The Ultimate Audi A3 S3 RS3 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets Guide

what’s up YouTube welcome to another
video so today I’m going to address a comment that I actually received on one
of my order videos I’m probably gonna pronounce his name totally wrong but
Krishneel Diwllar don’t do lawar again apologies if I pronounce that wrong
probably did ask the question could you do a tips and tricks video for year 2017
s3 so I did a little bit of research on YouTube and what I’ve noticed is there’s
a lot of videos about tips and tricks for the s3 but the way it’s done is that
each one of the videos shows like one tip so what I decided was are going to
put a larger video together that has all the tips and tricks on it for things
that I found as I you know going through my three years of ownership with ys3 so
we’ll take a look at that but before we do that I really need to wash the car
because it rained like crazy yesterday and I obviously had to drive it and go
to work so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to get that washed first and then
we’ll get into the tips and tricks all right so there we go much better
nice and clean now as you can see in the background the way that I’ve set this
video is that I put the more well-known tips and tricks towards the front of the
video so if you’re not really familiar with the s3 if I want to start there and
just watch the whole way through if you had an s3 for a while there’s a
couple of them that are lesser-known you may still know what they are but you
could probably just skip towards the end of the video to see what those are so
with that being said let’s get into it all right so the first one that I’ll
bring up is the rear fog lights and some of you may not be familiar with this but
there is a button in the vehicle so we’ll get in here real quick and take a
look at that no we’re here over here on the left-hand side you’ll see next to
your headlights you have this button down here at the bottom and what that
does is it turns on your rear rear fog light and now give you a little clip of
what those look like at night they’re very bright if you’re riding from behind
the car there you’re kind of think that the person is actually driving with
their brake lights on but it’s just it’s just the rear fog light so the next one
I’ll talk about is syncing the auto I guess climate control in the s3 again
this is a really probably well known tip but some of you guys might not be
familiar with it so I figure I just throw it in there so as you can see on
mine right now it’s set up so that the person on the right-hand side or your
passenger is set 84 degrees and these are you know independent of each other a
real easy thing to do here all you got to do is hold the owner button
and what it does is will sink the passenger side to the driver’s side and
you can see here that they are in sync with each other real easy to do very
well-known but I figure I throw it in there anyway so for the next little tip
we’re actually to go to the trunk of the car so what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna open up the trunk and watch the back so some of you guys probably know
about this this is your standard trunk in the s3 tiny trunk in case you guys
are wondering there’s a little thing that’s hidden up here hopefully you guys
can see it this little pull tab here so you pull that down that’s actually a
grocery hook and it only comes with one but you can actually install another one
over here on the right hand side if you want to but obviously this is really
nice in case you know you’re carrying groceries in the car you don’t want
everything dumping all over the back of your trunk just hang out from this
little cursory look and you’ll be good to go
and another one that’s probably well known is the parking brake disengage so
here you can see the parking brake is on we’re in park right now one quick way to
get out of it without having to hit this button down here as well put the car in
drive and this actually works in Reverse as well so my foots on the brake and
what I’m going to do is I’m going to slightly tap the gas and what it’s gonna
do is it’s gonna disengage the parking brake as you can see and we’re starting
to move so if you forget to turn off your parking brake the car is smart
enough to know that you need to turn it off before you get going so it will do
that for you want to go to the gas I’m sure some of you guys probably already
know this it’s a very well known thing but when you put the car in reverse the
passenger side mirror will actually dip for you so you can see the the curb so
you don’t run over the curb and you know trasher wheels
the way that you would do that is over here on the driver’s side you’ll see you
have your mirror I guess knob your adjustment now you got to make sure that
it’s turned over here to the passenger side so once you do that
see over here I put the car in reverse you’ll see that it dips down now you can
actually adjust that to your liking and what you have to do is you know which
put it reverse like that come back over here and you can make your adjustments
to it so I’m gonna push it down a little bit you can see I’m making adjustments
and what it does is once you’ve done that it actually remembers that setting
so that’s how you adjust the height of the mirror dip alright so now that the
s3 is starting to get some age on it you probably thought about changing the
windshield wipers on it one of the problems is is when you go to lift it up
you’ll notice that it hits the hood of the car so you really have a lot of
trouble changing that well there’s a little trick to that so we’ll go inside
the car here and I’ll show you what we can do I’m gonna do is you gotta hit the
start button put in accessory mode the car is not actually turned on I guess
the engines not actually turned on I should say go ahead and turn it back off
and then we’ll go to the windshield wiper stock here you press and hold down
on this you’ll see that the wipers now come up so what you can do is go back
out to the front and now you can actually lift them up and you can change
your windshield wipers and no problem so one of the really cool things about the
new steering wheels on the s3 is is they come with this little star button here
and this is a special button because what you can do is you can actually set
it up to do exactly what you want now there’s a couple settings of the Givi I
think is like five or six of them I have mine set to where it changes the drive
select mode so if I press this brings up drive select and you can see as I’m
pressing the button it switches through the different modes now you can change
that and the way that you would do that is we’re going to just go back here and
we’re back at the main screen if you go to vehicle and then if you press over
here on the left hand side because we’re getting into the menu and scroll down to
vehicle settings once you’re in there you can click the steering wheel button
and then these are the options that you can actually use on the star button here
on the steering wheel so you can do change the drive select you turn voice
guidance on or off that’s for the built-in navigation system that has
nothing to do with carpool you can change the day-night map so it
changes whether it’s bright or dark you’d show high traffic messages again
you have to have the the Audi service to be able to do that and then you can
switch through you know radio / media using that button there so I get a lot
of questions about this because people have seen on my Instagram and stuff like
that that I’ve had a different layout for my virtual cockpit and you can
actually change that there’s two different options in the system and I’ll
show you guys how to change that real quick so if we go into the buffer
cockpit here if we scroll to the I’m going to Simon scrolling if you hit this
button here on the left it’s gonna bring come bring up the menu here so if we go
to layout there we go layout you can either go between the
sport display which is the one that I have currently on there that’s probably
the default setting that comes on your car that’s probably your just set up but
you can switch down to the classic layout and you’ll see that actually
gives you two dials so if I go ahead and set that it’s takes a few seconds don’t
do it while you’re driving obviously so you can see it is loading the new layout
this takes a little bit of time but there you go so now you can see that you
have the two gauges in here now a couple things to take note with this it does
not show a boost gauge on here obviously it’s not really that important in this
car because you’re not unless of course you’re tuned and you bigger turbos all
that kind of stuff you’re not really gonna care too much about the the boost
gauge that comes in the sport layout I’m gonna nother thing it doesn’t do is it
doesn’t show you the oil temperature that shows in this work gauges so that’s
one thing to keep in mind but this is another option in case you get bored
with the sport layout so you can see going through here just a couple
different options gives you a bigger screen to look at I guess you could say
so one of the things that people ask me all the time about my car is how do I
keep the exhaust tips so clean a lot of the ones that you guys are probably seen
or probably sewed it up on the interior there we go the interior exhaust tips
and the reason for that is it builds up on those a lot more because those are
actually open all the time these exhausts do have valves
and when you’re really flooring it all four of them are open but during normal
driving conditions it just all comes through those Center two pipes so
overlay a little video here of what I actually use to clean my tips I actually
do it every single week and that’s how I keep them shiny like this if you don’t
do it every week it’s really going to build up on there and eventually you’re
not going to get them clean so the thing that I recommend a little tip for you
guys is just to get out there take 30 seconds and take some of this metal
polish that I have I actually use Chemical Guys it’s our light polish just
use that once a week and it cleans them real good and you don’t have to worry
about that so build up so a lot of you guys probably already know this little
trick but we’re gonna get out the key fob for the car so as you can see the
windows and the sunroof are currently open let’s get ready to start rain you
can see all the clouds that my clouds are here but there’s clouds over here
getting ready to rain so I don’t want to get in the car to actually roll the
windows up you can do it from the key fob so if you press lock the button go
ahead and press and hold the lock let’s see if this works you can start to see
that the windows are going up and the sunroof is going to the closed position
and this also works in the reverse order as well so if you press unlock and if
you press and hold it these should open back up so you can see the sunroof
tilted up and then the windows went down so that works for the the key fob here
in the US might be different other places the world but that’s how it works
here so a little tip for you guys here in the United States if you really want
to have mirrors that automatically fold up when you lock the doors or when you
park the vehicle you have to upgrade to the prestige model if you have a Premium
Plus model from the factory the mirrors will not fold so I do have a prestige
model here if I go ahead and hit the lock button here on the key fob you’ll
see that the mirrors automatically fold up and that is a setting in the system
to where you can actually turn that on or off obviously most of you guys if you
are in a prestige water you know you paid a lot extra for that so you’re
probably gonna want to turn that on it’s pretty crazy that in order to get that
you have to get the top-of-the-line s3 here in the United States absolutely
crazy to me but if you really want to have the
folding mirrors get a prestige model alright so this is a fun little trick
that I actually just figured out a couple of weeks ago which is crazy cuz
I’ve had the car for you know three years now but we’re cruising along here
in sixth gear I’m over in manual mode say if you’re driving on the highway and
you get into some kind of emergency situation where you really need to get
something to speed really fast all you have to do is press the gas
pedal down all the way to the kickdown and it’ll automatically downshift the
car without you having to do anything on the stick so if I go ahead and hit the
kick down now you’ll see see you just downshift into third gear so to get you
into some of the power you know in case you really need it and not sure if it it
does not up shift for you so you will have to bring up shift after you’ve done
that so we’re doing it with the stick again
yeah let’s try the consumer right here in sixth gear and we’ll go ahead a
focused go ahead and hit the kickdown with a gas pedal you’ll see it just down
shifts on the negative third it’s pretty sweet alright so there you guys have it a lot
of these things you guys probably already know about a couple of them you
may not I figure I just put a video together soon as you guys could see all
the tips and tricks that I’ve come up with over the past three years I’m
really interested if you guys know of any other ones that are out there
put it down the comments so that everybody else can see what’s going on
so they’re aware of all the tips and tricks that we have for our s3s
I want to thank you guys for watching if you’re brand new to the channel be sure
to subscribe obviously like the video it really helps
me out leave comments always appreciate when you guys do that I go through there
and if you guys have any you know questions stuff like that I’ll come back
and I’ll address them in some of the videos which I’ve done here thanks for
watching don’t forget to reflect and never settle

18 thoughts on “The Ultimate Audi A3 S3 RS3 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets Guide

  1. Really want to see if you guys have any other tips and tricks that you can share with the A3 / S3 / RS3 community. Drop them in a comment below.

  2. I didn't know about the temp sync thing. Most cars just have a button that says "sync". I figured the knobs were close enough that you didn't need it lol.
    My '16 wont close the windows from the FOB unfortunately.
    Thanks for the informative video

  3. Did you ever get the front suspension fixed? My Audi dealer said that there is nothing wrong and it sounds and feels just like any other similar model -__-

  4. Cool tips some I didn't know about! Did you ever follow up with the dealer on the low clunking noise coming from the front left suspension?

  5. Great vid! Another tip: You can use the electronic park button while still in drive at say a stoplight. You can take your foot off the brake pedal, and when it's time to go, pressing the accelerator automatically disengages
    the park setting.

  6. Great vid. I’ve had my S3 for a few months. Didn’t know about the grocery holders in the trunk or the parking release trick! Thanks!

  7. Great video! You sure the window roll up isn’t an option you enabled with OBDEleven? I can’t get my stock S3 to do it from the remote. Have to hold my finger on the door handle.

  8. If you press and hold the * button on the wheel for a few seconds it will pull up the settings screen for you, no need to search for it in the menu.

  9. Nice video 👍 I've owned a S3 and now have a RS3 and never even noticed the grocery hook and always manually "dipped" my passenger mirror. That star button worked perfectly in my S3 but is like rolling the dice in the RS3.

  10. Brilliant video! I wasn't aware of the sync ! If you have the converable – insert the key in the driver side door – hold the key to the right – hey presto the roof comes off ! (I have a 2018 S3 convertible:))

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