The Two 2 Liter Challenge

How’s it going everyone and today i’m doing
the two 2 liter challenge now this is where you take 2 leers of pop and you fill them
with water and you got to drink them both and your going to have a bowl or something
by you just in case you puke and i’m going to be doing it I made this myself maybe it
will go viral who knows but at the end of this video i’m guna be nominating 2 YouTubers
that half to do this so your going to half to tell them about this so i’m going to drink
2 of these and if I puke or anything I mess up i’m done well will see if the next 2 people
can do it so I don’t have a timer I don’t have any editing software so 1,2,3 go ohh
my god two of these is going to be I don’t know if i’m going to be able to do 2 I can
barley do 1 i just drank half of that I hope you guys could tell that that was full to
the rim I’ve never drank water that fast in my life and I just ate I at least want to
do this one ohh my god I can’t breathe ohh my god guys I don’t know if I should of made
this challenge I don’t know if anyone is going to be able to do this i’m sorry if you guys
don’t want to watch this but i’m about to puke this is going to be gross video just
to le you know if your still watching this if you are thanks lets try to finish it shout
I didn’t put the lid on I can’t puke I want to puke so bad forget it it’s down to there
that’s all you need to know so I failed at this Two 2 Liter Challenge god i’m like almost
dying while i’m recording so guys hope you like this video just puked all over my self
I might leave that as the thumb nail but i’m sorry I couldn’t been able to did it I made
a mess one of them I couldn’t do I failed ohh my god I got to clean up all of this crap
I failed I going to nominate 2 people one SM Magic and vloggingwithmike you can click
on there channels up here and you can see one of my videos down there but tell my what
you guys think I you guys make a video like this send it to me and then we will to have
everyone on my channel see it but lets just see how we can do things thanks for watching
don’t forget to subscribe to those guys and me and good by

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