Hi and welcome to LARN! Now as many of you may know, when America
gained their independence, the British left something else behind besides their language. Yes, you’ve guessed right! I’m talking about their measurement system. Or, at least, some of it. Although the British later partially converted
to the metric system, the U.S. decided that they didn’t mind being the black sheep after
all. [Sheep bleats] And they decided to stick with
their own measurement system, also known as U.S. customary measurement system, also known
as This-is-how-we-measure-stuff-deal-with-it system. Now, to tell you the truth, the U.S. had to
give in a little bit at some point. In fact, in 1975, in order to make things
easier in a more globalized economy, the U.S. decided to adopt the metric system in at least
a few fields, like medicine and the military. Sir, the target is 4 meters away, no wait. 40 meters away. No, wait. 400 meters away. I don’t know… How many meters in a yard? Now, although the origin of the imperial system
dates all the way back to the Romans, I can’t help but imagine that when they decided to
create it, things sort of went like this. Okay, John. You heard ’em. Create a new measurement system and have a
little bit of fun with it. So… Let’s say an inch is about this much. Hmm. No. Let’s say it’s this much. Yeah, that looks good. An inch is this much. Now the foot. Everybody will probably expect me to pick
a number that’s easy and predictable. Something like, I don’t know, 10? [Chuckles] But no, no, no, John. This is your moment to shine. This is your chance to make history. You need to wow them. Let’s do… 12! 12 inches in a foot! Now for the yard… What’s my favorite day of the month? Of course! My birthday! October 3rd! So… 3! In a yard, there are 3 feet. And lastly, a mile. [Stomach grumbles] Oh gosh, I’m hungry. I’d better wrap it up quickly. Okay, first four numbers I punch in this anachronistic
calculator on my desk will tell me how long a mile is going to be. Okay, then. 1- 7 – 6 – 0. Perfect. So, in a mile, there are 1760 yards.There,
all done. Bravo, John. Well, anyway, now if you’re not familiar with
this system you might need some help trying to figure out what each unit corresponds to. So here are a few tips. If you want to know how long an inch is, just
grab a fork. And measure it this way. Now, if you want to know how long a foot is,
then just grab a regular notebook. And measure it this way. And now, if you want to know how long a yard
is… Well, then just grab a guitar! No, no, no, no! Don’t throw it! Now, this is a little longer than a yard but
it does give you a pretty good idea of how long a yard is. And what about a mile? Well, that’s easy! Just go to Paris! Since you’re already there, well… Make sure you make a stop to check out the
Mona Lisa. Maybe try some of the local food. And then head straight to the Eiffel Tower. And imagine stacking about about five of those
and you got yourself a mile! Well, I hope I’ve helped you figuring out
a little bit how the U.S. measurement system works. So, go ahead! Have fun and measure stuff now ’cause you
can do it! Thanks for watching! Bye! Hi! And welcome to LARN! Hi! Hi! No, I was supposed to do it before. I have to do it again. So let’s take the —. Try to throw it a little more straight. You might need some help in figuring out —. Figuring
out which —-.

7 thoughts on “THE U.S. MEASUREMENT SYSTEM IN 4 MINUTES!!! (Part 1 – Length)

  1. Imperial system is so freaking funny! If you measure 11mm, you will have seven sixteenth of an inch. 30mm you'll have one inch and three sixteenth of an inch. Holy jesus. It is a total tumult. At least from European point of view. Metric chart is way simpler than your part of inches. Hopefully you guys will change that awful system way more simpler system. That's my tip for you. Oh, one more thing. You look beautiful. 🙂

  2. You're extremely funny, "go to Paris… my favorite part please make more videos like this, @LARN – Learn with Lara try with those fractions in the tape measurement, like the one I get from the hardware store, wtf fractions!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. This was quite funny. But I'm surprised & a bit disappointed to see no part 2 & 3 for volume & mass.

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