700 watts of belt power and produces about 1600 watts
of electricity. The so-called HHO generator turns 1600 watts
of electricity into 800 watts of combustible chemicals, and the engine turns those chemicals
into 200 watts of motive power. And this is the most unrealistically powerful HHO generator
you could hope to install. So we started with three kilowatts of motive
power at the crank and we turned it into 200 watts of motive power with an HHO generator.
Speaking as an engineer, this is not a blueprint for increased efficiency. An HHO generator
is nothing more than a device allowing you to throw even more energy out of the box before
it gets to the wheels. It’s hard to make power at the crank. It’s
really stupid to throw it away once you get it there. And that is really all that an HHO
generator does. A system offering you the unique opportunity to throw 94 per cent of
the energy it consumes, straight outside the box. Yes!
And this is being exceptionally generous. Unrealistically generous. Just leave the HHO
generator out of the car and instead of 200 watts of motive power you get three kilowatts.
That’s a plan. And to all of you who say: ahh – but the HHO
generator uses waste electricity, excess electricity from the alternator, spare electricity: I
am so sorry you are that profoundly scientifically illiterate.
There is no spare electricity in a functioning alternator. The current ratings are the maximum
the alternator will produce. The actual production of electricity by an alternator is a direct
response to electrical load. In other words – alternators produce zero electricity when
they are not powering anything. If you flick on all the lights, the front
and rear demister, you crank the fan on the HVAC, they start working hard, those alternators,
and that’s just how they roll. All of you budding engineers saying you could
use regenerative braking to make the electricity to electrolyse the water: Well, yeah. You
could do this. But in practice it’s just easier and more efficient to brake regeneratively
and store the energy in a battery because – fewer losses.
You could plaster the roof, bonnet and boot with photovoltaic cells and use that, too.
Yeah. But incident sunlight is only about one kilowatt for every square metre, and there’s
maybe two square metres of viable real estate on an average car. And the cells: well they’re
only going to be about 20 per cent conversion efficiency, so that’s going to be about
400 watts of input electricity – but only when you are parked in bright sunlight. Probably
not worth doing really… And it would be a visual abomination. Let’s not forget that.
So apart from being completely ineffective, an HHO generator will cost you money, it’ll
probably shorten the life of your alternator, void your warranty, and pose a significant
fire risk. An ideal, stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen
gas and oxygen gas, plumbed by some amateur through the engine bay, in close proximity
to all that heat, vibration, airflow and electricity. What could possibly go wrong?
And when the insurance investigator gets done with looking into that inevitable fire, discovers
the charred remnants of your ill-fated dalliance with thermodynamics, good luck getting the
insurance company to pay your claim. The differential confirmation that these things
are bullshit is simply that carmakers do not install them routinely as a means of extracting
greater efficiency from an internal combustion engine. Twenty, maybe 30 years ago, someone
invented electronic fuel injection. Carburettors were thrown out, and it’s been adopted on
all engines because it achieves essentially this efficiency increase. Greater efficiency.
If HHO worked, and you thought of it, you’d tender it out for eight figures, and a carmaker
would buy it. But unfortunately it does not work.
These things are 13 different flavours of bad idea, neatly gift wrapped in a gobsmacking
thermodynamic fraud, waiting for some scientifically illiterate muppet to hit ‘buy now’. Do
not be that muppet. I’m John Cadogan. I hope this helps. Thanks
for watching.

100 thoughts on “The Truth About HHO Generators For Your Car – Fact Vs Fiction on Engine Bay Electrolysis

  1. Dude, are U really thinking, that in combustion chamber oil and air are more powerfull than a rocket fuel (Hydrogen and Oxygen). I thought that U are a real engineer…

  2. I think your explanation is incorrect on why it is BS. Engines are very inefficient and the way they interact with things like alternators are inefficient and that is why those HHO systems could possibly work. You have to use a catalyst like some type of liquid salt which facilitates the reaction so you are taking advantage of those inefficiencies to be able to somehow change the stoichiometric efficiency of the system by concentrating a little bit of hydrogen in the combustion process.

    There are research papers on this.

  3. Yes, HHOs are just wrong, but most people, regardless of the quality of their schooling, didn't actually do Yr11-12 Physics. That's just a fact and, as we know, you can't argue with facts. I'm an example. HSC, tick, Bachelor's degree, tick, Postgrad, tick, physics – no official tick just am amateur interest. So to say the schools have failed people who wonder about "spare electricity" and that you feel sorry for them, makes you look like a bit of a …cock of the week, John?

  4. Once upon a time (maybe in the 70's ?) a car company experimented with HHO or just pure Hydrogen, I do not remember which one.
    They designed a special lean fuel/air engine for this purpose. Adding hydrogen compensated for all the drawbacks that a lean burning caused.
    They had to use about 300 TIMES MORE HYDROGEN ( supplied from a bottle) than any HHO generator can produce under the bonnet, so they dicarded the project as it was not practical and economical.

  5. Put your "box" around a Toyota Prius!!! One as it is from the factory and one with the electricals removed and a larger gasoline engine installed (to compensate for the loss of the electrical motor + the old gas engine.. ) Using your LOGIC, they both use the same amount of energy, RIGHT ??? SOMEHOW, the "un-monkeyed-with" Prius is more fuel efficient. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN ???? JUST DO NOT MAKE THOSE BOXES THE WAY THEY USED TO, HUH ??? OR, is Toyota ripping people off by selling hybrid cars?


  7. The cat has been running around for yeeears now1 It doesn't at all, miss the bag you had it …so thoughtfully contained in. The military industrial cabal should stop paying you – – any time now!

  8. Auto Expert, can I ask that you watch this presentation from Patrick Kelly and share your thoughts with us? Thank you for your time.

  9. You are bullshit. It wont work if it is an addition to the existing fuel like gas. What i wanted you to explain why it wont work hydrogen alone as fuel not additive to existing fuel. You are misleading bullshit.

  10. I will try one day a simple electrolysis and see if hydrogen will catch fire. If it does, theres no way it wont work with internal combustion engine. Internal combustion engine works with lpg not to far on its consistency with hydrogen i suppose. Based on this data, proof to myself first that hydrogen will catch fire then i am 101% sure it will work. Stupid people i always encounter same misleading explaination. Off with there heads!

  11. This is the biggest BS explanation I've ever heard. Releasing the potential energy is the goal here, not magically changing the potential energy.

  12. Not so sure you've got it right mate… Lots of unburnt fuel goes out the exhaust unless it meets extra oxygen good for combustion plus hydrogen that will combine with unburnt carbon to form extra fuel… and there we discover the extra efficiency ; surely this cannot be overlooked. You're right about a closed system but the extra combustion will show somewhere. The whole system is closed as you say, but now and extra source of energy is harnessed that was formerly lost.

  13. Your as Stupid as the HHO Scammers without my Pure Water this idea will get no we're fast mine did work and am about to replicate it on a Semi Truck but with my 100% Pure Water it takes a third the Enegy to produce the Gas.

  14. Number one HHO Cells make both Gasses together making them a Bomb waiting to go off they are like a Mouse trap and your the Mouse about to be Dead.

  15. This guy is the master of muppets. Doesn't seem to realise that it is also possible to generate HHO with a solar cell. Store it in high pressure bottles and hook it up to your engine. Free energy for everyone. Think out of the BOX John!

  16. I love how there is only talking, no facts with diagrams or where you can look up your own information. And the 1st couple seconds the guy was already swearing and talking about psuedo science, lol….

  17. My unit, without any doubt decarbonised my old merc diesel engine over a few months, it uses no more than 100 watts. As the engine cleaned up so performance, starting and mpg improved. This bloke likes the sound of his own voice… HHO systems using kilowatts? As said mine uses under 100watta… and it works..

  18. I am an ur side but there is a big mistake. If the car would be 100% efficient of course you go to the gas station. Only that 100% of energy converts into motion instead of 30% motion and 70% in heat

  19. You are good at explaining the theory my brother, but what you need is a mix of practice which is the only way to validate these theories. Knowledge grows and what just explained has been superseded by modern technology by these innovators. Let's just encourage them, I believe that is the best way to grow.

  20. I don't see him actually doing anything than intellectually masturbating–look at the results people are getting online.

  21. Your stupid or moron living 20years ago a lot of people are already enjoying the use it. This person was paid by the gas company. This tech was already proven and widely use. Dont listen to this kind of people they fooled us for to long. Enjoy the use of ur car without spending much on foil. Thanks:)

  22. What about the excess energy generated by the alternator that doesn't go to charging the battery when it's full? If this is the case, then no energy would be lost. Is this not the case? I'm honestly asking here, not trolling.

  23. This guy is a scientist paid shill and he is full of f**** b***** I know because I f**** done it he's a f**** liar

  24. i have installed in my car and mxed with CNG and got 30% increased km/kg CNG..and got about 7 to 10 km increased kn in one liter patrol..

  25. Then what was, when in installed hho dry cell in my car, mixed hho with CNG fuel and got 30 to 45 % increased km in car , you can come to my house and be my guest, i will show this..:)

  26. besides all your points , i am getting increase in km by almost 30 to 45% …what is this and why it is giving increase in km ?

  27. liAR all  you  need is .5 L per min produced for ever liter of engine displacement DONE IT DO IT AND WILL ALWAYS BE FREE OF GASOLINE

  28. i see a big flaw in your argument here. youre assuming someone wires the hho to their cars power system. granted if they do power the device that way, then the law of diminishing returns would cancel out any benofit. but what if they gave the hho its own power source? say several solar panels mounted on the roof. and what if they inmstall a version of the hho that has separate outputs for the hydrogen and oxygen?

  29. You based your conclusion from school laboratory which is a basic electrolysis, This setup is not usable. The key is multiply the hho output without using high current. I have been using hho for more than a decade now. my car still doing fine it pass emission test every year and save me money on petrol.

  30. what if a special alternator was installed in a way that only activates using the brakes wasted energy?

  31. This is bullshit because it is not a man that studies the thing he just looked for ways to explain how it does not work. You can create a whole lot of energy with an atomic bomb with little energy..

  32. The utter bull shit is this guys bad math skills, ignorance in chemistry and obvious retardation on automotive knowledge. What a total Git.

  33. Dude, I think you are full of shit and a lair or just regurgitating some words that you were told to say.
    In the later case I feel sorry for you. There are so many things about this Video that are plain Bull Shit.
    The only thing I can say is Wake The Hell Up………and do some homework before you come here
    thinking you know it all. Some of the crap they are feeding us in higher learning studies are just hypothesis and yes, they maybe the best one at this “time”.
    But! Things ( Our Understanding ) change all the time. We use to think / told Hydrocarbon (atomic number 6 fuels) are finite and were Fossil fuels. That's been proven to be false.
    After you check this out,You may want to look up BROWN'S GAS FACTS .

    From the Alexandria Engineering Journal Under the Mechanical Engineering Department,
    Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt

    The objective of their work was to construct a simple innovative HHO generation system and evaluate the effect of hydroxyl gas HHO addition, as an engine performance improver, into gasoline fuel on engine performance and emissions. HHO cell was designed,
    fabricated and optimized for maximum HHO gas productivity per input power. The optimized parameters were the number of neutral plates,
    distance between them and type and quantity of two catalysts of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH).
    The performance of a Skoda Felicia 1.3 GLXi gasoline engine was evaluated with and without the optimized HHO cell.
    In addition, the CO, HC and NOx emissions were measured using TECNO TEST exhaust gas analyzer TE488.
    The results showed that the HHO gas maximum productivity of the cell was 18 L/h when using 2 neutrals plates with 1 mm distance and 6 g/L of KOH.
    The results also showed 10% increment in the gasoline engine thermal efficiency, 34% reduction in fuel consumption,
    18% reduction in CO, 14% reduction in HC and 15% reduction in NOx.

    Laboratory experiments have been carried out to investigate the effect of HHO gas on the emission and performance of
    a Skoda Felicia 1.3 GLXi engine. A new design of HHO fuel cell has been performed to generate HHO gas required for engine operation.
    The generated gas is mixed with a fresh air in the intake manifold.
    The exhaust gas concentrations have been sampled and measured using a gas analyzer.

    The following conclusions can be drawn.

    1.HHO cell can be integrated easily with existing engine systems.

    2.The engine thermal efficiency has been increased up to 10% when HHO gas has been introduced into the air/fuel mixture,
    consequently reducing fuel consumption up to 34%.

    3.The concentration of NOx, CO and HC gases has been reduced to almost 15%, 18% and 14% respectively on average when
    HHO is introduced into the system.

    4.The best available catalyst was found to be KOH, with concentration 6 g/L.

    5.The proposed design for separation tank takes into consideration the safety precautions needed when dealing with hydrogen fuel.

    There examination does recommend for the future work to study the effect of both compression ratio and ignition advance on the engine performance and emissions with introducing HHO gas into the gasoline engine.
    Oh, By the way this was not the only study I found like this one , They kinda say the same thing give or take.

  34. I have only ran a car over 10,000 mile on hho that i built. It takes 30 amps of electricity to convert water that is sufficient rate to operate the engine.

  35. lying experts , hho works perfectly. Demotivating explanations to get people out of a way that is better and more economical, if governments want to approve such a thing with the assurance that all cars will work 100% hho.

  36. Omg the arrogance!! Nobody should listen to someone speaking like this.
    HHO is used to make the fuel burn cleaner i believe, not as a extra fuel in the mix. He is arguing wrong direction entirely and deliberately using scare tactics. Who can listen to this moron?

  37. Dude you explained an ideal system. Real world engines are far from that and chemically speaking the tad bit of precious battery power lost in running the generators would in turn provide a bit more out of the fuel by providing a more efficient pro-combustion environment.

  38. Neither are u a expert on the subject. In the 40s the US had a water hydrogen jet but we all know theres no money to be made on water.

  39. OMG . . . REALLY?!?!? He is absolutely correct about all the power loss at all those different points, alternator, fan belts, etc. Absolutely correct, BUT that's where it stops. For those of you who don't know . . .
    the cooler the fuel the more violent the explosion. What that means is . . . let's say gas burns at 100 degrees, let's just say, to keep it simple. The gas entering the motor is 90 degrees. Your going to get a 10 degree burn. But if the gas entering the motor is 10 degrees, your going to get a 90 degree burn. I'm sure you're not stupid and see what I'm saying. Water injection, well the water cools down the gas and you get a better burn. HHO at the very least will cool the gas for a better burn. Oh but wait . . . you're also adding fuel to the gas/air mixture so yes I get better gas mileage in my truck. A LOT BETTER MILAGE!!!

  40. Vehicles suffer from horrible aerodynamics, high rolling resistance and terrible energy inefficient internal combustion engines. Once you fix the configuration and dump the ICE then we can talk about optimizing the process. A Cd of .07, frontal area of 12.055 square feet, rolling coefficient of .004, motor that is 96% efficient and weight reduction from composites is a good starting point. Once you fix the obvious car mistakes then the power comes WAY down to levels that photo-voltaic solar panels can handle placed along the right of way. No need to convert too many times to get this four-passenger vehicle to go three times faster at half the cost of a standard sedan. No rules of thermodynamics broken. No aerodynamics imagined but not tested. This video does suffer from the lack of a lab as does the engineering education in many universities. Labs are expensive and typically unorganized. Education is not complete unless you have classroom AND lab to reinforce what is being understood. Simulation on a computer is likewise not reliable without labs to back them up and confirm that the setup produces real world results. When constructing a thermodynamic box make sure you have a full energy accounting. ICE engines are so incredibly inefficient you can get better mileage from them by going lean and raising the compression ratio. This in turn can create more air pollution compounds. There are 260 suspected and known human carcinogens in exhaust pipe yuk. Fiddling around with lean burn to get more mpg out of an ICE will usually create more of these unwanted cancer agents. Shared air is far more deadly than a few cancers here and there. The data for air pollution deaths around the world is reason enough to dump the ICE with or without bolt ons to lean the fuel mixture. The world's best ICE engine has 36 inch pistons and gets 50% efficiency. It pushes an oil tanker around polluting like a fiend. Air pollution in the form of nitrogen oxides that later form ground level ozone come not from the fossil fuel but from the intake air heated and under high pressure on top of the piston. These random combinations of hydrocarbons and nitrogen are a big problem causing harm to children in the form of asthma. Advanced vehicles coming will fully address air pollution with no need for high pressure high temperature complex emissions.

  41. I've seen all the comments over this time, from video requests to insults, I've seen it all.

    In fact, the product has more than proven immediate effects on the engine, from reduced fuel consumption to increased engine torque.
    It is constantly evolving and improving, even with better results.

    Ultimate cell, is a Portuguese product, created and developed in Portugal by Portuguese technicians, with patents …European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys
    United States Patent and Trademark Office
    Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial (Portugal)
    e-Mark (The United Kingdom vehicle approval Authority)
    Aproved by RoHS
    ISO 9001:2015
    Etc, Etc, Etc.
    The company "Growndforce" (Portugal) uses in all grownd vehicles in Portuguese airports
    Producted by my company
    Install help
    See All

  42. You are such a nasty speaker, I can't even imagine how you feel about convincing people with this nasty mouth. Be polite, use graphics do actual experiments,.. Speak without arrogance.

  43. i know that i'm stupid but, i'm verry glad because i'm not the last…recommend you to read more…did you hear about rezonance ? or you want to motivate the killing of Stanley Meyers. USA build the OZN (and not only)and they said all the time that the don't know what is it…long long time ago mister Da Vinci builted (perhaps)first perpetum mobile and s.o……

  44. I do not agree with you. If you need more current you can put a bigger dynamo, and it will need more power, but your car still gets free fuel from water.

  45. Superfolous Bull Shit ! There are many different models that do work perfectly. Your imagination is greatly limited ……what about an extra alternator. By the way which petroleum company do you work for….I bet you have a university tenure anywhere you like !!!

  46. About 10 years ago I was unemployed and needed to squeeze every dollar. I built a HHO generator and piped in both the hydrogen and the oxygen to the intake manifold. Initially I used the alternator for current for the electrolysis and did note a decrease in overall power. I went out to Harbor freight and and for about 160 dollars . I used solar generated electricity stored in a seperate 12 volt battery to operate the HHO generator while driving. With an old Toyota Tercel I outran a mototbike on the Sagatos PKway in Long Island. I did notice about a 15 percent savings is gasoline. Fortunately or unfortunately I returned to work in the healthcare industry and had no more desperate needs for savings. Plus under Obama and Trump petrol fell to about two dollars a gallon. I now drive a gas powered fuel efficient Honda Civic ( 30 mpg city). I even scuff at those cars with the engines that stop and start at the red light. Poor fly wheel and starter!!!!!!! Generation of Hydrogen can also be done for free chemically. Place your old aluminum foil in some drain cleaner and you generate tons of free hydrogen. Drawback when you stop the engine you would have to find a way to stop the generation of hydrogen , store it or let it vent to air. Hydrogen can also be generated under the Haber process, steam in the presence of a little methane. Recently the have found ways to store hydrogen in liquid form. Know you will need some form of pump to pressurize it . Never analyze the cost. Unfortunately with regular at about 2 dollars a gallon this is all pink elephant talk.

  47. The real reason they don't want people doing this is because the cant attach a tax to it that's why we all are going to have to use really appealing carbon footprint electricity which hD never been efficient but they can regulate and tax it

  48. I believe this is one of the 'pseudo-science' guides that this AutoExpert would call out as BS!

  49. OK I’m calling BS. We have the terrorist atNASA that have admitted spaceships can travel on hydrogen. So why the heck could we not power A small Ugo on hydrogen?

  50. How big was the pay check from oil company? Sad that my car uses less fuel with hho AND efie(motor control). And why are the huge ships using hho if it ain't working? Haha you are so mutch bs.. People do more research this guy are paid.

  51. You're missing the point with pointless theory. The point of adding HHO to the fuel mix is to improve burn efficiency. It's not about the energy released by burning HHO. Also, electrical power in a car only comes from the battery when the engine is off, otherwise it comes directly from the alternator, and the battery is merely an accumulator that sits in parallel to the electrical system.

  52. Lol, I love how you pervert the principles of the laws of physics to suit you biased "opinions"(or as you call them "facts").

  53. In fact, a fuel cell coupled with an electric motor is two to three times more efficient than an internal combustion engine running on gasoline. … Learn more about fuel cells. The energy in 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) of hydrogen gas is about the same as the energy in 1 gallon (6.2 pounds, 2.8 kilograms) of gasoline.

    You do not understand the true concept.

  54. I
    wonder who is signing this wanker. Unless he is highly passionate about this subject, I wonder why he is repeatedly proclaiming HHO is not something anyone should consider investigating.

    Problem I have with this little goblins reasoning is, NOWHERE does he factor in the unit cost of petroleum (EV will be no different as the same organisations will simply transition their business to the new market.
    EV’s will offer zero difference to the price current gouging once the market had lured sufficient portions of car buyers into the EV market, regulation will be tightened and prices will be raised to offer the centralised supply market the highest profit margin possible.

    I dont consider the price I pay for the small volume of energy to be efficient at all.

    The only way to solve this problem is to use a fuel source that can be produced by the consumer using renewable energy sources. Yes… you can charge your own batteries at home from harvested renewables IF your round trip can be achieved on a single charge. And charging… I would factor in the fast refueling time as my time is valuable.

    And lets not forget, the crude electrolysis method for Hydrogen production is the worst possible method for efficiently producing Hydrogen.

    With R&D introduced to the Hydrogen production market, the improvements would be in leaps and bounds.

    Hydrogen is the only currently viable fuel source that offers the people a chance to escape the dependence of transport sectors energy suppliers.

  55. For $40 I assembled hho gen that upped my MPG from 15mpg to about 30 in my heavy G20 conversion van.

  56. You are obviously not a stupid man so I'm going to assume you simply haven't heard of a man named Stanly Meyers. It has been proven that it is 100% possible to create a mechanism to produce more energy than is put into it which is supposedly also a law that you cannot create more energy from something then the energy that is being put into it, that is simply not true and the powers that be behind this world one of them being big oil have went through a lot of trouble to make sure that the average population continue to think this way. But it most certainly has been proven not to be true, his car ran off of any water rain water ocean water tapwater it didn’t matter and it worked he proved it in a patent office, there was a small unit that he had built simply for demonstration purposes which ended up having the entire patent office almost evacuated they made an announcement throughout the entire building for everyone to extinguish their cigarettes this thing with making so much hydrogen. You may want to do a little bit of research into that sir. This man was offered millions back in the 80s by some Arab oil tycoons he turned it down he was then offered even more by the American government and he turned that down he intended to give this technology away he was attending a meeting with a governor that was trying to talk him out of doing this when he was poisoned his brother was there with him the last words out of his mouth were they did it they killed me they poisoned me. By the way he wasn’t even doing this by standard electrolysis he had discovered a particularly wavelength or sound that was actually splitting the atoms , he had even made some adapters that could replace your spark plugs and make a regular gasoline car runoff of water. You can all say what you want about conspiracy and how this can’t be true but I spent a couple months of my life researching this I was so interested i started looking up things in places you’re not supposed to be able to get to in the deep web for one and this happened it is true and it is a fact

  57. By the way on top of my other comment there are also plenty of people who have made engines such as 5 and 10 hp lawnmower engines run off of pure HHO, you are obviously didn’t do your research before making this video sir

  58. And here's why everything you said is bullshit…

    You don't actually need to have an HHO generator onboard. You have mass scale units, running on solar preferably.

    Then you distribute the hydrogen at filling stations, and the engine uses exactly the amount it needs through computer controlled injectors; the same way fuel is currently used in engines now.

    Used in conjunction with solar, this technology can free us from oil dependence today. The reason it does not is the same reason there's still "critical "theory"" classes in colleges, economics.

    There are entire industries that would be destroyed if this technology were to be implemented. If you ask me, that's a shitty, shitty reason to continue using an inefficient, expensive, "scarce", pollutant, unethical; and old technology, when a better one is already available.

    There is no place on Earth that you cant at least pipe in sea water. In fact, sea water would actually be great for electrolysis, with minimal filtering.

    Is there anywhere on Earth where solar power cant be used? Kinda, but their populations are small enough to be taken care of by importation.

    So… To reiterate, bunch of fucking bunk.

  59. Your logic is flawed. Water is the fuel. So feul is being burned. Also the internal combustion engine is the most inefficient engine on earth. It can be made more efficient with some mechanical alterations. I have personally made a car more efficient by vaporizing the fuel. This vidoe is full of myths and lies. That can be easily proven. Cars get bad fuel economy because of their design. If the engine can be run with wood gas as it was done during ww2 all over England. Alternators produce all the electricity they will produce while turning 3500 rpm. Turning it faster produces no more electricity. Car makers get kick backs from oil companies and constantly lie about their products. In 1935 a car weighing 5000 pounds could get 35 miles to the gallon. Today's cars which are lighter according to the manufacturer should get better gas mileage but they don't because they are programmed and designed to be inefficient.

  60. Hey AutoExpert, like you said "…so unless the HHO has a means of reducing the waste heat or other losses it will never be able to deliver more energy at the Crankshaft." ends at 5:32
    But what if, the HHO Generator is bringing an extra source of fuel, pure Hydrogen and Oxygen. Hydrogen gas with burning power and oxygen to help with the burning introduced straight into that combustion chamber, at the expense of some current produced by the alternator and stored in the battery, what do you mean it is never going to produce more energy at the crank. auto expert at least don't use the word truth when there is nothing true about your statement. its not about the losses. We have a new source of energy, hydrogen and oxygen that you are not considering on the second law when you make your new calculations with the "magical hho generator" expert

  61. Like what is about 1hp? the power required to power the hho or the chemical power of the hydrogen and oxygen generated by the hho?

  62. Sir, I do not agree with you. We can use the electric engine and execute synthesis H₂ + 0 = energy . But generator HHO is a myth

  63. It is very clear this man's knowledge of HHO comes ONLY from books. I've experimented with HHO for well over 40 years and I know what works and what does not work 89% of what this man says is in all truth pure Bull SHIT! The man doesn't have a clue of hands on R & D at all! His worldly trained learning is as a guess work estimate thinking, not actually hands on R & D! I can prove 60 M.P.G.pickup at 5,600 Lbs. But HHO has to be pressurised plus metered properly or he's right it won't work.

  64. Sadly this guy spent a lot of time trying to disprove a system based on his very little understanding of how an internal combustion engine converts combustion energy to rotational output force. He also falsely tied the energy in the car's electrical system to the output of the combustion motor….simply put this guy is full of shit.

    The HHO generator uses anywhere from 10-30 amps to crack water molecules….that is like adding an accessory like a CB radio or other high amp add on…you will not ever notice a difference in the running of the car what so ever. This guy has his head firmly inserted into his own ass.

    If he knew anything of stochiometrics and AFRs he'd know that a hybrid system like HHO would aid in achieving a greater volumetric efficiency as well as a more complete burn, we are far closer now than we have ever been too low emissions but there is still CO and CO2 emissions which the presence of carbon PROVES the burn is not complete, otherwise there would be only water vapor coming from the tailpipe. CO and CO2 are proof that the hydrocarbon known as gasoline is not completely burned during combustion despite a catalytic converter which further oxidizes unburnt hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen. HHO aids in combustion and not only is it cleaner but it could eventually lead to no longer needing a catalyst to burn unburnt fuel. HHO should be being put into R&D as it could replace fossil fuels entirely and not require a whole new infrastructure to support like EV cars are going to require.

  65. What would help is a less sarcastic version for those of us who want to look at the subject in an objective light.

    HHO generators do in fact work. They produce hydrogen through electrolysis. Will one power your car? Yes. Is it practical to do so? Probably not.

    Suppose you wanted to use it in a stationary generator where the waste heat is used to warm a building on say a farm.

    How about making a video that makes a serious assessment without all the sarcasm.

  66. What if you put this in a vehicle that has solar panels which are running the HHO generator? This would take the alternator out of the equation.

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