The Ultimate SLEEPER – Wheelies & Burnouts in a Crusty Station Wagon

Hey guys, I want to introduce you to one of
my best friends, Josh Dillon and show you his 1983 Ford LTD station wagon, which is
one of the best sleepers I’ve ever seen. Josh and I have been friends for about 15
years and we’ve always talked about sleepers, and he’s actually one of the guys who inspired
me to write the book “Street Sleepers” about nine years ago. I’m gonna put a link in the description below
to that book. I’m also gonna put a link to Josh’s Youtube
Channel, which he keeps updated all the time with new videos on his station wagon as well
as a new project that is gonna be absolutely crazy. So, check those out, subscribe to my channel
if you haven’t already and be sure to stick around to the end of this video to see Josh
doing some crazy burnouts with this station wagon. I thought it was a Chrysler K car from the
road and it turned out to be a 83 LTD, which is the first year of the LTD fox body wagons. It’s a Gen 4 4.8 liter with regapped rings
and it has 862 heads that I home ported. It has a LS9 cam in it with stock lifters,
PAC 1218 springs, stock truck throttle body, stock truck injectors and rails. I ground the caps off the stock truck injectors. And it has a GT45 Chinese turbo, which is
a 69 millimeter compressor and a 77 millimeter exhaust wheel. It’s stock truck exhaust manifolds flipped
that I put 2 and a quarter exhaust on it. 38 millimeter Chinese wastegates, Chinese
50 millimeter blow off valve. It’s got Microsquirt ECU. It’s got a 4L80E automatic transmission that
is basically a stock rebuild with a HD2 Trans go kit in it. The only thing I really spent some big money
on was, it’s got a Circle D 3600 stall triple disc billet converter that you can lock up
under full power. I do that at the track. Now it’s got a 9 inch rear end under it, 28
spline with a 2.73 gear and a spool, a mini spool. It’s totally stock suspension, stock springs,
shocks, stock front suspension, K member, everything is stock. And it’s got, only thing its got is adjustable
rear control arms because when I welded the tabs on the rear end, I wanted to be able
to center the rear end with the car is the only reason I did that. But as you can tell the car is totally stock
suspension. It never stops doing that right there. It ran a 6.51 at 111 in the eighth mile with
a 1.52 sixty foot and that’s with 18 and a half pounds of boost and 150 shot off the
starting line. These are Wheel Vintique wheels, that have
older model LTD hubcaps over them. They look like stock ones but they’re not. When I drag racing it, it’s 15×8’s with the
maximum offset to the inside with 26 by 8 inch slicks. The cooler, I put it in there so it would
look like, you know, you’re going for a picnic, but that’s actually my battery box and my
fuel pump relay is in there. So that way nobody…when I went to the Car
Craft Summernationals, they told me to take it out and I couldn’t. Nitrous bottle is behind here, and then to
open the bottle you flip the speaker hole up and open the bottle there, and you can
see the pressure gauge if you’re looking in there. I left the busted taillight because it looks
like a piece of junk car that way. I put a fake exhaust tip that’s just welded
to the bumper so it looks like the stock exhaust is still on it. You know, stock gas tank so you can’t see
anything in the fuel system from underneath. So everything’s hidden except for the shifter,
and the arm rest will go down on top of part of it. The shifter is the only dead giveaway I guess
on that. So, uh, I had a Maverick before this. It was a single turbo 460 big block Ford that
I built. And it went 6.60 at 106 was the fastest it
went. And uh, I had three kids in the process of
building that car, and changing things on it and the last trip we took to Charlotte
with it, we had to pull a trailer, an enclosed trailer to haul our stuff because we just
didn’t have any room. It only had two seatbelts in the back and
we had five of us in the car so I sold that car and went to build this car. I wanted something that could seat all 5 of
us with air conditioning and overdrive and fuel injection and good gas mileage. And not necessarily to be faster than that
car or you know, set the world on fire. But this car, it has overdrive, it has fuel
injection, it starts every time, it drives perfect everywhere you go. I have it set up now where the computer locks
my converter, uh like I said, it’s got 27 miles to the gallon before on the interstate. It’s totally drivable in any weather. The Maverick, you had to be either wide open
throttle or babying it and this car you can part throttle it, whatever you want to do. It doesn’t ever flood out or get overheating
or anything. And ended up, we took it to the track and
it ran a 7.70 and we’re like, oh yeah you know, I was hoping it would run 7’s and then
it was so laggy that we put nitrous on it. And we put a 100 shot on it and it was already
in the 6’s. We ran a 6.70 with it and was like man this
thing is as fast as the Maverick is and then we took it back and changed a couple of little
things, and the thing ran a 6.50 at 111 so it’s went a tenth faster in the eighth mile
and it’s went 5 miles an hour faster in the eighth mile than my Maverick did. This gets 27 miles to gallon, my Maverick
got 12 miles to the gallon. The Maverick would run 220 down the interstate,
this car will run like a hundred and fifty or sixty. It’ll run as cold as I want it to run. You can run the air, and it’s just way more
drivable. I haul my family, we go all the time in it
to church and out to eat or whatever. Car shows, we drove it all the way to Bowling
Green, Kentucky and back. Uh, you just can’t beat it for a fast street
car sleeper.

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  1. Love it! 👍🏻 I remember reading about the Maverick in Car Craft years ago, really liked that car too. 👍🏻

  2. love it guys built not bought i had sleeper turbo t76 small block 65 pontiac all built at home now iv painted it is no sleeper now to look at but keep up th cool builds and videos guys

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